Greek hierarch recounts miracles of St. Luke of Simferopol

Veroia, Imathia, Greece, September 1, 2023     

St. Luke, the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker of Simferopol, has become one of the most beloved saints throughout the Orthodox Church today.

He is known for the many miracles of healing that he continues to perform to this day, and many churches have been erected in his honor in many countries.

St. Luke is perhaps especially beloved in Greece. Metropolitan Panteleimon of Veroia and Naousa recently recounted two more miracles that the beloved St. Luke worked in Greece, that the hierarch learned about from a priest and a pious layman.

Met. Panteleimon recounts:

Tonight, I would like to read to you two remarkable appearances of St. Luke, as described by our brethren who experienced them.

The first is described by a clergyman from Mytilene:

About five years ago, he writes, I was preparing to undergo open-heart surgery at the Onassis Hospital.

On the eve of the surgery, the assistant to the professor approaches me and asks, “Are you from Mytilene? Are you Fr. I.?”

When I assured him that I was indeed the person he was referring to, he continued, telling me:

“Last night, St. Luke, the Bishop of Simferopol and Crimea, came to me in my dream and said: ‘Tomorrow, you will be operating on a priest from Mytilene. His name is I. I will be by your side and guide you on exactly what to do.’“

Let it be noted, the clergyman writes, that it was the first time I had seen this professor’s assistant, and he had never met me either. Five years have passed since then, and with his blessing and his great miraculous grace, I am completely healthy, praising God and St. Luke.

The second appearance is described by a brother of ours from Vyronas:

In December 2010, he writes, the holy relics of St. Luke were brought to the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Vyronas for veneration. I went to venerate them and asked the saint to help me, as I was scheduled for surgery in a few days.

On December 20, I underwent a lymph node removal surgery, due to cancer, at the Evgenidion Hospital.

During the operation, while I was anesthetized, I saw a tall man with a long beard, dressed as a doctor, wearing glasses, standing upright on the left side of my bed, looking very serious, and telling me:

“Calm down, don’t be afraid.”

He then observed the doctors who were on the right side of the bed operating on me. Without a doubt, it was St. Luke, just as I recognized him from his icons.

My recovery from anesthesia was exceptionally good, and the surgery was entirely successful, concludes our brother, expressing his gratitude to St. Luke for his protection, which the saint offers to those who seek and request his help.

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