Russia can save the world from the supremacy of evil, if it revives its spiritual strength - Patriarch Kirill

Source: Interfax-Religion

December 9, 2015


Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urges all healthy forces of society to unite towards the spiritual revival of the country.

"It is very important that all healthy forces of society today unite for the true revival of Russia. The Church, science, art, culture, education, sport - all these things should work together for strengthening the spiritual foundations of our people," the patriarch said on air in his program The Pastor's Word on The First Channel.

"We should revive the force of our spirit, we should revive our powerful and strong moral foundations. We should revive our national self-identification. We should revive the spiritual strength of our people. And those things which define the true revival are connected with a person's spiritual life," he is convinced.

According to the primate, a powerful wave of information crashes upon us today which "contains false goals and values, but it is packed in such an attractive package, in such a wrapping that it conceals the harmfulness of these goals and values."

"Though some people believe that the Church too actively participates in public life, sociological polls show that people have not heard the Church and it is preconditioned by the fact that the mass media mostly works for other ideals and other values," he stated.

The patriarch believes Russia can become "a factor for saving the human race from the total supremacy of evil," as "today it is one of the few countries, which sticks to independent foreign policy, and stands for the necessity of preserving moral foundations in interpersonal and public relations."

"We stand against legalization and the legal justification of homosexual 'marriages' and other outrages in the ethical sphere. And it is a very important factor. Look: a business card, in some places is recognition of the fact that the sin is legally justified there and it is correct," he said.

The patriarch also touched upon the topic of sanctions against Russia noting that "import substitution today stimulates the development of the Russian economy." He is sure the country will stop depending on the importation of goods if no one prevents it from such development.

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Castrese Tipaldi12/15/2015 4:15 pm
All sinners MUST repent to be restored to the Church and the Sacraments.
They must confess, accuse their sins and struggle sincerely with all their strength to avoid committing them again.

Homosexuals are the only ones who PRETEND to be restored WITH their sin and PROMOTE it in the society.

Therefore, Brandon, stop uttering nonsense!
Castrese Tipaldi12/11/2015 3:20 pm
Russia should offer to all Christians the possibility to resettle in her lands with a facilitated procedure, to escape harassment and persecution.

The last persecution has already started in the Demonocratic Empire. After forbidding Christians from taking any public office and job, unless they renounce to openly witness the Lord, now in the West have started to take their children away if parents dare to teach and grow them in a Christian way. It will only get worse, as the apostasy in the West is almost complete.

At the public level there, it's not anymore a question of equalization of good and evil, but a willing and implacable pursue of all evil!

Such an announcement, that every persecuted Christian can find a safe haven and is welcomed in Russia, will put to shame the servants of the dark master and maybe open the eyes of their zombified people.

It would also be a sacrifice for the sake of the Lord's little ones that would certainly represent a big step forward for Russia to complete her repentance for the apostasy, perjury and betrayal of a century ago.

May the Lord have mercy on us and return us the Christian Emperor!

Brandon Spring12/11/2015 10:47 am
It is sad that this church chooses to focus on the "sin" of homosexuality. With so many "biblical sins" this choice appears to pander to the prejudices of society. From time to time, we must remind ourselves that absolute truth is determined not by what is popular or frequently repeated. ALL have sinned and fallen short of biblical instruction. To pick on one group of sinners over the rest is hypocritical and is not "Christ-like" behavior.
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