Erdoğan: first Muslim service to be held in Agia Sophia on July 24

Ankara, Turkey, July 11, 2020

Romfea Romfea     

The Council of State of Turkey, the country’s highest administrative court, ruled yesterday that the 1934 decree that converted the Agia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul from a mosque into a museum was illegal, thus paving the way for President Erdoğan to realize his dream of turning the landmark into a mosque once again.

Later that day, the Turkish head of state signed a decree officially making Agia Sophia a mosque once again, despite the global protests and outcry.

The President posted a photo of the decree on his Twitter account with the words, “with best wishes.”

And, in a video message yesterday, President Erdoğan announced that Islamic worship will be held in Agia Sophia for the first time on July 24.

The doors to Agia Sophia will remain open to all, he said, adding that there will no longer be an entrance fee, as when it was a museum. He also promised that Turkey will continue to preserve the cultural heritage of the monument.

Romfea reports that during the President’ speech, hundreds of Muslims prayed outside Agia Sophia.

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A Greek of Constantinople.7/17/2020 8:30 pm
It seems that the mods are tempted whether they should post my reply so I do them a favor and I will clean it up. Well.. Since you insist "Alexander Leitner" on dwelling on the dark side. Fire, and destruction, and slaughter is a part of our history. It won't be the first time. Just know that those prophesies go both ways and among us walk many "demons" with dark souls. That much I can tell you. So spare me the apocalyptic visions of "Fire, fire, ...everything is on fire.", "God's wrath and punishment".. because I know a lot of "demons" who love that fire, and cant wait. So please.. Stick to your prayers and don't feed psychopaths with prophecies. You should be praying instead that these "demons" are not unleashed, because it won't be pretty.
Alexander Leitner7/17/2020 10:06 am
I dont know what's wrong with you "a greek from constantinople"? I know the prophecies quite well. And I did not pick out those supporting my opinion. Elder Paisios etc...they are clear: YOU ARE UNWORTHY! If you like it or not. Eldress Myrtidiotissa: "Fire, fire, ...everything is on fire." Even this monastery will be destroyed. Hellas will suffer horrible. The wrath of God is coming near to our Motherland" etc... It is a matter how strong your military may is. When your military is so good, where habe been when cuprus was occupied by turks? You seem to be a greek man blinded by pride. This is not because I am russian or because of ucraine. 10 years ago or more there allready have been protests and letters with subscriptions from all over the orthodox world to depose Bartholomew for his ecumenism, liberalism etc...ucraine was only one of his many errors.
Theodoros 7/16/2020 7:31 pm
To Greek of Constantinople, Saint/Patriarch Gregory V was actually executed because he was aware of the Greeks who were planning revolution and kept quiet about it. This was a real heroic gesture. It is true that his denunciation of the revolution was artificial and meant to protect the Greeks of Constantinople. Smyrna, and Thessaloniki who were already being attacked by Turkish sponsored pogroms. Patriarch/Saint Gregory was also a staunch Orthodox traditionalist and enemy of any union with the unrepentant Latins. Since we are on the subject of the Patriarchate in the nineteenth century. Perhaps you might want to comment on what the British and the German backed Roman Catholic Monarchy imposed on Greece did to the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Greeece? The Church of Greece was uncanonically stripped away from the Patriarchate (not unlike the way the Phanar today is trying to strip Ukraine away from the Russian Church) because the Patriarchate at the time received diplomatic and political protection from the Russian Empire. The German monarchy and its German advisors in Greece destroyed seventy two Churches in Athens from the Byzantine era, they banned the use of the septuagaint version of the Old Testament, banned Byzantine iconography in favor of western religious "art" in Churches, and Churches were prevented from being built in the Byzantine style with the dome. Over four hundred monasteries in the new Greece were forcibly closed. In additon, the Great General Kolokotronis, leader of the Russian Party in Athens was charged with treason and sentenced to death by the western occupiers of Greece. What is being done to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Church of Greece today by western officials and diplomats is in many ways a repetition of what was done in the nineteenth century. Some of us Greeks are not going along with this. There is a good deal of history to be discussed among Greeks. In addition to what I am writing here, perhaps you can address the role of the State Department in the destruction of the Greek Orthodox community of Constantinople since 1955? The Phanar and the Church of Greece are colluding with their successors whose policies have not changed.
A Greek of Constantinople.7/16/2020 7:34 am
