Romanian Church invested $65 million+ on social-philanthropic mission in 2023

Bucharest, February 29, 2024

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The Romanian Orthodox Church, through its dioceses, devoted more than $65 million to its multifaceted social-philanthropic mission last year.

The relevant data was presented at the National Church Council in Bucharest on Tuesday, February 27. The total amount reported, $65,575,250 (60,512,475 euros), does not include the expenses related to various charitable activities organized by parishes and monasteries, the Church report notes.

According to the report, the Church carried out its philanthropic and medical activity through 884 institutions and social services, with 1,254 ongoing projects and social programs.

The total of $65 million+ includes both financial and material aid, including support for refugees.

The beneficiaries of Church assistance included:

  • 78,301 children from the Church’s social establishments, especially from poor families without support, or with parents working in other countries

  • 7,380 people with disabilities, with speech, sight and hearing impairments, drug users or other types of addictions

  • 74,568 elderly people from Church social protection settlements, from social transit centers and night shelters, the elderly who are alone, unable to move, abandoned by their families and who had serious health problems

  • 53,836 unemployed, adults in difficulty, victims of human trafficking, victims of family violence, released prisoners, victims of natural disasters

  • 1,309 homeless people

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