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The Nuremberg Trials.Photo: The Nuremberg Trials.Photo:     

This article was written for the sixtieth anniversary of the Nuremberg trials, by Alexander Grigorievich Zvyagintsev (born 1948, Zhitomir), attorney, historian, author of over forty books, and formerly Deputy of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

Mankind has long ago learned to condemn individual evil-doers, criminal gangs, bandits and unlawful paramilitary formations. The international war tribunal in Nuremberg became the first experience in history of condemning crimes on a national scale—crimes of a ruling regime, its executionary institutions, and upper level political and military actors. Sixty [at the time of this publication] years have passed since then…

On August 8, 1945, three months after the victory over fascist Germany, the governments of the USSR, USA, Great Britain and France signed an agreement to organize a court to condemn the main war criminals. This decision gained approval throughout the world—a severe lesson needed to be taught to the authors and executors of the cannibalistic plans of world domination, mass terror and murder, odious ideas of racial supremacy, genocide, and monstrous destruction and plunder of enormous territories. Soon nineteen more nations joined in the official agreement, and the tribunal gained the full right to be called a People’s Court.

The process began on November 20, 1945 and went on for nearly eleven months. Before the tribunal stood twenty-four war criminals, who were members of the highest echelons of fascist Germany. There had never been anything like it before in history. Also for the first time was the question raised of recognizing as criminal a number of political and state institutions—the ruling members of the fascist party (NSDAP), its Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers—SA), and the Schutzstaffel (SS) battalions, the Einsatzgruppen (death squads, SD), the secret state police (Gestapo), the government cabinet, the supreme command, and the general staff.

The sentencing was not some speedy revenge against a defeated enemy. The indictment in the German language was handed to the defendants thirty days before the proceedings began, and later they were given a copy of all the documented evidence. The trial guarantee gave the accused the right to defend themselves either personally or with the aid of an attorney from Germany, to intercede for the calling of witnesses, to present proof in their own defense, to provide explanations, question witnesses, etc.

Hundreds of witnesses were questioned in the judgment hall and in the field, and thousands of documents were perused. Also as evidence were the books, articles, and public appearances of Nazi leaders, photographs, documentary films, and film chronicles. The credibility and cogency of this data base removed all doubt.

All 403 tribunal sessions were open. About 60 thousand entrance passes to the judgment hall were distributed. The work of the tribunal had wide press coverage, and it was transmitted live on radio.

From September 30 to October 1, 1946, the People’s Court brought out its sentence. The accused were declared guilty of serious crimes against the world and humanity. The tribunal sentenced twelve of them to death by hanging. Others were given life or long prison sentences. Three were acquitted.

Children at Auschwitz-Birkenau taken by a Soviet photographer during liberation. Photo: Yad Vashem Children at Auschwitz-Birkenau taken by a Soviet photographer during liberation. Photo: Yad Vashem     

The main units of the national-political machine, which the fascists had developed to the point of a diabolical ideal, were declared criminal. However, the government, supreme command, general staff, and Stormtroopers (SA)—against the opinion of the Soviet representatives—were not declared criminal.

Member of the International War Tribunal from the USSR I. T. Nikitenko did not concur with this removal (beside the SA), nor with the acquittal of the three accused. He also considered the life sentence given to [Rudolf] Hess to be too soft. The Soviet judges expressed their protest in a Special Opinion. It was read out at the trial and is part of the sentencing.

Yes, there were serious disagreements on certain problems amongst the judges of the tribunal. But they can by no means be compared with the clash of views concerning one and the same events and persons that would unfold in the future.

But first about the main thing. The Nuremberg trial acquired universal and historical significance as the first and largest judicial act of the United Nations up to that time. United in their rejection of violence against man and the state, the peoples of the world proved that they can successfully resist universal evil and render justice.

The bitter experience of the Second World War forced everyone to look anew at many problems facing mankind, and to understand that every person on Earth bears responsibility for the present and the future. The fact that the Nuremberg trial came to pass says that the heads of states do not dare ignore the firmly expressed will of the people and lower themselves to double standards.

It would seem that before all countries the brilliant prospect of collective and peaceful solutions to problems was opened, to bring a bright future without wars and violence.

But unfortunately mankind too quickly forgets the lessons of the past. Soon after Winston Churchill’s Fulton speech, despite the convincing collective action at Nuremberg, the victor nations divided into military-political blocks, and the work of the United Nations was complicated by political infighting. The shadow of the “cold war” descended upon the world for long decades.