I am sure you heard of Gregory V of Constantinople. The Church was always subordinate to authority. The same is true for the Russian Church under the Tsar and later the Soviet. Gregory V was responsible for all the Orthodox and therefore the nation. When the Greeks revolted Gregory V denounced the revolution and excommunicated the Greek revolutionaries. Throwing curses to appease his Sultan. Did he do it out of his own will? Yes he chose to do so, because as "flock keeper" he had to show to his Sultan that we was weaving out the goats from the sheep, to protect the sheep from slaughter. Did he believe in it? Probably not. But as he was in captivity himself along with the rest of the nation and necessity forced him as he had no other choice. Days later Gregory V was hanged by orders of the Sultan, as a retaliation for the revolution and his body was handed over to a mob to be dragged through the streets and thrown into the sea. Even though Gregory V excommunicated the Greek revolutionaries, the Greeks did not hold it against him because they knew he said what he said to protect the flock from the Ottomans blade. Infact the Greek revolutionaries avenged the martyrdom of Gregory V and retaliated on the heads of the muslims under their control. Gregory V is remembered as a martyr and not a traitor. Lets be real here. What can you do? Nothing. In Greece you are free to say anything you want unless you make a threat against democracy. Once you make a threat against democracy then the entire might of the system will come crashing down on your head. In times of war however, peacetime laws and rules do not apply. What could land you in prison for life in peacetime is allowed and even rewarded in wartime. Let King John whom Christ has chosen to resurrect sort out and punish the corrupt clerics and laity when that day of judgment comes. You will have the kingdom of God on earth soon enough and the cleansing war is welcomed not only from a religious perspective. Unlike "Alexander Leitner" suggests (who I am certain he is reading some prophecies in bits and as they suit him), justice will be administered by Christ through John. He will punish the wicked and corrupt clergy that St. Kosmas tells us about as he will punish the laity and all injustice. "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.." That is how close we are to King John and as you can see, he has plenty of troop waiting for him when his time comes. Those who actually know the prophecies know what is to come.
Ioan7/16/2020 1:19 am
AGOC, if you thought the article “reeks of Turkishness” then you will find that I am in complete agreement! Sadly the mouth that spewed that reek was a Greek hierarchical one. Buying this man some mouthwash (Is ‘“Lavoris” a Greek word?) will not clean out nor cover up said reek. The Lord said it was the things that proceed out of the mouth that come forth from the heart that defile the man. He also said in the same Gospel that a “house divided against itself shall not stand.” You would do well to direct the fearsome might of the Greeks that you have invoked against the traitors in your midst and after having done so, wait on the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.
A Greek of Constantinople.7/15/2020 11:22 pm
Ioan is foolish enough to think we don't read the Erdogan controlled propaganda media (TRT, Hurriet, Anadolu, Yenisafak).. He is also foolish enough to think we believe a single word. Don't think that you will change my mind by regurgitating Turkish propaganda. Even the article you posted reeks of Turkishness. All the journalists whose agenda is not approved by Erdogan are either in jail, living in exile, or disappeared. The Patriarchy of Constantinople is in occupied territory, meaning radical Kemalist/Islamist Turkey. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you that they will have to make statements that appease the Turks. Your point? We cannot move the seat of the Patriarchy from Constantinople to Mt. Athos for total Independence (even though technically we can) because all of you will start crying "wolf" and claim legitimacy issues, and even go so far as to claim that the Patriarchy of Constantinople has seized to exist. You do so already. But a move to Mt. Athos will only make the Patriarchy stronger and fully independent, so its a good idea. How many times did the Pope move out of Rome? The seat of the Patriarchy of Antioch isn't even in Antioch anymore. The city of Antioch itself does not even exist, its Damascus really. But God forbid Bartholomew makes such a move.
Ioan7/15/2020 4:50 pm
AGOC asked for directions: “ For we don't ask how many the enemy are but where". Look within your own household. For example, here are the words from a Turkish newspaper (June 2019) of Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - the one marked to be your next “Ecumenical Patriarch”: “It is the first time in history that a Turkish citizen is chosen as the archbishop of the United States. This has a significant importance for Turkey because the archbishop of the U.S. is the religious leader of all the Greek foundations in the United States. It means he also has a political impact. Therefore this is great opportunity for Turkey because someone who knows Turkey, who understands Turkey and who speaks Turkish is going to lead the Greek congregation in the U.S., the importance of this, is so obvious.” When asked where he felt he belonged to the most, Lambriniadis said, “Istanbul, of course!” “I am moving to the U.S., but I will be visiting Istanbul often, because my heart remains in Istanbul.” See for yourself:
