Iconographer Ekaterina Titova: "Bulgaria is wonderful! Love it and cherish it!

Darina Grigorova

Source: Radio Bulgaria

May 14, 2024


The tangents between biology and ecclesiastical icon-painting are unknown and incomprehensible to those who are devoted to science. For Ekaterina Titova, a doctor of biological sciences accustomed to approaching everything through logic, religious devotion comes naturally, through music, because she was a singer in the choir of St Nicholas' Cathedral in the French city of Nice. At first, Katya sang without understanding the meaning of the songs.

She began asking questions, but no one gave her answers. So her thirst for knowledge led her to enrol as a non-matriculating student at the St Genevieve Theological Seminary of the Russian Orthodox Church in Paris. Studying there opened her eyes to the path she wanted to take. At the end of her first year, the priest of the church where she continued to sing gave her his blessing to run a Sunday school. When she teaches the children the catechism, she paints with them at the end of each lesson. So, in addition to singing and teaching Sunday school, she began to study icon painting in Paris:

"Teaching made me realise how important it is to tell them about love, about God - says Ekaterina Titova in a special interview for Radio Bulgaria. - The children I teach are bilingual, some of Russian origin, some of Bulgarian. There are those with mixed Italian-French backgrounds. They navigate between several languages, speaking one at school and another at home, sometimes even juggling two or three languages at home. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to understand who they are."

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