Madonna is being sued for millions in Russia after she performed in Moscow and advocated homosexuality.

By Myles Collier , Christian Post Contributor

August 20, 2012

There are strict laws in Russia related to the promotion or advocacy of homosexuality with those found in violation of such acts facing stiff punishment.

A new law that was passed in February makes it illegal to promote homosexuality to minors and that is that basis for the lawsuit against the singer. The plaintiffs alleged that there were children as young as 12 at Madonna's concert on Aug. 9 and that her remarks made during the show are in violation of the law.

Alexander Pochuyev, a lawyer representing the nine activists, revealed that the suit was filed Friday against Madonna, the organizer of her concert, and the venue where the show took place and seeks total damages of 333 million rubles, or nearly $10.5 million, as reported by AP.

With Madonna's global appeal there has been swift backlash against authorities in Russia, but the lawyer representing the defendant stated that tolerance should be afforded to all types of societies and that the laws were passed with large public support.

"No one is burning anyone at the stake or carrying out an Inquisition," Pochuyev told local news agency RIA Novosti, adding, "modern civilization requires tolerance and respect for different values."

The offenses, as they are described in the lawsuit, state that a video taken at the concert apparently showed Madonna stepping on an Orthodox cross and asking her screaming fans to lift their hands and wave the pink armbands in support of gays and lesbians that were distributed among the audience, according to reports from RIA Novosti.

Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, has not yet provided a statement concerning the incident nor has she revealed the singer's reaction to the lawsuit.

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