Snakes Are Creeping Back to St. Patrick’s Island

Up to 90,000 people took part in an anti-abortion rally in March 2018. Photo by Stephen McElligott. Up to 90,000 people took part in an anti-abortion rally in March 2018. Photo by Stephen McElligott.

According to ancient tradition, the Holy Hierarch Patrick, the enlightener of Ireland, who brought the good news of the Holy Trinity and the Resurrection of Christ to the Irish nation, banished all snakes from the “Emerald Isle” by his prayer. A host of saints shone forth in this rocky, green land after St. Patrick, and its people suffered very much for their faithfulness to their Christian roots. Thousands of ruins of ancient shrines are scattered all over the Irish landscape. But over the past years and months this “island of saints” has been suffering a misfortune it had never experienced before.

The Cabinet headed by the openly professed sodomite Leo Varadkar has launched a campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution that proclaims: “The state acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right”1.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland is a perfect norm in the sphere of mothers’ and children’s rights. Christians in many countries of the world wish they could have this law which would recognize an embryo as a human being from the moment of conception and protect it from abortion, thus guaranteeing the mother’s life as well.

According to Neil O’Mahony from the anti-abortion party, Renua Ireland: “It is one of the most progressive elements of the constitutional right that the world has ever seen. It equally protects both the pregnant woman’s life and the unborn baby’s life, and it allows doctors to give priority to and save the mother’s life when it is at risk. It is thanks to the Eighth Amendment that the maternal death rate in Ireland (with 6.5 per 100,000) is one of the lowest in the world, while the maternal mortality ratio in the USA is twenty-eight deaths per 100,000 live births.”

The Republic of Ireland is a neutral country. It is not part of the NATO but it is an EU member state, and, as we know, the corrupt EU Establishment has been doing its best to turn the whole of Europe into Sodom. The enemies of Christianity have been waging a war against the traditional values of the Irish society (including a ban on abortions) for a long time. First of all, the mass media has been demonizing the Roman Catholic Church. Crimes of Catholic clerics (where there is sometimes more fiction than facts) are deliberately being exaggerated, and people are told that it is not necessary to believe in God. Through the foundations financed by George Soros, sexual perversions are being encouraged and promoted by gay teachers at Irish universities (many of which bear the names of saints!). As a result of this brainwashing of young people through the Soros funded programs, up to 40,000 mentally ill individuals take to Dublin streets to participate in gay pride parades.

Today pro-choice supporters are playing upon young people’s heart-strings, telling them during TV shows that pregnant women have to travel from Ireland to England for an abortion, that there have even been several (!) fatal cases, and, of course, that at six weeks after conception a fetus is “not yet a human being”. In this way, many have been convinced that the Eighth Amendment “tramples upon women rights”. Thus the Pro-Choice Movement was formed and it is trying to persuade residents of Ireland to vote in favor of legalizing abortion. The current Minister for Health Simon Harris, an abortion advocate who has largely roused the crazy mob to shout, “My body, my choice!”, has characterized Ireland as a “cold, neglectful, lonely and isolating” country only because it bans killing of children after conception.

It seems that nowhere more than in the current Irish campaign is the difference between the Christian and the perverted satanic understanding of human rights—the right to do good and the right to do evil—so evident.


The best sons and daughters of Ireland are now struggling for the truth in the Pro-Life Movement. It has united Church parishes with all the Irish citizens for whom the right to life is in tune with the national character of the Irish nation. For the Irish are a people who love life; they are family-centered, and ready for sacrifices for their motherland’s sake. The Irish once paid a high price for their republic and their law-governed state, but neither the occupation nor the Great Famine broke this nation’s spirit. Now that due to Mr. Soros, “the father of sex education in schools all over the world”, the right to life of the unborn child is being questioned, it has roused the country’s best forces to action.

Don’t be afraid to witness to the equality of all life in your private conversations and public discussions despite the strong pressures to remain silent,” the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland Archbishop Eamon Martin said, addressing believers.