Himmler and Hitler. Himmler and Hitler. Under these conditions, powers were activated that wished to revisit the conclusions of the Second World War, to denigrate and even reduce to nothing the leading role that the Soviet Union played in defeating fascism, placing an equal sign between Germany—the aggressor nation—and the USSR, which fought a just war, and at an enormous cost in lives, saved the world from the horrors of fascism.

A large number of publications, films, and television programs have come out that distort historical reality. In the “works” produced by former “brave Nazis” and numerous other authors, the leaders of the Third Reich are whitewashed and even made out as heroes, and the Soviet military leaders are blackened, without any regard for the truth and the actual sequence of events. According to their versions, the Nuremberg trial and the pursuit of war criminals as a whole is nothing more than an act of vengeance by the victors over the defeated. Moreover, a typical trick is being used—to show famous fascists in everyday life. Just look, they suggest—these are ordinary and even nice people, and not at all executioners and sadists.

For example, Reichsführer of the SS Himmler, the chief of the most odious punitive organs, is featured as a man of gentle nature, a proponent of animal rights, and a loving father, who hated any impropriety against women.

An execution of a Russian woman by the SS. Photo: RF Ministry of Defense. An execution of a Russian woman by the SS. Photo: RF Ministry of Defense.     

Who was this “gentle” nature in fact? Here are the words of Himmler, which he publicly pronounced: “How Russians feel, how Czechs feel, is of total indifference to me. Whether other peoples live well or die from hunger interests me only to the extent that we can use them as slaves for our culture; but everything else is of no matter to me. Whether ten thousand Russian women die of exhaustion during the construction of antitank trenches matters to me only inasmuch as those trenches are built for Germany…”

This more resembles the truth. This is truth itself. This revelation corresponds fully to the image of the creator of the SS—the most advanced and sophisticated repressive organization; the creator of a system of concentration camps that horrify to this day.

They even find warm colors to paint an image of Hitler. According to this fantastically voluminous “Hitlerology” he was a brave warrior of the First World War, with an artistic nature—an artist, an expert in architecture, a modest vegetarian, and an exemplary statesman. There is a point of view that if the führer of the German people had ceased his activities in 1939, without starting a war, he would have gone down in history as a great politician of Germany, Europe, and the world!

But is there any power that can free Hitler from responsibility for the aggression he put into play, for the bloodiest and cruelest world war? Of course, the positive role of the United Nations in the work of the postwar peace and cooperation exists, and that is absolutely indisputable. But it is also undoubtable that this role—both then and now—could have been much weightier.

Fortunately, global conflicts haven’t happened, but military blocks have often balanced on the edge. There has been no end to local conflicts. Small wars with no few casualties have broken out, and in certain countries terrorist regimes have arisen and become entrenched.

The cessation of opposition between the blocks and the emergence in the 1990s of a unipolar world has not added resources to the United Nations. Certain political scientists even express, to put it mildly, the very controversial opinion that the United Nations, in its present form, is an outdated organization, one which corresponded to the reality of the Second World War but not at all to today’s demands.

We are forced to state that the recidivists of the past who exist in our days in many countries more and more often resound with a loud echo. We are living in a troubled and unstable world, becoming increasingly fragile and vulnerable year by year. The contradictions between developed and other nations are becoming sharper. Deep cracks have formed along the borders of cultures and civilizations.

A new, large-scale evil—terrorism—has arisen and quickly grown into an independent global power. It has much in common with fascism, in part by its intentional disregard for international and internal law, and total denigration of the morals and values of human life. Unexpected, unpredictable attacks, cynicism, and cruelty with massive casualties is sowing fear and horror in countries that would seem to be well protected from all threats.

In its most dangerous—international—variations, this phenomenon is directed against all civilization. Today it already presents a serious threat to mankind’s development. We need a new, firm, and just word in the struggle with this evil, similar to what the International War Tribunal said sixty years ago to fascism.

The successful experience of opposing the aggression and terror of the times of the Second World War are relevant to this day. Many of them are directly applicable, while others require rethinking and development. But you can draw your own conclusions.

Transfer of the Nuremberg Trial Archives to the Peace Palace, March 14, 1950. Photo: National Archives of the Netherlands / ANP, CC0). Transfer of the Nuremberg Trial Archives to the Peace Palace, March 14, 1950. Photo: National Archives of the Netherlands / ANP, CC0).     

