Ohio introduces personhood bill to recognize all abortions as murder

Source: LifeSiteNews

Columbus, Ohio, November 18, 2019

Pro-life Republicans in the Ohio Legislature have introduced legislation that would fully recognize preborn humans as people in the state, and ban all abortions by putting prenatal killing under the existing murder statutes.

Introduced by Republican state Reps. Candice Keller and Ron Hood, House Bill 413 declares that “no person shall purposely, and with prior calculation and design, perform or have an abortion,” and that courts “shall regard the unborn child victim of an aggravated abortion murder or abortion murder as a person who is less than thirteen years of age.”

Abortionists would not be prosecuted for administering life-saving treatment to a pregnant woman whose life is at risk, provided they take “all possible steps to preserve the life of the unborn child, while preserving the life of the woman.”

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