3D light show over Hagia Sophia marks fall of Constantinople (+VIDEO)

Istanbul, May 31, 2022

Photo: iletisim.gov.tr Photo: iletisim.gov.tr     

The world-famous Hagia Sophia was brightly illuminated in a 3D show on Sunday in honor of the Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Constantinople 569 years ago.

The show depicted the history of the fall of the capital of the Byzantine Empire at the hands of Sultan Mehmed II in 1453 with the help of the new sky mapping technology, reports Haber Turk.

The presentation included images of the sultan and symbols of the conquest.

“The call to prayer will not be silenced in Hagia Sophia, the sign of the conquest. Istanbul will be remembered by the name of Fatih forever,” the display boldly stated. Recall that Hagia Sophia was controversially reconverted into a mosque just two years ago, after functioning as a museum for 86 years.

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Jay Ham6/2/2022 5:06 am
Everyone, especially the Orthodox, needs to remember that Constantinople was not Orthodox when it fell to the Turks. It had been Uniate under the dominion of the papacy enthroned in Vatican City. The emperor was himself a Uniate and had accepted the terms and conditions of the Pseudo-council of Florence, which the ever-memorable St Mark of Ephesus attended and was the only hierarch who refused to sign the pseudo-council's documents. Constantinople's fall was both a blessing and a punishment. It was a blessing because it saved the Orthodox, who rejected the pseudo-council despite the emperor's capitulation to the papacy, from falling into the delusions of Uniatism. If we repent, perhaps the prophecy uttered by St Paisios of Mouth Athos concerning Constantinople's return to the Orthodox may be fulfilled.
Panagiotis6/1/2022 2:53 am
The Prophecies of our People and some Islamic People will be fulfilled, i.e. the Russian People will liberate Constantinople. We are closer to this today, as Russia now controls Crimea, the Donbas, etc.... Crimea, and I believe the Donbas too, were historically Russian areas, and my Ukrainian Brothers are going to have to accept this. The land will end up being divided, just like the Churches. There will be one Unified Orthodox Church in the Ukraine (joining of OCU and UOC), and the Orthodox Churches in the Russian areas will become part of the Russian Church. As long as they are Orthodox, this is most important to me. The millions of refugees must also return, the overwhelming majority of them are Orthodox. The uniates are concentrated in the western areas, where there has been little to no fighting , and therefore very few of the refugees are non-orthodox. If the refugees do not return, then the percentage of Orthodox in Ukraine will decrease, and the percentage of uniates and others in Ukraine will increase.... Ukraine must remain Orthodox Nation.... let us pray now for peace. Once there is peace, then everything will be settled, and then the Orthodox can become unified again , all of our Orthodox People unified again....Just my humble opinion.
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