Oromia-Ethiopia: Disturbing Photo from the Mount Cuqaallaa/Ziquala Fire

Ethiopia, Marth 23, 2012

The following is a very disturbing photo showing some portions of the burned forest on Mount Cuqaallaa (or Ziquala), located some 25km southwest of Bishoftu town in Oromiyaa.

Mount Ziquala is the location of an Orthodox Christian church as well as a monastery. According to news reports, part of the monastery has also been damaged by the fire. The cause of the fire is unknown, according to news reports.

This is the second report of forest fire in Oromiyaa over the last week; it’s to be remembered that VOA reported about the fire on Mount Kaka, Arsi, Oromiyaa, late last week.


Listen here to the VOA report



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