For the first time in Italy, gay couple receives church blessing for “marriage”

Bologna, June 20, 2022

The blessing of a gay couple. Photo: Daily Compass The blessing of a gay couple. Photo: Daily Compass     

On June 11, 2022, for the first time in Italy, a same-sex couple received a church blessing for “marriage” in the church of San Lorenzo in Budrio, reports the Italian Catholic news site, Daily Compass.

Pietro Moretti and Giacomo Spagnoli registered their marriage in the municipality of Budrio.

Then, with numerous relatives and friends, they arrived at the church of San Lorenzo for a solemn mass.

In order to circumvent the Roman Catholic church’s prohibition against same-sex marriages, the priests invented a special “mass of thanksgiving” in order to tie the sinful knot between Pietro and Giacomo. Father Gabriele Davalli, who led the service, said that the Archbishop Matteo Maria Zuppi of Bologna, chairman of the Italian Conference of Bishops, blessed the ceremony.

When asked how it was that they violated the Catholic church’s specific laws on marriage, Fr. Davalli replied, “Because every Mass is a thanksgiving… If you're referring to the two young men, Giacomo and Pietro, who contracted their civil union, they participated just like all the other people who were in the church.”

In fact, after Holy Communion on that day, the two men came up to the altar where the priest than handed them an apron. Fr. Davalli explains this curious gesture: “The handing over of this apron signifies that these two young men have always served the community by coordinating hospitality.”

Everything else about this special “mass of thanksgiving” looked for all intents and purposes like a wedding, complete with family and friends throwing rice.

Earlier in a film made about the couple, one of them twists the scripture to justify the violation, saying that the Holy Spirit blesses it. The Daily Compass author however sums up the nature of the event: “What people do not want to see is the objective disorder of these unions and the sinful nature of homosexual acts. And the shepherd, instead of calling the sheep back, proudly leads them on the road to perdition.”

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Editor6/25/2022 11:43 am
Panagiotis: Thanks for your support! May what you said be so.
Panagiotis6/24/2022 4:47 pm
To Orthodox Brother Editor: Thank you for printing this article, and it is relevant to the Orthodox Church. What has happened with the weak protestant churches and Catholic church with this sodomite matter, may eventually be attempted with our Orthodox Church. This should also be a wake-up call for those who support the ecumenical nonsense movement. The Orthodox Church is the true Church and the original Church, and we do not need this ecumenical nonsense movement. We must remain conservative, and we must not give in one inch to liberalism, not one inch.... just my humble opinion.
Editor6/23/2022 7:17 pm
Petr: We hope it will not relate to Orthodoxy. Unfortunately, however, there are elements in certain Orthodox jurisdictions who would eagerly do the same thing.
Petr6/23/2022 6:07 pm
Sorry but how does this relate to Orthodoxy?????
Fei-Yu(Mainland China)6/22/2022 4:53 pm
I think this is Roman Chtholicism Heresy's news, not Orthodox Christian's news. They have noting to do with our ORTHODOXY.I don't care what they will become and how will they face our LORD in the future. That's their business, not ours.
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