Church hospital in Moscow to open pathomorphological laboratory with funds collected by Orthodox faithful

Moscow, March 28, 2019

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According to his tradition of the past several years, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill asks clergy and laity to donate to various causes in lieu of giving him flowers for his birthday, his name’s day, and for the feasts of the Nativity and Pascha. The faithful have given generously and important medical equipment has been purchased several times.

The patriarch began this blessed tradition in November 2016 for his birthday. He has also asked parishes to direct funds towards Syrian relief in honor of his May name’s day.

Now, the Russian Church’s St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow Hospital will open a state-of-the-art pathomorphological laboratory in May, with funds collected for the feast of the Nativity, reports the Synodal Department for Charity and Social Services.

The laboratory will be used for the highly-accurate detection of various diseases, including cancer. It will be able to carry out more than 10,000 studies in a year. The most important piece of equipment, a tissue processor, worth more than $30,000 (2 million rubles), has already arrived at the hospital.

The lab will also have equipment for urgent biopsies, the preparation of tissue slices, and much more, all of which has also already been purchased. To create the new lab, there is also a need for the special training of personnel, premises, and communication systems, all of which is already underway.

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The Central Clinical Hospital of St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow is a multidisciplinary medical institution for 275 people. It is the largest medical institution of the Russian Orthodox Church and treats people from all regions of Russia, regardless of their religious affiliation. All patients are examined and treated free of charge.

In November 2016, special equipment for keeping and supplying medical oxygen was purchased with funds donated for the Patriarch’s birthday, in May 2018, a specially-equipped ambulance was purchased with money donated for the anniversary of Pat. Kirill’s enthronement, and in June, new equipment for blood filtration was purchased with funds donated in lieu of flowers on Pascha.

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