Video and Audio of St. Paisios the Athonite on the end times

Source: Orthodox Teaching of the Elders

January 27, 2018

A tape-recorded prophecy of St. Paisios the Athonite that is coming true right before our eyes. These are the signs: sorrow, attacks, emigration, disorder, waste, indifference, judgement, unbelief, hatred, envy.

St. Paisios the Athonite:

“Oh, my brethren, in those times the love of many will cool and there will be a lot of sorrow, attacks of the nations and emigration of the people.
Great disorder! Waste! Negligence! Indifference to the salvation of the soul

Almost all people will be willing to run at festive dinners, parties, revelries.

They will run to enjoy the earthly things.

People will hate one another and will be very sluggish. They will be sluggish in their Christian duties. To the superlative degree!

They will be willing to judge the others!

Unbelief, hatred, enmity, envy, quarrel will have the first place in people’s lives!

Let us stand with fear of God and be attentive in the fulfillment of our religious duties, fulfilling all the virtues…

Let us take care of filling our vessels with oil as long as our soul is still in the flesh.

Our candle must light up. It has to be lit all the time of our life. Let it be lit before we close our eyes. Let our candle be lit unceasingly!

The vessels are the powers of the soul that receive the virtues.

The oil we have to pour into the vessels is the practice of all virtues.

The lit candle symbolizes the mind who can receive the Holy Grace.

The soul that will become light bearer will enter the Kingdom of Heaven together with Jesus Christ.

I repeat this: the soul that will have the candle lit like the five virgins, will enter together with Jesus Christ into the Kingdom of Heaven!”

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Laskarina1/30/2018 11:15 pm
Thank you for posting this.
Unfortunately, there are so many Schmemenites in the West, who disparage St. Paisios, as if they were, in fact Protestants, concerned only with their own personal "spin" on a barren academic faith mired in their desire to be "modern".
Yet none of these can quote St. Paisios as saying anything contrary to the Gospel of Christ, or the Holy Fathers.
Holy St. Paisios, pray to God for us!
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