Much to the credit of earlier unpublished materials, testimony of eye-witnesses, through recently declassified archival documents it has been possible to more fully and comprehensibly review the Nuremberg trials, discover its unknown pages, understand the motivation for the tribunal participants’ behavior and the actions of heads of states and governments in the historical context.

It is no secret that the popularizers of fascism have a particular influence on young minds, which nurtures a huge danger for future generations.

This author discusses in detail in his scholarly monograph, The Nuremberg Alarm: Reportage From the Past, Addressed to the Future (Moscow, 2006), presents them from the angel of his own suppositions and newly revealed facts. In the book, certain widespread stereotypes and myths are debunked or disavowed. Time not only buries secrets, it also reveals them, even after decades have passed. Perhaps the author was luckier than his predecessors who researched the history of the Nuremberg trials, for beginning from 1970 he was able to meet with Roman Andreyevich Rudenko, hear his presentations, including his recollections of the Nuremberg trials,

which have always and everywhere become a subject for discussion. About everything that was connected with Nuremberg, about the work of Roman Andreyevich Rudenko, the author was told by not only Rudenko’s brothers—Nicholai Andreyevich and Anton Andreyevich—but also other relatives and close co-workers, including those who worked directly under his direction in Nuremberg. The documents and photographs they presented became invaluable testimony for factual investigation, in the authoritative opinion of both Russian and international historians.

Time is an austere judge. It is absolute. Not determined by people’s actions, it does not forgive a disrespectful relationship to verdicts once passed—be it a specific person or whole nations and states. Unfortunately, the hands on its clockface never show mankind their vector of movement, but inexorably counting down the moments, time eagerly writes fateful letters to those who try to take liberties with it.

Yes, mother-history has at times not been so uncompromising, and placed the implementation of the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal on the very weak shoulders of politicians. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brown hydra of fascism has again reared its ugly head in many countries of the world, and the apologists of terrorism practice their shamanism in recruiting every day more and more new proselytes to their ranks.

The work of the International War Tribunal is often called the “Nuremberg epilogue”. This metaphor is quite justified with regard to the punished heads of the Third Reich and disbanded criminal organizations. But as we see, evil has shown itself to be more tenacious than many imagined then, from 1945 to 1946, while we were still in the euphoria of the great victory. No one today can affirm that freedom and democracy has been confirmed finally and irreversibly in the world.

This begs the question: How much and what effort is required in order to draw concrete conclusions from the experience of the Nuremberg trials, to embody them in good deeds and to make them the prologue for creating a world order without wars and violence, founded upon real non-interference in the internal matters of other countries and peoples, with respect for personal rights?