A Greek of Constantinople.7/15/2020 2:12 pm
Since when did you become an expert on military matters. I think you have been sniffing too much 'prophecy' down at some OCA basement that you are starting to lose your wits. I find you rather comical dear "Alexander Leitner" because I know the situation out there in the real world. I have been there. Turkey is nothing but a paper tiger and if had we had an aggressive nationalistic government we would have been at the gates of Ankara just like in 1921. Why don't you put down the numbers yourself to see that the Turks have barely enough equipment at worst or at best a little over double the equipment in some areas when compared to us. I will not even bother to get into the quality of training, maintenance or logistics. Since when do the Turks have a naval history? Since when do the Turks have a reputable airforce? For any offensive to have guaranteed success you need air superiority and Turkey does not have that. You think that because the Turks are 89 million and the Greeks 11 million that the Turks have enough supplies and rifles to send even 2.5 million over to our side? Well, they don't, and that's not even considering training all those miserable wretches they will send to end up as fertilizer in Greek soil. Turkey cannot outright defeat a bunch of militia such as the Kurds, Assad's Syrian Arab Army & the Lybian National Army. They suffer crippling casualties and coffins arrive in Turkey on a daily basis. We are aware of this and we laugh at the whaling of Turkish mothers caught on camera collapsing over the flag draped coffins of their sons and you actually believe they will have any success against a tested and trained tactical army like the Hellenic army? Besides don't you know that Turkey is bankrupt already? Couple of months ago they were begging China for loans so they don't end up in the IMF. Do you think they can afford a war? I mentioned air superiority earlier. Yes, Greece has air superiority and can bomb infrastructure in Western Anatolia using scalps that can travel for a distance of 350 kilometers to their target. That alone will cripple any Turkish war effort. We all know that the Turks don't even have the parts to fly their planes. Neither to they have the pilots since the coup of July 2016 to go into war against the far superior Hellenic Airfoce pilot. Hell, last year they were recalling pilots from Turkish airlines to staff the airforce and even went so low as to rent pilots from Pakistan to cover their gaps. It's no delusion, that is the reality out there. If I know their weaknesses to post to some comic entertainer like yourself, imagine the sort of problem they will run into when facing me on the ground. Why did you think Ergodan went to Russia to buy those S-400 for? Like I said, you are clueless and that is the only reason you talk. Which is why you also pick and chose your own distorted version of the prophecies to suit your narrative. I have a book with the entire collection of the prophecies. Prophecies you have not even heard of. I know you are so pained over your loss in Ukraine and the Ecumenical Patriarch slapping your church around so you feel the need to lash out at the Greeks, because Bartholomew lives rent free in your mind. But someone like me needs to tell you to wake up and humble yourself, because you are sounding like a sore loser who needs a prophecy.. and a miracle.. to get even. As a matter of fact most of the comments I read are sad.. Greeks live rent free in your minds. You and the rest who obsess about us are living proof that we have total dominance over the game.
Theodoros 7/15/2020 6:10 am
I have some comments for Greek of Constantinople. I had send some comments that apparently got lost. I am not from Constantinople but I am a Greek and I have a good deal of love for the City. It is time to see things as they really are. Greece is an occupied country under the rule of the west. The US State Department persuaded three Greek led Churches to trample upon the canons and Orthodox ecclesiology as part of their anti Russian policies. As a Greek I am filled with horror and revulsion at what the synods of Constantinople, Alexandria, and Athens have done. It is to the credit of the Greeks that there are in fact Bishops, priests, theologians, and lay people among them who have spoken up and condemned the actions of the Phanar and its collaborators in Ukraine. The faithful in the city of Patra who rose up to block the schismatic bishops from desecrating the Church of Saint Andrew by serving the liturgy are in my opinion a source of pride that counters the shame of the Greek synod's collusion with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. As a Greek I lament the Turkish designs on Hagia Sophia. I also lament the loss of Churches and violence suffered by the canonical Ukrainian Church from the lay people who masquerade as bishops. It is a terrible thing to