Christian charity does not indulge sins: Ukrainian hierarch comments on Pope’s support for gay civil unions

Kiev, October 23, 2020

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Pope Francis’ recent statement in support of gay civil unions contains a number of inconsistences and contradictions to Christian teaching, His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, the Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said yesterday.

In a new documentary, “Francesco,” released on Wednesday, Pope Francis said: “Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be rejected or be made miserable over it.”

However, “There are already a number of contradictions in this one phrase,” Met. Anthony said in comments to the Ukrainian outlet Orthodox Life.

“Of course, we are all children of God—both the righteous and sinners, and all will be judged by the Lord. But what does ‘everyone has the right to a family’ mean? The family is God’s gift, given to our first parents at the same time as the commandment: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it (Gen. 1:28),” the hierarch explained.

According to Christian teaching, the foundation of the family is the marriage of one man and one woman, so “What kind of family is the Pope talking about?” Met. Anthony asks. Same-sex marriage cannot be accepted by the Church, despite any simple arguments about how people should be happy.

“We know that true happiness can only be achieved in union with the Lord, and not in sinful union that satisfies lust,” he emphasized.

And what does creating a law on “civil unions” have to do with the Church anyways, the Ukrainian Chancellor asks. “There are many questions, and they’re all just hanging out there.”

Met. Anthony also comments on a scene in the documentary where Pope Francis talks with a same-sex couple and advises them to leave aside their concerns and go to church “despite anyone’s indignation.”

“There are many questions here too,” he said. “Should children be taken to church? Of course. But how can a visit to church influence children who see their ‘parents’ publicly living in sin every day, especially since this sin is no longer called a sin…?”

People may say the Pope was just showing charity, but, “In fact, Christian charity means bringing the sinner to repentance, not indulging his sins. Compassion does not mean justification. There is an ancient principle: ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin.’ Do we see that here? Alas, no,” Met. Anthony commented.

His Eminence concludes with a strong warning:

Some are perplexed as to how we can seriously discuss the Pope’s statements, when we now have many divorces, abortions, and other negative factors. I think this is a kind of Pharisaism. After all, the Church condemns divorce and abortion in the same way. The task of the Church is to bear witness to the Truth in any place, both here and around the world. And if we ignore the substitution of Christian values for the essentially God-fighting cult of tolerance, this attack will soon come to us.

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lamprotes10/25/2020 10:23 pm
Bartholomew is building a primacy very similar to the papal one and is trying to impose it on Orthodoxy. If we see the troubles that the papacy is creating in the West, we must not forget that in the East Bartholomew is building another papacy centered on himself and which will bring no less trouble!
Zelda Millar 10/24/2020 4:56 pm
As a Catholic, I hope to become Orthodox, even before this declaration I hoped to find an Orthodox Church. Thank you Burnham for your comment.
nun Cornelia10/23/2020 11:24 pm
J.M. Burnham: A stunning comment, thank you.
J.M. Burnham10/23/2020 8:35 pm
Pope Francis kindly paves the way of conversion for many Catholics to the Orthodox Faith. Everything in Roman Catholicism hinges upon the supremacy and infallibility of the Papacy, regardless of the person occupying that position. Roman Catholics generally fail to grasp this undeniably central dogma of Catholicism and the real-world consequences that it holds for them and their church. This dogma is made abundantly clear in Roman Catholicism's own dogmatic decree on papal supremacy and infallibility declared at the First Vatican Council in 1870, only 100 years prior to the Second Vatican Council whose effects are only becoming more fully realized since the 1970's down to our present times and circumstances. If the Papacy implodes or falters in any way whatsoever, the entire Roman Catholic edifice comes crashing down with it. Rather than being the ultimate strength of Roman Catholic ecclesiology, the Papacy is actually its greatest weakness. Catholicism has literally made everything concerning the Life and Structure of the Church (ecclesiology) hinge upon the Papacy. Even the bishops of both the Latin church and their Uniate counterparts are entirely dependent upon the Pope and are purposefully rendered powerless before him, even when he is in clear violation of previous papal teaching(s). This is literally what's going on in the Catholic world right now. Roman Catholicism has no substantial mechanism to deal with wayward Popes. Sedevacantism is unrealistic and always ends in tragedy. Papal infallibility, in reality, does not protect Catholicism from the linkes of Pope Francis because even ordinary things promoted by the Papacy, like the call for civil unions for homosexual partners, becomes ordinary magisterial teaching, which is binding in Roman Catholicism. Another example of this is Pope Francis' officially changing and abolishing both the biblical and patristic teachings on the State's God-given justifiable use of the death penalty against criminals in certain cases. One must really step back and look at the big picture. It's tempting for Catholics to want to blame the Deep State or Free Masons and Satanists in high places of authority within the Vatican for the ecclesiastical problems befuddling Rome, but these are only a symptom, not the problem itself. The real problem is that Roman Catholicism cannot escape the ivory tower of its own papal-centric ecclesiology, which stands in stark contrast to the conciliarism and general consensus expressed by the Patriarchs and Bishops in the context of the Ecumenical Councils. The former Orthodox Church of Rome and her Patriarch, the Pope of Rome, First Among Equals, participated in this very fundamentally taken-for-granted conciliarism. None of the Orthodox Bishops or Patriarchs ever thought or believed that they received their apostolic succession and episcopal authority from, and through, the Pope of Rome, as such became the standard practice and mentality in Roman Catholicism beginning in the early 12th century when the Papacy, as a secular institution, reached the zenith of its power and influence within medieval Europe. Essentially, God is vindicating Orthodoxy and His Church's God-sealed teaching on genuine Orthodox Ecclesiology. The fact that the Gates of Hell are prevailing against the Papacy is sufficient proof that Rome is not the Church of Christ against which the Gates of Hell shall never prevail. It's uncomfortable to realize and talk about, but it must be done. Can God make Rome's false ecclesiology any more clear and discernible? Probably, because Roman Catholicism has Pope Francis for the next 10 to 15 years, and he's not going away anytime soon either. Having said that, let us therefore be ready as God-loving Orthodox Christians who struggle to keep the Commandments of our Savior to warmly welcome Catholic inquirers when they will come in droves to visit our parishes. An ounce of compassion is a pound of conversion. God will do the rest.
Alex10/23/2020 4:29 pm
And Bartholomew aligns himself with this heretic.
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