Alexander Zvyagintsev
(May 8, 2007)
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David5/14/2023 3:49 am
pfmd: Where did you get the idea that I hate Russia? Disagreement does not equal hate. "If you're not with us you're with the terrorists." An old song I've heard before.
David5/14/2023 3:48 am
Jacob: Superficial? Have you ever had to comfort a soldier because he watched his buddy get blown up by a suicide bomber? Have you ever had a soldier weeping inconsolably, asking you why his wife hates him after he received a Dear John letter? I've seen what war costs, and what it does. Forgive me if I'm not quick to pin on a Z or a blue and yellow ribbon. I met all kinds of guys down range, and yes, I even met "war junkies" who loved deploying and getting in the mess. Every veteran has their own opinion and experience of war. Walk into a VFW and sit down for a beer and you'll get the full spectrum. I wasn't GI Joe, but I know a little something about war, enough to know it's horrible. I also know the cognitive dissonance that comes with being told that we are a "liberators" and then having the local population expressing a different opinion. Eyes with hatred that I had never seen before, and hope to never see again. If Russian soldiers are seeing that same hatred in Ukrainian eyes, that should tell them something. It certainly told me something. That doesn't mean NATO is in the right, but both sides could be wrong for different reasons. That possibility seems to have escaped some people in our Church. That was my whole point.
pfmd5/14/2023 12:00 am
David: As to your convoluted comment concerning your 1. sympathies for Nazi-Ukraine, 2. anti-Orthodox views of the church, 3. slanderous views of Russian history, 4. distorted views of good vs. evil and that Ukraine war as “inevitable” and “possibly necessary”: I will refrain from answering each of your distortions, as there are so many, that it would require many hours of my time. I refuse to donate so much time to your lack of basic knowledge in Russian and Orthodox history, and world affairs, because tomorrow your ignorant comments will be identical to the one made today, if history is our guide. You are incorrigible and true to your constant agenda of hate and intolerance.
Jacob5/13/2023 11:58 am
David: Unfortunately, it is not funny but very sad that you feel so sure about what you say, when it is all in fact coming from a very superficial knowledge of these subjects. It is a farce.
David5/13/2023 6:14 am
Jacob: Was that supposed to be funny? Factionalism is an age old problem in the Church. I'm not on the anti-Russian bandwagon, but I'm not going to be singing the praises of Vladimir Putin because of some half-baked Neo-Czarist sympathies. Russia may very well be acting as an instrument of the Lord, but it could just as well be the opposite. I think a healthy skepticism of Caesar no matter what hat he wears (or pieties) is a good thing, and in keeping with the Gospel. I wear nobody's flag. Not anymore.
Pfmd5/13/2023 4:23 am
David: I will respond to the only item I clearly understand from your long and convoluted statement. I have no hatred in my heart or soul either for you or the remaining political group of Russophobes infecting this site with THEIR satanic venom of hate. I will continue to expose your Godless sentiments hidden under the claim and cloak of “orthodoxy” with an assertiveness and an uncompromising love of the truth, always. Do not confuse my recognition and exposure of your demonic hypocrisy, lies, accusations, corruption and of your hatred for the Russian people, Russian Civilization and Russian Orthodoxy as my emotion of hatred towards you.. Exposing you and your followers as God’s enemies does not require hatred but only a clarity of vision.
Jacob5/12/2023 4:44 pm
David: You speak sincerely from your understanding of history, politics, and Orthodox Church structure--an understanding that is clear and deep as a swamp.
Pfmd5/12/2023 4:05 pm
Panagiotis: In sympathy of your comment and as motivation for the denial of justice for atrocities committed against Orthodoxy in general and Russian Orthodoxy specifically: 1. Gallup’s 2023 World Affairs poll finds 90% of Americans having an unfavorable opinion of Russia, including a 59% majority who have a “very unfavorable” view. Last year, 42% held a very unfavorable opinion of Russia, and in 2021, 36% did. Before 2020, no more than 32% had viewed Russia very unfavorably. 2. Hitler & the Nazi ideology was very popular throughout the western world during the 1930s, it wasn't just a few US oligarchs who favoured Hitler & cultivated him - he was, what we would call a "deep state" project going right back to the 1920s. The western world has being trying to destroy Russia for 1,000 years, from the Crusades, to the Swedes, to the Vatican backed Poles, to the British & French, to Germany....& now the US. This is a war between civilizations, which is why in the west it is taken so personally, not just by politicians, but by much of the citizenry as well that is politically aware. Russophobia runs deep in the west & it is a genocidal impulse at its core. Hitler began to be pushed aggressively by the west when Stalin won his battle with Trotsky & quite rightly & justifiably evicted him from Russia. But as soon as his faction of Bolsheviks were out of the picture, the west, UK, US, France - began to aggressively promote Hitler, as Soviet diplomacy in the 1930s discovered to their dismay, the Soviet foreign affairs dept. attempted to forge an alliance in Europe against the growing threat of Hitler all through the 1930s, & were rejected throughout.
