May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin. Letters to Laypeople. Part 16

Godly people are departing

My dear little children!

How orphaned you have become, and not only you, but we, too. godly people are departing for another world—those who have witnessed by their lives that they are indeed godly people. Such people are becoming rarer and rarer, and the world is becoming empty. What the next generation has to say for itself is not yet clear, but so far life does not console us with good expectations.

Life is becoming harder specifically because of the fact that the world is becoming bereft of godly people. Hold fast to your mama’s commands. These are not empty words but golden grains, which will send forth shoots into eternal joy. I pray for her and for you always, and I prayed for her while she was alive and after her repose, as soon as I learned of it. May her prayer before God for you be now even more bold than it was during her lifetime.

God’s blessing to all of you.

Only God is all-powerful

Dear in the Lord I. and L.!

I rejoice in your joy. Take care of each other, and especially preserve the traces of God’s mercy in your memory and heart, as something clearly visible in your life.

Furthermore, do not forget your spiritual experience, the spiritual warfare you have come to know, and that the enemy is powerful, but only God is all-powerful. Preserve the Lord in your life, and He will preserve you.

Kindness and God’s will

Dear in the Lord O.!

I received your letter and fulfill your request for prayer. However, judging from your letter, you are far from living according to God’s law, although you are Orthodox. Kindness in general is a good quality, but it, too, must be controlled by the light of Divine will. After all, Svetlana is living in mortal sin because of her kindness, and this will destroy her.

Furthermore: always write the name of God with a capital G, for God is the source of our life, and in our life we must have God as our core foundation.

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