Ukrainian SBU adds new accusations against canonical Metropolitan

Tulchin, Vinnitsa Province, Ukriane, November 21, 2022

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The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is continuing its investigation into a metropolitan of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, accusing him of harboring pro-Russian views.

However, His Eminence Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchin denies the accusations, characterizing them as an attack on the UOC as a whole.

Although he was born in Russia, Met. Jonathan considers Ukrainian his homeland, he said in a recent statement. “Everything you read in newspapers is a lie,” the hierarch said. “And I think I’ll tell the investigating authorities that I’m not an enemy of Ukraine, but someone who loves it and is its patriot.

On October 20, the clergy of the Tulchin Diocese declared their full confidence in their hierarch.

The home and diocesan administration of Met. Jonathan were searched by the SBU last month, and earlier this month, he received an official notice of suspicion of “deliberate actions aimed at inciting religious hatred and insulting the feelings of citizens in connection with their religious beliefs.”

And now, the SBU has added more official accusations. According to its official Telegram channel, the Security Service claims that Vladyka John prepared leaflets justifying Russian aggression and the occupation of regions in eastern and southern Ukraine. The “mass-printed pro-Kremlin materials were stored in the back rooms of the Church. He then planned to distribute them to local residents through the office of the diocese,” the SBU claims.

His Eminence is thus accused of justifying armed aggression against Ukraine, distributing materials calling for a violent change in the constitutional order, and distributing materials calling for a change to Ukrainian state borders.

“I declare that these reports are groundless and do not correspond to the truth,” Met. John said in a statement on Friday.

Recall that the Tulchin Diocese was among the first to bless its priests to not commemorate His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in the Divine services.

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Panagiotis11/23/2022 2:51 am
Is it just a coincidence that the two countries with the LARGEST Orthodox Christian population are Russia and Ukraine, and those two countries are now fighting and killing each other, is this just a coincidence? Or is this what the wealthy liberal internationalists want? Oh yes my friends, it is called divide and conquer. They keep our people fighting and killing each other, while they smile, because they hate ALL of our Orthodox People. Mother Cornelia is correct, they want our people in a state of chaos and hardship and poverty. This is what the internationalists did when they took over Holy Russia a century ago, and massacred TENS OF MILLIONS of our people, and destroyed tens of thousands of our Churches, Monasteries, and Religious Schools, and they murdered tens of thousands, if not more, of our Bishops and Priests and Monks and Nuns in the most savage and inhumane way, but you rarely hear about this in the West. I wonder why? A great Russian by the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn may have correctly answered this question, I.E. could it be that those who were responsible for the Holocaust against our people may be of the same group that are in control of the western news media, western educational institutions, western film industry, and so forth? Is that why the news media and schools and entertainment industry in the West rarely mention the Holocaust of TENS OF MILLIONS of Orthodox Christians in Russia, Ukraine, and other Orthodox Lands? Now the cohesive and sinister internationalists are doing their dirty work in the Ukraine by having our people fight and kill each other. There are now millions of Orthodox refugees who have left the Ukraine, and tens of thousands, if not more, have been killed. Who will the devious internationalists replace these people with? Will they replace these Orthodox Christians with NON-Orthodox people from third world countries? I would not be surprised, since the wealthy liberal internationalists like diversity and multiculturalism FOR OTHERS. But they usually do not apply this to themselves, as they try to usually marry within their own group, to keep the money among themselves, and to keep the power among themselves. Hypocrites indeed my friends. Hypocrites indeed. When will our Orthodox People wake up? God Almighty give our people knowledge and open up their eyes. Panagia help us. Glory be to our God. Just my humble opinion.
m. Cornelia11/22/2022 3:19 pm
Antiochene Son: So correct. I'm not surprised that people in the West don't know this, because it is simply being repressed in the news. But to people in both Russia and Ukraine it's quite obvious that the SBU-OCU tandem is just a repeat of the NKVD-Living Church tandem. And no one is hearing in the West about the very repressive regime in Ukraine. That is partly because just like in the early soviet years, people could hardly talk about it if they wanted to stay out of prison. And the West covered that up, too, at the time. Few journalists were able to report on things like artificial famine, etc. They would be intentionally discredited by the other, lying journalists. The whole idea was and is to keep Russia (and Ukraine) in a state of hardship and preferably poverty and chaos. I really don't think one has to be a rocket scientist to figure all this out, but biases are hard to overcome.
Antiochene Son11/22/2022 12:16 am
We always hear shrieking about the Russian "KGB Church", but in truth the OCU-SBU partnership is the true spiritual successor of the Soviet KGB. (With a little help from Satan's spawn the CIA.)
Visitor11/21/2022 7:02 pm
It's interesting to find out what kinds of things are illegal in free and democratic Ukraine, isn't it. Leaving aside the question of whether Met. Jonathan actually printed those leaflets, the most shocking thing here is that it's illegal to print leaflets saying the wrong things (like saying that borders should be changed). Here is a country where corrupt cops don't need to plant drugs on you to arrest you, they can just print a leaflet and claim they found it on you.
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