David5/12/2023 2:57 am
pfmd: Why such contempt for Western Orthodox converts? Disagreeing with Russia's actions in Ukraine is not "Russophobia" or "anti-Russian hatred." American Exceptionalism is of course a lie, but why are so many eager to embrace Russian Exceptionalism? Are we so spiritually desolate that we need to have a Czar, a Byzantium? The humble and penitent character of 20th Century Orthodoxy (with all of its problems) has been replaced with hollow triumphalism, be it from the Phanar or from Moscow. Caesar is still Caesar, even if he comes for the Liturgy. I fear that many of us (not just Russians) are forgetting the harsh lessons of the Revolution. I have great love and respect for the Orthodox Church in Russia (not Russian Orthodoxy, as there is no such thing----just as there is no such thing as Greek Orthodoxy, but Orthodoxy in Greece), and yet, why this strife? Have we no faith in God? The truth about Ukraine will be revealed. The Lord has allowed this disaster because of our sins. I don't agree with any of it, because nobody will convince me that war is a good thing. I speak as a war veteran. You can argue its inevitability (because of our stupidity), you can argue its necessity, but you can never call it a good thing, and I am repulsed by those who, in the name of Orthodoxy or "being based" or whatever the heck people say these days are trying to justify any of it. My feeling these days when it comes to Church politics can be summed up simply: NO MORE ROMES.
pfmd5/11/2023 5:37 am
Doug Carlson or alias: It appears from your comment that you consider “christianity” (you have now abandoned the claims of “orthodoxy” and are now claiming “christianity” for your fraudulent religious claims) as a tool to use depending on the situation at hand, and not as a stable belief to utilize as a life guide. It is also clear to me that you will use the name of “Christianity” in vain and in name-only to legitimize the claims of a Nazi sympathizer, who lacks not only a compass for the truth, but is unable to recognize right from wrong or good from evil; but you claim that I am the lunatic. Furthermore, your fellow demonic brother also said: “Nagasaki and Dresden are hardly shining examples of moral behaviour. However, they at least were *wartime* atrocities: the Stalinist terror, like the Holocaust, was not directly related to the War. The Stalinist terror, like the Holocaust, was not directly related to the War. Yet there were no Nuremberg trials for the Communist leaders!” This statement really allows me to understand the clear mindedness and sharp observations made by your fellow “christian” brother-Redington. (I am being facetious and in antithesis of what is said.) Where does one begin to dissect and analyze this “christian” statement and conclusion. I will not attempt to either dissect or analyze this statement, as the statement is self evident in it’s Nazi sympathies and in its anti-christian beliefs. My last impression of you and your statement/comment is your “lunacy” and your unhinged attempt to equate Redington’s comments with christianity and in truth in Christ.
Panagiotis5/11/2023 4:46 am
Hundreds of thousands of Serbian Orthodox People, including children, elderly, and women, were savagely murdered by Ustase, Muslims, and Tito imposter's (Weiss) partisans/ communists. How come there was never a trial for this? Tens of Millions of Russian Orthodox People and other Ethnic Orthodox in the so-called USSR were massacred by the monster satanic communists in the most inhumane and savage ways possible. How come there was never a trial for this? Millions of Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Assyrian Orthodox where savagely murdered in Asia Minor/Turkey. How come there was never a trial for this? How come so few people know about the aforementioned in the West? How come "history" books in the West do not mention this? How come Western "news" media does not mention this? A great Russian by the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn may have given the answer. One only has to look at the gangster state of the corrupt Ukraine: Thousands of ethnic Russian and Russian speaking people, civilians, including elderly, women, and children, were killed in the Donbas before the current war started, but very few people in the West know this. The liberal Elite power structure, the puppet masters, and internationalists make sure that the only "news" that is reported is the "news" that they want you to know. They are masters of lies and deception and brainwashing people. But Almighty God cannot be deceived. He sees everything, and He is a God of vengeance and justice. We must FEAR GOD, first and foremost. Pray to Almighty God and The Panagia to give knowledge to the Orthodox People so that they WAKE UP. Just my humble opinion.
pfmd5/10/2023 11:16 pm