realize that the Greek Churches have made themselves complicit in the persecution of a sister Church. Patriarch Bartholomew has made terrible mistakes and he has made Alexandria and Greece complicit in his offenses. Do you think that the Ecumenical Patriarchate is better off since it instigated the schism in Orthodoxy two years ago? The Ecumenical Patriarchate may be in good standing with Washington but its standing among the local Orthodox Churches is very, very low. The Phanar has the wrong priorities. As a Greek who loves the Church of Constantinople it pains me to see the Phanar collaborating with those same governments against the Russians that are in fact responsible for its present circumstances in Turkish Constantinople. Remember the 1955 pogroms in Constantinople. The US did nothing to condemn Turkey then or after when Orthodox Greeks were being ethnically cleansed from Constantine's City. Today, the Phanar collaborates with the State Department officials whose predecessors contributed by their policies to the Patriarchate's loss of most of its flock. The Greek Churches need to rethink what they have done very carefully. They need to repent for what they have done and withdraw recognition from the lay people in Ukraine who are not in any way, shape, or form a Church. Russian and Ukrainian Church Bishops (the canonical Church) have made wonderful statements in support of Hagia Sophia (despite Constantinople's actions). The Churches of Antioch, Serbia, Rumania, and Georgia have expressed support for Hagia Sophia. The Greek world needs to get its act together. The support extended by the Orthodox world for Hagia Sophia is a chance for repentance and reconciliation that should not be missed. My apologies for the length of this post.
Alexander Leitner7/13/2020 3:55 pm
My dear "greek from constantinople" it seems that you don't know or listen to GREEK prophecy and your greek Elders. Or the message of the Panhagia given to many Elders and Eldresses. They said clearly: you (greeks) are unworthy to take constantinople (see Elder Paisios, Elder Joseph, Eldress Myrtidiotissa..) And beside prophecy, do you really think you can do anything against the turks? Wake up and humble yourself
A Greek of Constantinople.7/13/2020 1:26 am
I have commented a couple of days back on this "Alexander Leitner" and my comment was not posted by the moderators. But since I see him running around unchecked, again, I will comment in a cleaner version this time. I also am from a Greek island. Like most of us, I have a military background. We don't need your help and have never relied on delusions of foreign aid. We are experienced enough to deal with barbarians on our own. What we Greeks are willing to give to the Turks, we are also willing to give to "Alexander Leitners" anywhere they may be. "For we don't ask how many the enemy are but where".
Feignt7/12/2020 5:37 pm
Il appartient a la Sainte Russie de liberer Constantinople et de reprendre Sainte Sophie aux satanistes. It is up to Holy Russia to set Constantinople and Agia Sofia free from the satanists.
Alexander Leitner7/12/2020 2:08 pm
It is said that many people on greek Islands habe dreams and vision. The Panhagia apperas with the Saints, they say soon many turks will come. No one will help the greeks! No one. Only Russia after some while. Those who have been betrayed will help them. Bartholomew will not repent for his deeds. Like allheretics he is stubborn and without repetance.
Alexander Leitner7/12/2020 2:04 pm
Prophecies of Eldress, Saint Myrtidiotissa. She was told by the Panhagia. Elder Paisios said that Russia will take Constantinople back because the greeks are unworthy. Why unworthy? Because they betrayed Holy Orthodoxy and still do with their modernism, innovations, ecumenism,...ucraine...they sold Holy Orthodoxy to the USA and betrayed Holy Russia.
El Makedon7/12/2020 10:54 am
Call to all orthodox, call to the streets around the world, read us organize demonstration around the world to stop this occupation
Ел Македон7/12/2020 10:53 am
Call to all orthodox, call to the streets around the world, read us organize demonstration around the world to stop this occupation
Ел Македон7/12/2020 10:52 am
Call to all orthodox, call to the streets around the world, read us organize demonstration around the world to stop this occupation❗❗
Eddie7/12/2020 7:57 am
God is punishing the Patriarchate for its heresies of Bart claiming he is some kind of pope. For his causing big troubles in other Orthodox Churches. His heretical level of ecumenism. And because he bows to Rome and wants another Unia. Probable more bad things will happen too. And not just to the Greeks in Istanbul. But to alot of the Greeks. Especially in Greece and Alexandria.
Timmy7/12/2020 5:03 am
Alexander Leitner, what prophecies are you referring to?
John7/12/2020 3:43 am
Constantinople was in communion with Rome when the city fell. Is it any wonder this happened just as Constantinople is hoping to go back into communion with them in five years' time?
Alexander Leitner7/11/2020 5:59 pm
Punishment of God - though Bartholomew will not repent and also not the greeks. Prophecies are coming true. May God protect all true orthodox christians.
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