Agia Sophia mosaics will be covered with curtains and special lighting technology during Islamic prayers

Istanbul, July 13, 2020

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The icons and mosaics in Agia Sophia will be covered with a combination of curtains and special lighting technology during Islamic prayers, as Muslims are extreme iconoclasts, reports Romfea with reference to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

According to the paper, special curtains will be installed in the church to cover the icons, and carpets will be placed on the floor that will have special lighting to darken the space and conceal the mosaics.

This also means, according to Romfea, that visitors to Agia Sophia will have to remove their shoes to enter the iconic building.

After signing a decree on Friday reconverting Agia Sophia into a mosque, Turkish President Erdoğan stated that the doors to the building will remain open to all, and now without an entrance fee as when the building was a museum.

According to, a 14,000 square meter carpet, ordered already in June, is already ready, paid for by the President himself.

Two imams and four muezzins will be appointed, and verses from the Quran will reportedly be read inside Agia Sophia 24 hours a day. The building will be open every day for all 5 Islamic prayers throughout the day.

Tourists will be able to see the famous mosaics at specific times, outside of the Muslim prayer times.

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Alexander Leitner7/17/2020 9:46 am
وفي الحديث عن ابن أبي نجيح، عن أبيه، عن حويطب بن عبد العزّى وغيره: فلما كان يوم الفتح دخل رسول الله ، صلى اله عليه وسلم ، إلى البيت، فأمر بثوب فبلّ بماء وأمر بطمس تلك الصّور، ووضع كفّيه على صورة عيسى وأمّه وقال: امحوا الجميع إلاّ ما تحت يدي. رواه الأزرقي In the ḥadīth from Ibn Abī Najīh, from his father, from Ḥuwayṭab b.Abd al-Uzzā and other than him, [it is narrated that]: when it was the day of Mecca’s conquest, the Messenger of God (s) entered the House of God (the Kaba) and commanded [that he be given] a garment. He made it wet with water and commanded that the images [inside the Kaba] be wiped out but he placed his hands on the image (ṣūrah) of Jesus and his mother and said: erase everything except for what is under my hands. Al-Azraqī narrated it.
David7/14/2020 7:10 am
The Agia Sophia was desecrated as a museum as well. Secularism is as much a heresy as Islam.
Silouan7/14/2020 3:09 am
Thank the Lord that it is curtains and lighting, rather than plaster or further destruction of the Holy Icons.
Steven Todd Kaster7/13/2020 11:43 pm
Nothing good will come from the desecration of this magnificent Church building.
Alan Macdonald7/13/2020 9:10 pm
This is just monstrous that the same people that conducted the Armenian Genocide are desecrating an Orthodox Church.
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