Jacob: If “way out there” refers to my assertion that the government has infiltrated this site, I refer you to a portion of the investigation known as the “Twitter Files”: Nos. 6-7: FBI communications with Twitter Trust and Safety Team The sixth installment, published by Taibbi on December 16, described how the FBI reported several accounts to Twitter's Trust and Safety Team for allegedly spreading election misinformation. According to Taibbi, many of the accounts reported had small amounts of followers and were making tweets seemingly satirical in nature, such as user Claire Foster who had tweeted "I'm a ballot counter in my state. If you're not wearing a mask, I'm not counting your vote. #safetyfirst" and "For every negative comment on this post I'm adding another vote for the democrats". He also reported that Twitter did not always take action against tweets and accounts flagged by the FBI. Taibbi wrote that a high-ranking staff member referred to the company's relationship with the FBI as "government-industry sync" due to the frequency of emails and meetings with the agency.[60][61][62] The seventh installment was published by Shellenberger on December 19, 2022. It described the FBI's involvement in moderating the Hunter Biden laptop story. Shellenberger reported that the FBI's and the DHS' warnings about potential foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election influenced Twitter to moderate the Hunter Biden laptop story. Roth wrote in an internal discussion about the Post story that due to "the SEVERE risks here and lessons of 2016", Twitter should apply a warning to the story and prevent it from "being amplified". Shellenberger shared screenshots of an email from 2021, which included a communication from Twitter's Safety, Content, & Law Enforcement (SCALE) team that Twitter had received $3,415,323 from a 2019 program designed to meet the "statutory right of reimbursement" for the cost of processing requests from the FBI. Musk claimed in a tweet that this payment is proof of the U.S. government bribing the company "to censor info from the public", despite such payments being commonplace for processing legal requests. Twitter's guidelines under law enforcement state that "Twitter may seek reimbursement for costs associated with information produced pursuant to legal process and as permitted by law (e.g., under 18 U.S.C. §2706)". Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook and partner at cyber consulting firm Krebs Stamos Group, wrote that the reimbursements from the FBI have "absolutely nothing to do with content moderation".[62][63] Nos. 8-9: Relationship with the U.S. government The eighth installment by Lee Fang on December 20, 2022, reported documents that showed the Twitter Site Integrity Team whitelisted accounts from United States Central Command (CENTCOM) used to run online influence campaigns in other countries, including Yemen, Syria, and Kuwait. This whitelisting prevented the accounts from being flagged. Many of the accounts didn't disclose their affiliation with the military, and posed as ordinary users. One of the accounts used a photo identified by Stanford as being a deep fake.[64] The ninth tranche of "Twitter Files" by Taibbi relates to the CIA and FBI's alleged involvement in Twitter content moderation.[65]
Doug Carlson5/10/2023 9:15 pm
Jacob, you wrote: "So, according to you, Russians can't criticize Hitler, because... Stalin?" but that is not at all what Dionysius said. It seems you read and responded too quickly, perhaps in a knee jerk fashion? And pfmd is not simply out there as a commenter - he's a lunatic who fills these comment sections with hatred towards his fellow Orthodox believers day in and day out. Can't understand why this site has apparently taken him onboard to comment on every article. Even if I don't always agree with Dionysius, he at least speaks as a Christian. Nothing about pfmd's comments give any hint of Christianity.
Jacob5/10/2023 6:12 pm
D. Reddington: So, according to you, Russians can't criticize Hitler, because... Stalin? A typical knee-jerk response from you. The Bolshevik terror in the USSR was: in the USSR. The terror was mainly against: Russians--Orthodox believers, wealthy peasants, the aristocracy. But the Nazis had this insane and diabolical idea that the German race was superior, that certain other races only deserved to live as slaves to Germans, and you could do whatever you wanted with them: medical experiments, make them labor till they dropped, mass murder them, being careful to save the fat for soap and the hair for textiles. And they put it all into action by trying to take over all the Slavic countries for precisely this purpose. Stalin only ended up with new territories because Hitler lost the war. If there had been no war, those territories would never have come into the Soviet Block. Pfmd may be way out their as a commenter, but he's right about one thing for sure: your Russophobia makes you blind to facts. This is very dangerous, because people like you are forcing Russia to take up arms again, and it will end the same way as in WW2... or worse.
Pfmd5/10/2023 12:03 am
