Jerusalem Patriarchate condemns Israeli radicals’ attack on Christian restaurant (+VIDEO)

Jerusalem, January 30, 2023

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The Patriarchate of Jerusalem issued a statement on Friday, condemning the violent attack carried out by Israeli radicals on Thursday night against an Armenian Christian restaurant in the Old City of Jerusalem.

A group of settlers rushed the Taboon Wine Barat at the New Gate in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem. CCTV footage shows the violent attack:

Israeli police arrived an hour after a call was made, but reportedly made no arrests, according to the Catholic outlet Crux.

The Patriarchate’s statement reads:

In the aftermath of the attack on Christians in Jerusalem.

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem:
“We will work to prevent the marches of Israeli radical groups.”

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem condemns the violent attack carried out by members of Israeli radical groups targeting Christians in the New Gate area of the Old City of Jerusalem last night. The Patriarchate affirms that allowing members of such radical groups to freely march and roam around the neighbourhoods of Jerusalem while armed and having declared criminal intentions, is considered as complicit in the attack and displays unwelcomed leniency with the criminals.

The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem calls for protection of the unarmed people of Old City from radical aggressors who aim to change the diverse character of the city of Jerusalem and its cultural and religious mosaic, determined to limit it to one character being their radical definition and depiction of what a Jewish character should be.

The Patriarchate, along with the rest of the churches of Jerusalem, will resist with all their strength, by the mercy of the Lord, the goals of these radicals. The Patriarchate calls upon the authorities not to allow the repetition of such marches that led to last night’s attack on Christians in Jerusalem. At the same time the Patriarchate upholds its right to take the necessary legal action to prevent such violent marches from reoccurring.

On Sunday, the Patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem released a joint statement:

We, the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, call upon all parties in the Holy Land to practice restraint and self-control. We have been constantly warning of an exploding, senseless cycle of violence that will only cause hurt and suffering to everyone. Such a state of affairs will almost certainly bring further atrocities and anguish, driving us away from the much sought-after peace and stability that we all seek.

In closely monitoring this regrettable situation, we have concluded that this proliferation of violence that has led to the unwarranted deaths of 32 Palestinians and 7 Israelis since the start of the New Year seems to be self-perpetuating. It will surely continue and even escalate unless a robust intervention is resolutely undertaken by community and political leaders on all sides.

Everyone must work together to defuse the current tensions and to launch a political process based upon well-established principles of justice that will bring about a lasting peace and prosperity for all. Consonant with this, in these most difficult of times we call upon all parties to reverence each other’s religious faith and to show respect to all holy sites and places of worship.

In the aftermath of this latest, tragic wave of violence, we pray for those killed and injured, and we ask that God stay close to their families and loved ones. We pray also for healing for the wounded, and that the Almighty would give strength and perseverance to those caring for them.

Finally, we ask that God grant wisdom and prudence to political leaders and people of influence on all sides, leading them to devise ways to help us overcome violence, keep our communities safe, and work tirelessly to bring about a just and peaceful solution for our beloved Holy Land.

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