What is Heresy?

Metropolitan Augustinos Metropolitan Augustinos Heresy is poisonous food for the soul; it is like fake medicine, which does not cure but rather causes harm; or a counterfeit coin that appears to be a precious gold doubloon, but lacks its value. It is a perversion of Sacred Tradition; it is a distortion of the true and perfect faith; it is a deviation from the straight path traced out for us by the Word of God. Heresy is the acceptance of religious ideas condemned by the Church as false and contrary to its right faith. Heresy is a real crime that undermines the authority and influence of our Church, founded by Christ Himself as the pillar and ground of the truth.

But, alas, in our time, people ascribe no importance to the danger that heresy represents for us.

This is a sign of the times.

Oh, world! You are concerned about many things. You take care to drink natural milk; that your food is healthy and rich in vitamins; that medicine works; that your money isn’t counterfeit; that archaeological monuments are carefully preserved without the slightest damage; that the transportation you take doesn’t deviate from its route.

You can be concerned about anything, except one thing—the Orthodox faith. You are completely indifferent to it. What awaits you, world, with such a distorted perception of reality and such coldness to the faith?

If you remain indifferent to the greatest and highest things, you will inevitably fall into the abyss of rationalism, materialism, unbelief, and atheism, and then you will understand what is Orthodoxy, which you now despise.

But you, faithful souls, who continue to live in this age, be not captivated by modern worldly trends; be not afraid at the sight of the enemy’s hordes surrounding you on all sides and coming to attack you, but remain steadfast and faithful in all things to the faith transmitted to us from the saints. Be prepared to fight the good fight. Orthodoxy lives, and to it shall belong the final victory.

Metropolitan Augustinos (Kantiotis)
Translation by Jesse Dominick



sherlock_holmes6/4/2021 7:18 pm
Antony,Bishop of Suroj in a sermon at the Nativity, proposes a discussion, not so much about man's faith in God, which is an arch-discussed theme, but about God's faith in man. Vladica recalls a short story, it seems, without much literary value, instead of great spiritual depth. The author imagines the counsel of the Holy Trinity in the making of man. God the Father would have said, "Let us make man in our image and likeness."... "Yes, but this man shall fall—said the Spirit—and you, Son, shall die for him..." "Let's do it, but, or should we not?" the Father asked... "Let's do it" – said the Son. Here is the hope God has placed in man! To this God we confess, that is why we are ashamed, that is Who we love.
sherlock_holmes6/3/2021 7:10 pm
And yet there is a greater heresy than heresy !
sherlock_holmes6/3/2021 6:23 pm
As the Prophets beheld,As the Apostles taught,As the Church received,As the Teachers dogmatized,As the Universe agreed,As Grace illumined,As the Truth revealed,As falsehood passed away,As Wisdom presented, As Christ awarded,...Thus we declare,Thus we assert,Thus we proclaim Christ our true God and honor His saints,...In words,...In writings,...In thoughts,...In sacrifices,...In churches,...In holy icons.On the one hand, worshipping and reverencing Christ as God and Lord.And on the other hand, honoring and venerating His Saints as true servants of the same Lord...This is the Faith of the Apostles...This is the Faith of the Fathers...This is the Faith of the Orthodox...This is the Faith which has established the Universe.
Alex6/1/2021 8:44 pm
Carmen, but you did make it to the True Faith! Glory be to God, for that!
Carmen6/1/2021 4:59 pm
As an ex-protestant, when it began to dawn on me that the 'faith' I had been practicing was in error, I instinctively knew that the heresies I had accepted was poison to my soul. Some of my friends had said to be grateful that Protestantism led you to Christ and my response was that in a way yes, but to which Christ? I was fed a lot of lies and heresies which really damaged my soul and was led into so many ungodly practices and delusions. Even if you drink a little poison, it is still poison and can you lead away from the true path.
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