There are no words to describe the Jesuitical twisting of history. Papism has always been and remains a fascist/Nazi political force whose principal enemy remain Orthodox Christianity and Russia in all its forms - from the struggles of Alexander Nevsky to this day when Vatican-directed Uniates in the Ukraine are screaming for Russian blood. Division Azul were fanatical Nazis who fought harder than their German counterparts. A million Serbs were destroyed by the psychopathic Papist cutthroats in just four years. Later, millions of Vietnamese Buddhists died at the hands of the Diems, Colby, Westmoreland and other Roman Catholic criminals - all blessed by Cardinal Spellman. Thousand of innocents (including anti-fascist Catholic priests) were killed in South America with a less-than-tacit approval of Wojtyla - who supervised the reunification of the German Reich and destruction of three Slav federations. Pacelli (Hitler's Pope) funded Adolph as early as 1919. I could go on for days. Kolbe was a Russophobe who is as much of a saint as Andrei Bobola. Finally, I devote the Nazi Europe and the Vatican to the heart of the Russian soldier. Hitler's EU Reich was responsible for up to 50 million deaths. Here is a list of fascist/pro-fascist/pro-Nazi “European leaders” from the times of the Third Reich - what do they have in common? Germany: Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, von Papen France: Petain Belgium: Ruled directly but a hotbed of collaboration (400000 prosecuted after the war; Degrelle and Christus Rex) Italy: Mussolini Spain: Franco Ireland: De Valera (sent condolences on Hitler's death) Portugal: Oliveira Salazar Slovakia: Tiszo Slovenia: Rupnik Croatia: Pavelic, Stepinac Poland: Pilsudski Hungary: Mindszenty (the dark side of the Hungarian "revolution") Austria: Seipel, Schuschnigg, Seyss-Inquart Lithuania: Ruled directly but a hotbed of collaboration and genocide The Ukraine: Ruled directly but the epicentre of Uniate-organised genocide and holocaust; Bandera, Stetsko, Shukhevich
Pfmd5/9/2023 11:53 pm
Germans hated Russians long before 1945: "The war with Russia - for the sake of the Baltic Sea and the Baltic Sea provinces - for Poland - for the Danube and the oriental conditions ... was the most popular throughout Germany (quoted in Valentin 1977, vol. 1: 544). Bakunin reported that "the senseless clamor of the Germans against the Slavs" could be heard loudest in the Frankfurt Parliament in 1848/49. This no longer had anything to do with democracy, but was "the call of German national egoism." The Germans had long been accustomed to regarding the "Slavs" as their serfs and took the view that they had to "keep them under the stick" in order to discipline them (quoted in MEW 18: 609). Bakunin remarked: In this hatred of the Slavs, in this Slav gluttony, all parties (1848/49) were without exception in agreement; ... the democrats yelled loudest against the Slavs: in newspapers and pamphlets, in parliaments and popular assemblies, in clubs, in beer halls and on the streets... It was such a noise, such an incessant storm that the Slavs, when the German shouting could kill or damage someone would have all perished long ago (Bakunin 1973: 137 f.). Bakunin described hatred of Russia as one of "Germany's strongest national passions" (quoted in MEW 18: 613)." "In the German consciousness, the Russians, who were described as “semi-Asian” and who, in contrast to the rest of the population of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, were themselves denied the ability to absorb culture and civilization, were a step below the “Slavs” in general. With his "strongly pronounced nomadic traits," "the Russian" is not even useful as a farmer (Die Grenzboten, No. 3/1866: 226). He repeatedly appeared in German writings in the second half of the 19th century as a "greedy, bloodthirsty, conquest-hungry and fanatical barbarian" who had to be pushed back to Asia (Lammich 1978: 97ff.). ... Frantz advocated a preventive war against Russia to push her back towards Asia (Droz 1960: 121)."
Pfmd5/9/2023 11:45 pm
They seem to have forgotten what the insane claims of the Nazis for world domination led to. We see how, in a number of countries, memorials to Soviet soldiers are ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly destroyed, monuments to great commanders are being demolished, a real cult of the Nazis and their accomplices is being created, and the memory of true heroes is being erased and slandered. Such desecration of the feat and victims of the victorious generation is also a crime, an outright revanchism of those who cynically and openly prepared a new campaign against Russia, who gathered neo-Nazi scum from all over the world for this. Their goal - and there is nothing new here - is to achieve the collapse and destruction of our country, cross out the results of the Second World War, finally break the system of global security and international law, and strangle any sovereign centers of development. Exorbitant ambitions, arrogance and permissiveness inevitably turn into tragedies. This is precisely the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are now experiencing. He became a hostage of the coup d'état and the criminal regime of his Western masters that had developed on its basis, a bargaining chip in the implementation of their cruel, selfish plans.
Pfmd5/9/2023 11:38 pm
The western imperialists financed and cultivated Nazi Germany to destroy the Soviet Union and refused to ally with the Soviet Union to fight Hitler. Stalin in one of the most masterful feats of statecraft saw the writing on the wall and signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler who then invaded the western imperialists and allowed the Soviet Union to move all their western factories east to the Urals leaving nothing for Hitler once they did invade. Now the western imperialists were compelled to fight Hitler who sought to plunder everyone. Over 20 million soviets died to raise the flag of the USSR over the Reichstag and bury Nazi fascism. The western imperialists will never forgive the USSR for killing their Nazi lovechild.
Pfmd5/9/2023 11:34 pm
