Jerusalem delegation visits Patriarch Bartholomew, who again refuses to meet with his brother bishops in Jordan

Istanbul, February 17, 2020

Patriarch Bartholomew told the Jerusalem delegation that “discussions should have taken place beforehand and not afterwards.”

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Receiving a delegation from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem on Saturday, February 15, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople again voiced his displeasure and his refusal to gather with his brother bishops in Amman, Jordan at the invitation of the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

The press service of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem reports that,

A high level delegation formally representing the Patriarchate of Jerusalem … [met] with His All Holiness Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, to further explain the importance of the fraternal gathering scheduled to be held in Amman, Jordan later on this month with the participation of the vast majority of Orthodox Patriarchs and heads of Churches, to discuss global [O]rthodox unity and to enhance inter-[O]rthodox dialogue and reconciliation.

“The delegation assured H.A.H. the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew,” who views his Church as the most important institution of the Greek race, “… that the Amman fraternal gathering does not constitute a formal Synaxis but rather a familial gathering of the Orthodox Primates for the purpose of dialogue.”

Jerusalem’s initiative is styled as a “fraternal gathering,” as Pat. Bartholomew has repeatedly announced that only he has the authority and right to gather the primates of the Local Churches. Several primates from the Greek world—Alexandria, Greece, Cyprus, and Albania—have also rejected Jerusalem’s invitation on the same basis.

According to the Jerusalem press service, the delegation personally delivered an invitation to Pat. Bartholomew from Pat. Theophilos to the Amman gathering and “pointed out [Pat. Theophilos’] sincerity in upholding the Holy Canons of the Church and respecting H.A.H the Ecumenical Patriarch’s acknowledged seniority.”

Nevertheless, Pat. Bartholomew still refuses to attend, saying the Patriarch of Jerusalem was not authorized to invite his brother primates and hierarchs to gather together for the sake of Church unity.

According to the State Department-funded site Orthodox Times, the hierarchs of Constantinople who were present at the meeting characterized the representatives of Jerusalem, Metropolitans Isychios of Capitolias, Timothy of Bostra, Exarch of the Holy Sepulchre in Cyprus, and Archbishop Nektarios of Anthedon, Commissioner of the Sepulchre in Constantinople, as unsure of themselves and their Patriarchate’s position.

Pat. Bartholomew also told the Jerusalem hierarchs that the stance of their Patriarchate would jeopardize the unity of the Orthodox world, “for which the Ecumenical Patriarchate” strives.

In Pat. Bartholomew’s view, “discussions should have taken place beforehand and not afterwards,” which echoes the argument that the other Local Churches have addressed to Constantinople, saying there should have been a pan-Orthodox discussion on the granting of autocephaly to the Ukrainian schismatics beforehand, not afterwards.

One of the hierarchs of Constantinople also threatened the Patriarchate of Jerusalem with the idea that Russian expansionism would eventually take aim at the holy sites in Jerusalem.

In November, Met. Timothy of Bostra called on all the invited primates to “renounce their interests and privileges of origin” and humble themselves and accept Pat. Theophilos’ invitation.

“Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem are not the first to meet in the Holy City on matters of great importance to the Church! After the Ferraro-Florentine meeting, the three Patriarchs met in Jerusalem and condemned the signing of the Union,” Met. Timothy noted at the time.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople fell into heresy at the Council, capitulating to Catholic heresies, such as the notion of the Pope of Rome as the head of the entire Church.

See the article, “The Council of Jerusalem of 1443” at Orthodox Synaxis for more information on the Synaxis of Primates that was not called by Constantinople.

In an article published on Romfea last month, Greek theologian Nicholas Mann noted that the Patriarch of Jerusalem has initiated many such councils and gatherings over the centuries, the most notable being the Council of Jerusalem of 1672, which was declared to be a “Holy and Great Council” in the Encyclical produced at Patriarch Bartholomew’s Crete Council in 2016.

As of publication, 6 Churches have announced their intention to attend the fraternal gathering, and 5 have announced that they will not attend.

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Third World Greek2/23/2020 11:05 am
"Thomas C" I sincerely apologize to you that the Greek Church is Greek and I particularly apologize for the fact that our Churches upkeep our medieval Greek language and traditions, contrary to your 'advanced' Barbarian ancestors who were well known for their progress, cultural and scientific advancements that even the fork was introduced to them by a Greek noblewoman (Maria Argyropoulaina introduced the fork to Western Europe. Before that you used to eat with your fingers).. talking of third world barbarians. Your inferiority complexes entertain me. Please, do tell me more.
Damian Vansuch2/18/2020 5:27 am
This is so nit picky. What if Patriarch Theophilis sent a letter asking his Brother Patriarchs to get together and go out for a steak dinner before Great Lent? Would nobody attend because it didn't come from the EP?????
petra2/17/2020 8:58 pm
Theodoros@. 100/00 D'accord avec vous .Bartholomeun - ANAXIOS !
Thomas C2/17/2020 8:06 pm
Again, it's the same old thing with the Greeks: ethnophyletism. Being Greek and Greekness is more important than being Orthodox. Modern Greece is a run down Third World country and Constantinople throws its weight around and has how many parishes to its name? Constantinople in the 21st Century is not even a mere shadow of what it once was. Official Greek Orthodox Churches around the world are little more than Greek cultural centers with a Liturgy. The Old Calendar Churches are more Orthodox than Greek. Constantinople and Alexandria cannot survive without cash infusions from the USA, Canada, Australia and Greece. Bartholomew needs to grow up.
Theodoros2/17/2020 4:20 pm
I cannot convey enough as a Greek how disgusted I Am by the behaviour of the phanar and its Supporters. I hope this gathering in Jordan is the First step to a great council that leads to the Deposing of bartholomew and those bishops who Support him. The racism from the phanar is Disgusting and I does a disservice to all Greeks. I as a Greek absolutely reject the racism, arrogance, And heresy of bartholomew. Anaxios!!!!
Alexander Leitner2/17/2020 2:50 pm
Depose him...the time of mercy is over!
Gary Cox2/17/2020 2:06 pm
Our prayers are important! Pray for our Patriarchs to make the right decisions for the Church ( God's people ). If there is unity then it is God's will or if there is not unity the Church will be numerically smaller but will remain the true Church. This is not about Ukraine only but about a hostile takeover from Constantinople. If Constantinople has it's way then we will all be ecumenists and call all false religions to be equal to Christianity. The scriptures talk about a falling away from the truth as we get closer to Christ's return. Pray for our Patriarchs and for ourselves!!!
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