More and more Muslim volunteers from Western countries fighting on the side of Islamists in Syria

Damascus, December 26, 2013

About 20% of 10,000 foreigners, who are fighting on the side of islamist militants in Syria, came there from Western countries, and their number in percentage terms is increasing, reports Strategy Page—an American website, specializing on military themes—with the reference to the information of the Israeli intelligence service.

Besides that, according to estimates of the Israeli secret services, this year no fewer than 15,000 militants of Hezbollah have participated in the fighting in Syria. The majority of them arrived there for several months, as many supporters of Hezbollah in Lebanon have a negative attitude to the fact that fighters from this movement are joining one of the sides of the Syrian conflict.

Strategy Page reports that Britain's reaction to the information on its subjects fighting in Syria was to revoke the passports of 20 of the 240 British Muslims, who, according to information of the Israeli intelligence services, are warring in Syria. This step has provoked protest from British Muslims, but the British government has stated in response that the British citizenship is a privilege and not a right, especially for those who legally hold passports of two states.

The website's sources in the Israeli special service have acknowledged the fact that their intelligence services are coordinating their action on the territory of Syria with intelligence services of Western countries, and are secretly collaborating with intelligence services of Arab countries. The information received by these joint efforts indicates that the militants are losing ground under pressure from the government forces, mainly because of lack of unity among the rebels and the conflicts between insurgent groups, which are becoming more frequent.


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