Armenian Muslims living in Turkey are returning to Christianity

Istanbul, May 19, 2015   

Armenians living in Turkey – descendants of the Christians who embraced Islam – are returning to the faith of their fathers in great numbers, reports the Linga news portal.


According to the famous Agos Armenian weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, the cases of conversion of Armenian Muslims to Christianity, which are becoming more frequent, indicate that they (Armenians) have preserved their ancestors’ faith deep in their memory.

Specifically, it has been reported that on Saturday, May 9, clergy of the Turkish Church of St. Stephen baptized twelve Dersim Armenians. The latter, having learned about their true origin, accepted the Gospel message at once. Also most of the newly-baptized who joined the Armenian Church have decided to bless their family life by the sacrament of a Church wedding.

In the experts’ view, this event is just one example of a large number of conversions of Turkish Armenians’ descendants from Islam to Christianity: thus, Dr. Georgette Avakian in her interview with the portal noted that “descendants of the Armenians who were forcibly converted to the faith of Prophet Muhammad have started realizing the significance of their nation’s history, and now they are returning by the dozens to their ancestral faith in Christ the Savior”.

“There are many such examples. One case of particular resonance recently took place in Jerusalem, when a group of Turkish Muslims of Armenian origin came to the Holy Land in order to be baptized there in the Metropolis of the Armenian Apostolic Church. And that they fearlessly announced this in public is already extremely significant,” Avakian said in conclusion.


Manual Halder12/4/2019 8:56 am
Lord is the greatest shafard he always thinks for the kingdom.
Thomas12/3/2019 12:08 pm
Praise the Lord Jesus. It's a very pleasant thing to hear.
Bedros Zerdelian4/20/2016 7:57 am
Only Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life. Amen.
Dessalew Chekol2/5/2016 6:45 am
Thank You Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Dear Armenian Christians Don't Be afraid we have True God if we killed by non belivers Or Muslims for Jesus We Are Like Herpitisama Mertryes So Please Fully Trust On God!!!? Soul Is In Hand Of God Flesh Is Cancellable !!! I'm Dessalew Cheko From Ethiopian Orthodox Twahedo Church
Galust2/5/2016 12:11 am
You said Turkish Church of St. Stephen, its the Armenian Church.
Jon Bountalas2/4/2016 7:42 am
If you have the Orthodox Fronima, then you'll conduct yourself in such a way that your behaviour will compel non-Christians to ask what is, what gives that person that kind of grace. I'm certainly a work in progress, and I had to learn that insulting someone's religion is not a good way to break the ice. As Orthodox Christians, we are called to be icons of Christ.
Susan Centineo2/4/2016 5:28 am
May God protect these new Christians and ALL Christians in the middle east from the barbarians there, who can and do seek to murder them.
John Sirius11/15/2015 8:51 am
"The result of an international survey reveals that Christianity has no future in our society"

In October 2011, the Sinus Institute in Heidelberg, Germany published data revealing that in Germany alone ‘one million people intended to leave the Catholic or Protestant Church. Extrapolating this figure world-wide on a per-population basis, the possible number of people abandoning the Christian religion extends into hundreds of millions.
I have said in previous posts that organized Christianity (called the Corporate Christianity Machine) is going bonkers as their churches (and I used this word) "hemorrhage" members.

Bobby11/12/2015 1:43 am
It's a little thing called respect, Nate.

Tolerance and respect go hand in hand with Christianity. Choosing not to offend and insult others beliefs doesn't make you any less of a Christian.
Dave11/7/2015 8:28 am
Praise the Lord. Many more are coming to the Lord but the mainline media will cover this. That matters not, cause the TRUTH is setting people free...
Nate7/24/2015 12:13 am
This is great news. I have heard Jesus is reaching many muslims these days. My only issue is why anyone who is Christian would refer to the marauding, murderous, pedophile, barbarian warlord who was without a doubt possessed by demons as a prophet, and with a capital P no less?
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