Documentarian Seeks "Historical Justice and the Truth" for Russia's Last Emperor

Source: Royal Russia

December 14, 2016


Ural documentarian Sergei Aliyev has announced plans to release a documentary on the life and reign of Russia’s last emperor and tsar. The 10-part series is scheduled for release in March 2017, marking the 100th anniversary of the abdication of Nicholas II from the throne and the February Revolution.

The main objective of the project, is to gain a new and more honest assessment of who Nicholas II really was. Aliyev wants to create a portrait of the last emperor from a Russian perspective, and will be based on the opinions of historians, the clergy, monarchists and from ordinary Russian citizens. The documentary will will present a fresh assessment of Nicholas II in post-Soviet Russia.

"In March 2017 it will be 100 years since Nicholas II abdicated, but historical justice and the truth of Russia’s last emperor and tsar has yet to be done” - said Aliyev. “There are two diametrically opposed points of view regarding his 22-year reign: the Soviet - which is also embraced by Western historians and biographers - who believe that he was a spineless, tyrant; and the modern - which is embraced by Orthodox Christians and monarchists - who believe that the last Russian emperor was a devout holy monarch, one who loved his people, and made sacrifices for his country” - Aliyev added.

As part of a nationwide project, Aliyev will document the opinions of people from various regions of Russia, asking them each one question: “What does the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II mean to you?” He will also take into account the opinions of dozens of Russian historians and other experts, in which the documentarian will attempt to form an honest assessment of Nicholas II based on the results.

The ten part documentary (in Russian) on the life and reign of Russia’s last emperor and tsar will be made available on the internet in March 2017.

Sergei Aliyev is well-known for his documentaries on Russian history and Orthodoxy.

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