With Faith and Love; Thoughts on a Russian-American Choral Masterclass

Source: Orthodox Arts Journal

October 14, 2022


Spiritual music plays an important role in the cultural life of many countries in the world. It brings people together, unites their hearts, and acts as a crucial unifying link amongst worldwide musical cultures. The mission of the eminent Moscow conductor Vladimir Gorbik is directed specifically towards realizing these benevolent objectives and bringing them to life upon various continents around the globe.

Vladimir Gorbik is an inspirational figure in the realm of Russian sacred music. In spite of the complexities that beset the current international climate, he is not content to rest upon the laurels of past accomplishments and is constantly seeking to widen the scope of his educational musical projects on opposite sides of the ocean. Earlier this summer, Vladimir crossed the Atlantic, making yet another visit to North America, where he met with a number of Orthodox church musicians and churchgoers from various parishes.

VG: In this complicated time, I was suddenly struck with the idea that the situation can only be salvaged by the Lord Himself. The lack of mutual understanding among nations needs to be countered in a special manner, if only in the language of music. Recalling the words of Christ that ‘whenever two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am also among them,’ I decided to appeal directly to my Orthodox colleagues in America: choirmasters, singers, and conductors, to pray together with them about peace on the entire planet. Thanks be to God, my close friends, Alena Plavsic from Kansas, the Executive Director of our joint company “Music of the Continents,” who is also affiliated with the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia; Vladimir Morosan from San Diego, the president of the music publishing company “Musica Russica”; choirmaster Seraphim Hanisch, my conducting student and the co-founder of our Capital Symphony Orchestra in Moscow and New York, helped me make this fantastic, two-week-long trip a reality.

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