New Miracle of the Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Mother of God

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March 22, 2016

There's been a new miracle of the myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Theotokos, which is in Hawaii. Subdeacon Nectarios (keeper of the icon) writes:


Dear Parish Family,

After speaking with my spiritual father (who's in Greece) a few moments ago, I received his blessing to share with people a miracle that occurred last night on our island, involving our Miracle-working Iveron Icon. I hope it brings you comfort.

After the Great Canon service last night, I was asked to visit a coma patient named Duke at Castle Hospital in Kailua . I was invited by a Roman Catholic family, who have been to our parish many times to venerate the holy Icon. In fact, one of their family members was healed of cancer after being anointed with myrrh from the Iveron Icon.

We finished the canon service a little before 8pm and I arrived at the hospital around 8:20 or so. Several family members were patiently waiting for the Mother of God, to escort us to intensive care. They had been waiting for over two hours. Security let us in, and we proceeded to the second floor.

I noticed that Bishop John Frederick was there. His Grace Bishop John is a Chaldean (Assyrian) Catholic bishop who resides here in the islands. He has a small parish in Waipahu . He has been to our church several times to venerate the Holy Icon. He is a friend. He is highly regarded in the local Roman Catholic community.

As the Iveron Icon was escorted into the ICU, we were required to wear masks, gloves, etc, so as not to bring in any outside bacteria or contamination, standard procedure in the hospital nowadays. I approached the young man, in his 40s (I imagine?), and noticed he was hooked up to various machines, a breathing apparatus, etc. I removed the Holy Icon from Her carrying bag (Chuhol), and placed Her on the hospital bed, next to his head. I then anointed him with the Holy Myrrh.

The family asked me to lead a simple prayer service for the sick, according to Orthodox custom. They were not too familiar with our Church traditions. I was happy to oblige.

I chanted a basic prayer service; the introductory prayers, Trisagion hymns, psalms, and finally the prayer to the Mother of God that I usually read when I make hospital visits with the Holy Icon throughout the country. When asked, I visit anyone who’s sick, including non-Orthodox Christians.

As we came to the part of the prayer where we ask the Mother of God to lay her Veil upon the individual, the coma patient, Duke, grabbed my hand, opened his eyes, and said, “I'm thirsty.” A shock to all of us to say the least. I could barely finish the prayer, it was very emotional. The Intercessions of the Mother of God are quick indeed. “I'm thirsty,” those words are a reflection of Christ’s words on the Cross.

The family related, that they were talking to him all day, whether he could hear them or not, and letting him know that the Mother of God is coming to visit him that day. She did, in more ways than one.

Please keep Duke and his family in your prayers. I found out today, after additional tests, they cannot find any meningitis in his system. And God willing, after more additional tests, will be releasing him from the hospital. He's awake and alert and eating. Praise God!

There have been many miracles attributed to the Mother of God through our humble little Icon, but this is the newest, and I wanted to share this miraculous story with you, to give you encouragement during this Lenten season. I hope it does.

This time of year is filled with a massive onslaught of demonic temptation. We are all affected by it.

Remember that throughout this time, the Lord is with us, and here in Hawaii the Mother of God has taken a particular interest in our well being. She loves us, and wants us to succeed in our path home to Christ Our Lord.

May the Mother of God watch over all of us and keep us safe under Her sacred Omophorion (Veil).

In Christ’s love,

Subdeacon Nectarios, a sinner

Subdeacon Necatarios



Maria Kontomerkos 4/24/2019 3:21 am
I loved hearing about the miraculous icon.
I have been diagnosed with a rsre disorder called Achalasia.
I haven't been able to swallow food in 3 years.
I pray every morning and night to get better.
Can you please send me a pray or a picture of the Miraculous Hawaiian icon.
God bless you.
gabrielia goldbrunner4/8/2019 10:58 am
thank you with all my heart for putting up this article about the MOST HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.
please pray to her for my daughter eva.
may she be with all of us
Matushka Katherine Chemodakov2/15/2019 10:05 am
Glory to God! My sister Galina has cancer. Please pray for her to the Mother of God. Can we please have an icon and myrrh sent to me. I am also unwell. Tumour on my spine.
V.Rev.Fr.Nicholas Neyman8/15/2018 9:47 am
God’s blessings to you Deacon and all the church family. It would be a great blessing to have you bring the Miraculous Iveron Icon of The Holy Virgen Mary and Christ Child. We have many persons in need of her Holy Healing. Awaiting anxiously your positive living reply. God ever bless you.

Father Nicholas Neyman
Sanja Vuticevski12/22/2017 6:28 am
Thank you for taking the Icon around states. We would love to make request and bring the Icon to Florida.
Ellen Hansen3/29/2016 10:27 pm
Thank you for relating the wonderous power of the Mother of God! I needed to hear that!
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