Transgender man officially recognized as woman for first time ever in Georgia

Tbilisi, April 1, 2021

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Unfortunately, officials in Georgia have capitulated to pressure from the LGBT lobby. On March 25, for the first time ever, the Tbilisi Civil Registry Service of the Agency for the Development of Public Services of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia issued official documents recognizing a man as a woman.

“The applicant L. M. applied to the Agency for the Development of Public Services on December 25, 2020, and submitted a certificate from a medical institution confirming that he had undergone a sex change operation. The applicant has already been issued a second birth certificate with corrected data,” reports the Women’s Initiatives Support Group (WISG) NGO.

Transgender people have repeatedly protested at the House of Justice in Tbilisi, where the Civil Registry is located, demanding that the government change their documents, reports News-Georgia.

It is well-known in Georgia that the U.S. and Western European countries are behind such demonstrations, funding institutions that sow hatred against the Orthodox Church and promoting the LGBT agenda, His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony of Vani and Bagdati warned last year. The country needs to seriously rethink its pro-Western orientation, he said.

“It is clearly evident who is controlling the processes in Georgia,” Archpriest David Isakadze said in 2019 after another LGBT demonstration. “We truly want to be an independent country, not in word, but in deed. The U.S. authorities, in the person of the ambassador [Elizabeth Rood—O.C.] directly interfere in our internal affairs. She wants to control the processes here and exacerbate the situation, knocking people against one another.”

The Georgian Orthodox Church has consistently taken a stand and called upon the government to ban LGBT propaganda events.

Despite their victory, the WISG believes there is more work to be done: “This case is the first time that the state has officially recognized the trans male/female gender. There is still no legislative or administrative mechanism for the legal recognition of gender. This fact is only an illustration of the current practice in the country, which does not have an appropriate legal basis.”

The NGO claims that this practice violates the standards of the International and European Court of Human Rights, by restricting the right to legal recognition of transgender people who don’t want to undergo trans-specific medical procedures. The WISG is awaiting the decision of the Strasbourg Court on the issue of legal recognition of gender, which should be made on the basis of the claim of two transgender men who are citizens of Georgia who were denied the right to change their documents in 2017.

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John4/1/2021 6:39 pm
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
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