Two wounded in small explosion outside Athens church

Athens, December 27, 2018

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A small explosive device went off this morning outside the Church of St. Dionysios in the Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens shortly before the Divine Liturgy was scheduled to begin, leaving two injured.

The device was made of two boxes of flammable liquid, wires and a clock, reports the Greek state-run

It was inside a small metal box and was discovered by the church caretaker who notified the police, reports

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The bomb went off at about 7:10 this morning and injured the policeman who was examining the box on his face and hands. He was transferred to a military hospital. Media reports indicate that his life is not in danger. There had been no warning call about the device going off.

The church caretaker also suffered minor injuries and was taken to the nearby Evangelismos hospital.

“Why this attack at a time when people would gather at the church?” a priest at the church commented, reports Reuters. “Why are they attacking the love of Christ, what are they trying to say?”

The area has been cordoned off by officers of the counter-terrorism unit.

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