The number of Christians on the Arabian Peninsula is increasing

Rome, August 25, 2010

During the past two decades, the number of Christians living in the Arabian Peninsula has significantly increased due to migrant workers, reports the Catholic News Agency, referring to the missionary publication, Mondo e Missione.

According to the statistics cited in Mondo e Missione, there are nearly 4.1 million migrant workers residing in the United Arab Emirates. 1.5 million of them are Christians, of whom 500, 000 are Catholics.

In Kuwait, out of the 2.4 million migrants, 460, 000 are Christians, 350,000 of whom are Catholics. Statistics show an increase in the number of Christians in Qatar, where out of 1.65 million migrants 120, 000 are followers of the Christian faith, 100,000 of whom are Catholics.


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