May 9, 2023, I congratulate you all with Victory Day and want to remind you that the history of WW II in the West is not a history, with some notable exceptions, but primarily a field for falsifications in order to justify on-going ugly mutations of modern "liberalism". In the end, there is very little difference between war criminals in Washington in 2023 and war criminals in Berlin of 1941.
Pfmd5/9/2023 11:32 pm
"We liberated them... and they will never forgive us for it..." This famous Zhukov's quip was prescient. It all came true. Germans hate Russians because they sustained a crushing defeat in 1945. Western "democracies" hate Russia, Soviet Union being a historic Russia, because they know who actually defeated Axis forces, and because West's military mythology has its roots in stolen valor, claims that it was the US who defeated Nazism. They continue to rewrite history, today, on the eve of May 9 Victory Day.”
Dionysius Redington5/9/2023 8:24 pm
The tremendous evil of the Nazi regime is beyond doubt, and until the recent surge of 'respectable' neo-Fascism in the US, Europe, India, and elsewhere (including Ukraine) only the socially peripheral lunatic fringe disputed this. However, from a Christian point of view, there seem to be two problems with this article. The first (more obvious but less important) is its claim that the Stalin regime was significantly better than Hitler's (fighting a purely 'defensive' and 'justified' war that somehow resulted in the spread of Communism across all Eastern Europe) and that Soviet officials were morally qualified to pass judgement on their German counterparts. Admittedly, the same question could certainly be asked of other Allied leaders: Nagasaki and Dresden are hardly shining examples of moral behaviour. However, they at least were *wartime* atrocities: the Stalinist terror, like the Holocaust, was not directly related to the War. Yet there were no Nuremberg trials for the Communist leaders. The second and more serious point, speaking as a Christian, is the article's resolute rejection of any redeeming qualities in the Nazi criminals who, according to the author, were sadists and executioners and apparently nothing else, whose execution was entirely justified, and none of whom should have been acquitted. It is one thing to declare the guilt of these truly horrendous criminals, even to approve of their execution, and to deplore efforts to rehabilitate them as somehow decent, ordinary, or even heroic persons, which they were not. It is quite another, however, to absolutise their evil, as though they were demonic rather than human entities. Even human entities who intentionally and explicitly place themselves under demonic control, as did the knights of the SS, remain human and capable of repentance and salvation; we can only hope, despite the lack of evidence, that the Nazis executed at Nuremberg somehow repented before they died. The same is true of the never-prosecuted leaders of the USSR. --Dionysius Redington
pfmd5/9/2023 7:32 pm
MOSCOW, May 8. /TASS/. On Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on celebrating EUROPE DAY on May 9 in the country. This is quite appropriate for the Zelensky regime and his Nazi supporters. While Russia is celebrating VICTORY DAY for Russia’s victory in WWII and for the liberation of the entirety of Europe and it’s people, the Zelensky regime and the EU, as also announced by the German government, will be celebrating “EUROPE DAY” for their defeat by the Russian forces! How mindless and ignorant is this new decrees by the EU elites. This new decree meant to belittle and rob Russia is, as the financial sanctions, only belittling the soulless and thoughtless leadership of theEU. LAUGHABLE.
Pfmd5/9/2023 7:09 pm
BERLIN, May 8. /TASS/. A Berlin court has granted a motion of the local police and banned the demonstration of the Russian flag and symbols on May 9, the Berlin police said on Monday. "The administrative court has ruled that our complaint was substantiated. The use of Russian and Soviet flags and the St. George’s ribbon at the aforementioned monuments is still banned," The Neonazis and their elite supporters, like their Nazi forefathers, are destined to “commit suicide” by Russian forces a second time this century.
pfmd5/9/2023 6:56 pm
The present Ukrainian proxy war against Russia and Russian Orthodoxy by the Anglozionist mob is both a failure of recognition and a complete lack of appreciation of recent history. "They seem to have forgotten what the Nazis' insane claims to world domination led to, they have forgotten who defeated this monstrous, total evil, who stood as a wall for their homeland and did not spare their lives for the liberation of Russia, Russian Orthodoxy and the peoples of Europe.”
pfmd5/9/2023 6:21 pm
A reminder to all the peace-loving true Orthodox faithful: Any superiority ideology is by definition, repulsive, deadly, and criminal. Western elites and their agents still talk about their exclusivity and deceive people to fight each other, divide society, provoke bloody conflicts and coups, sow hatred, Russophobia, aggressive nationalism, destroy the family, and traditional values that make people human….And all in order to continue to dictate, impose on Orthodox peoples their will, their rights, rules, and, in fact, a system of robbery, violence and suppression, as spoken by a great man.
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