German Catholic bishops defy Vatican, approve blessings for gay couples

Munich, March 15, 2023

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Starting from March 2026, the Catholic church in Germany will offer blessings for same-sex couples.

A meeting between bishops and lay representatives reached this decision on Friday, as part of the “Synodal Path” launched in 2019 in response to the sexual abuse crisis.

176 participants in the meeting, including at least two-thirds of the 67 Catholic bishops in Germany, voted in favor of the blessings. Only 14 voted against, and 12 abstained, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

The head of the German Bishops’ Conference Georg Baetzing called the result a “very good outcome, reports The Local.

Many churches already have such services, though they aren’t formally approved by the Catholic church. Most recently, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, responsible for defending church doctrine, ruled in 2021 that same-sex unions could not be blessed.

While Pope Francis warned about the liberalizing trends in Germany in an interview in January, the German bishops assure him their decision won’t cause a schism.

Though the Catholic church formally has 23 million members in Germany, the majority of Germans say religion is unimportant for them.

The General Synod of the Church of England also voted last month to bless same-sex couples, prompting more conservative Anglican leaders to reject Archbishop Justin Whelby of Canterbury as the head of the global Anglican church.

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Pfmd3/25/2023 6:17 am
The promotion of Homosexuality, and of the alphabet (LGBTQ+) values is big money for those that promote it. It is no accident that even the churches are taking part in this money grab. It is understandable why the Pope and the Anglicans support this anomalous lifestyle. The WEF, Club of Rome, and the Rothchild organizations and other moneyed organizations have the ability to print an endless amount of money to accomplish their goals in diminishing the population of the human race through the “gay/homosexual”agenda, pandemics, wars and other “satanic” methods. These organizations believe that Earth cannot sustain the present population and that it must be drastically diminished for the survival of the few. They also believe that a single world government (Globalization)is the best way to control the population. These efforts at globalization are best seen in Europe where every head of a European government is controlled by and from a member of the WEF.
Alexander 3/17/2023 12:14 am
Europe and especially Germany are anti-christian now. Churches are bleeding out. Only the Orthodox Churches are strong and growing. The more traditional the more people. God will punish Europe
Panagiotis3/16/2023 3:02 am
This is the result of decades of no good liberal propaganda which has brainwashed many German People, and indeed people all over the world. The purveyors of filth continue to brainwash the masses. The sinister internationalists are obsessed with sodomy. Is there honor in homosexual activity? Homosexual activity is not normal. If everyone were homosexual the human race would end. Does that sound normal to you? Conservative Catholics all over the world are welcome to become Orthodox Christians. In fact, ALL Conservative Christians all over the world should join the Orthodox Church. We welcome you, and we want you to become Orthodox and return to the Original Church, the True Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself. The Roman Catholic Church is imploding because the no good liberals are destroying it from within. Many Catholic Priests and Bishops are allegedly homosexual, as recent scandals in recent decades show. There have always been many homosexuals in the Roman Catholic hierarchy and clergy, but in the past it was not talked about for various reasons and covered up. The reason for the homosexuality was of course because they could not marry wives, and therefore this profession attracted sodomites. Oh yes my friends I speak the truth, whether people like it or not. Let us also not forget what some Roman Catholic supremacists have done to our people over the years. Roman Catholic supremacists savagely massacred many of our people in Croatia, including little children, women, and elderly. The Catholic Church created the uniates, including the ones in the Ukraine. The ancestors of the uniates used to be Orthodox, but now many uniates hate Orthodox. Imagine that, these uniates must hate their own ancestors then? For many years in non-Orthodox countries the Roman Catholic supremacists looked down on Orthodox People. But now Catholic Churches are becoming empty all over the world, and one must ask if this is God's Punishment for what they have done to our people? Our God is a God of Vengeance and Justice, and don't ever forget this. Proof of this is the Great Flood in which God wiped out all people, except the pious family of Noah: if I am fabricating, then the Bible is fabricating. All Glory to our God! Thoxa Si O Theos, Thoxa Si! Just my humble opinion.
Sir Gatanas 3/15/2023 10:24 pm
Germany drank the lefty global/homo agenda long ago. Nothing new here except they’re in defiance of Pope Francis official statement of last year that there will be NO blessing of homosexual marriage!
Ron Rossiter 3/15/2023 4:14 pm
Thank God for Archbishop Lefebre and the SSPX. Real manly bishops and priests with true grit and faith filled determination. Archbishop Lefebre in time will be canonised as the saint that sowed the seed that defeated modernism. Ora pronobis
Reader J3/15/2023 3:44 pm
As my wife says, any bishop that supports this is probably a homosexual. Just look at Francis and his attitude towards homosexuality.
Alex3/15/2023 3:10 pm
Triple Yikes!!
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