Over the past years the Pro-Life Movement activists – doctors and lawyers, students and sportsmen, those who had abortions and don’t want others to experience this—have carried out enormous explanatory work among the residents of cities and villages across the “Emerald Isle”2. Their campaign is impressive: the graphic posters show the beauty of motherhood and fatherhood, the defenselessness of babies, their need for affection and love. The RTE Irish TV channel has showed debates about the personality of the baby in its mother’s womb that have exposed the lies of Dr. Peter Boylan, who claims that a baby begins to develop only from the twelfth week of pregnancy and is “not a human being” prior to that moment. On top of that, it has come to light that in the draft abortion legislation that has already been prepared by Varadkar’s Government, the time limit for the termination of pregnancy is twenty-four weeks, whereas Peter Harris is publicly speaking about twelve weeks as the maximum acceptable term.

Activists fighting for the women’s right to kill their babies. Activists fighting for the women’s right to kill their babies.

Meanwhile, the Irish anti-Christian ruling elite (as everywhere in Europe) are pursuing their goals insolently and unceremoniously, and constantly strive to get their own way in spite of the opposition.

As Orthodox Christians we are aware that trials and tribulations are sent to people and whole nations so that we can turn our minds and hearts to the Almighty.

Regardless of the results of yet another godless referendum in Ireland, scheduled for May 25 this year, this event has awoken the inhabitants of St. Patrick’s Island and turned them back to their Christian roots. Our prayers are with the people of Ireland!


By the time of this publication the referendum results were published: the Irish residents have overwhelmingly voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment banning abortions. The referendum saw 66.4 per cent of the electorate, or 1,429,981 voters out of a poll of 2,153,613, support the removal of the Amendment. About 723,632 (33.6 per cent) voted against the proposal. County Donegal in NW Ireland was the only constituency to have a majority that rejected repealing the Amendment. The legislation to regulate abortion in Ireland will be passed by the end of 2018, and the Government wants abortion services to be introduced in January 2019. The Catholic Archbishop Eamon Martin has said that he was “deeply saddened”, reports The National Catholic Reporter. “We appear to have obliterated the right to life of all unborn children from our Constitution. We are living in a new time and a changed culture,” He said. It is also noteworthy that only twelve per cent of voters have cited religion as a factor in their voting decision; almost nine out of ten “no” voters were Catholics, while seven out of ten “yes voters” were also Catholics.

This is mainly based on a news article from the National Catholic Reporter.

Ivan Fedoseyev
Translation and news update by Dmitry Lapa


1 1. The citation source:

2 The Russian “Women Pro-Life” movement has supported the Irish pro-life activists in their struggle to defend the right to life of unborn children.

Castrese Tipaldi6/7/2018 2:31 pm
It should come as no surprise. Not a long time ago, the Irish also voted for recognizing the abomination as "marriage" and "family". Power to the people, enjoy!

They have no cloak for their sins. In other nations people can at least object that the demonocratic representatives did not consult them in legalizing the modern sacrifice of infants to Baal.

The surprise will be on them, when they will come to the Judgement in which they do not believe, and will discover that blaming Soros will not help.
Patrick6/6/2018 12:02 pm
I oppose abortion, and I think it is a bad thing, because the baby in the womb is still a human baby. Killing a human is bad and in most cases it is murder. Of course, those who support abortion must be punished by death. Those who oppose this punishment cannot be considered full citizens. Say no to abortion! I don't think there is an Ireland any more.
Anthony6/5/2018 7:07 pm
This is a really sad day for Ireland. I am really fond of them 'Top of the mornin' ya!!!'. The Irish have a very similar history to us Ellines having suffered badly at the hands of the barbaric Englesi. And now they've enslaved themselves to the whore in bruxelles. What's even sadder is we Orthodoxers can't even point fingers at the Latins and say: ''this would never happen if they were Orthodox''. Look at abortions in Russia. Look at the Hellenic Motherland. And now Kypros is about to fall too. I remember reading Denis Eugene Engleman's book Ultimate Things: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times in which he explains why abortion is so rife, and ''why the devil hates a crowd.''
Craig Mouldey6/5/2018 5:46 pm
George Soros has been upsetting entire nations for his entire life, beginning when he was a teen in Hungary, betraying Jews to the Germans. He said he felt empowered by the experience. A truly evil man. In spite of him, the people should be able to think and see this for what it is, just as I can. Their thinking has in time become perverse. I have no doubt, just like in all western lands, this social engineering has been done deliberately. We who wait for our Lord God must not be hesitant or afraid to speak against this evil.
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