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The more I work on the internet, the more troubled I become. And I become convinced that there needs to be classes designed for Orthodox Christians on how to use it properly. Yes, that means all of them, because it is clear that everyone—schoolchildren, teenagers, adults, monks, nuns, priests, and even bishops are spending a considerable amount of time getting information from it, and acting on that information. I suppose a good place to start would be the book by Jean Claude Larchet, The New Media Epidemic: The Undermining of Society, Family, and Our Own Soul.

Obviously for a committed Orthodox Christian it would make the most sense to simply not use the internet, and in fact most monasteries either forbid it or place strict limits on its use. But most people are not in monasteries, and they have to learn to place their own limits—something very hard to do, considering the sophisticated (or perhaps not really so sophisticated) way Google, Youtube, etc. lead us humans down into the click hole. What awaits us in the click hole? At first more of what we originally sought. But then little-by-little, click by click we find ourselves in the snares laid for us by those who either want to misinform us and form our opinions, or outright corrupt us. Once I described the concept of click hole to a nun who never looks at the internet, and she gave a spot-on, simple commentary: “Yes, as you’re falling down the hole you think, well, I haven’t fallen yet.”

We use the internet as a source of information—one we didn’t use to have. We oldsters recall a time when in order to research a topic, you had to go to a library, interview experts, and search out good sources—preferably primary sources. Now many people do not even know what a primary source is, or why we need one in order to get the most reliable information. In the process of researching, we would ponder the topic more deeply, get firsthand advice on it, and hear real professionals who have their hands in the matter on a day-to-day basis debunking old wives’ tales and rumors, helping us get to the kernel of the matter that lay crusted under layers of legend. We were enriched by all this, and would often come to the conclusion that we knew very little about something we thought we understood pretty thoroughly—or thoroughly enough. “Enough” is a rather subjective determiner. Real scientists and scholars do not stop at “enough”.

I once talked to a British doctor of history and journalist, who would tremble with disgust at the mere mention of the internet. She told me that in the university classes she teaches, she has forbidden internet research. It’s possibly the worst way to study history, she said; and she practices the old-fashioned form of journalism, the kind they used to teach at universities, which sought at least three reliable sources, and personal interviews. She views internet culling as a very base form of journalism, and not reliable.

But alas, that marvelous Orthodox woman is part of a remnant. The fact is that everyone is using the internet to get their information, which can be mostly chalked up to laziness and lack of time. I recall the precursors to our modern internet, services such as Lexis and Nexis. These services were (and still are) used by lawyers and business consultants to get judicial precedents and statistics without the use of books. Law libraries with their vast stacks still exist, but they became less frequently visited with the emergence of Lexis. But the service is used judiciously and only by professionals, because one first of all needs to know where to look, and secondly, it’s expensive. At one point in time, the up-and-coming computer wizzes realized that they coule make huge fortunes in advertising if they open up web information (and of course, entertainment) to one and all for free. We cannot reverse this process, short of a permanent global outage. So we need to be trained in its proper use, from the Orthodox perspective. And we should remember the wisdom of old-timers who, among other valuable things, say that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap.

Now looming especially large on the internet horizon is the COVID pandemic. People convinced that something is rotten in Denmark are all over the internet, trying to dig up information not just on the situation in their immediate communities and around the world, or how to avoid getting sick or spreading it to others, but to find some confirmation that what they are being told by Dr. Fauci, for example, is false, and that we are all once again being duped. I have even received an email with a list of no less than forty-three links, most of which are of an alarmist nature concerning vaccines, or countering the hygienic recommendations of authorities. There are some professionally created videos, having interviews with experts (whom of course I have never heard of, but that is probably because I am not a doctor or a scientist), who cite such facts as: The PCR tests are inaccurate (is it possible to find anything 100 percent accurate in medicine?); the protective masks are not 100 percent effective at stopping the spread of disease (invent something that’s 100 percent effective and practical at the same time, and you’ll become a millionaire overnight. Meanwhile, the next time you have surgery I would not recommend telling the surgeon to take off his mask because it’s not 100 percent effective); the novel coronavirus was developed in a laboratory (no one seems to doubt that by now); and that the new generation vaccines against COVID will make you die in about two years (well, I don’t know what to say to that one. But I personally am going to stick to the old method of consulting with medical professionals who are actually dealing with COVID patients, for whom this illness is not the first they’ve taken an interest in). Finally, we can still see “proof” that there is no pandemic, that no one is getting sick with COVID, never mind dying (this simply stops my mouth—all those people asking for prayers, all those funerals… don’t exist!).

Although we are experiencing the first pandemic to be covered on internet, mankind is certainly not experiencing the first pandemic ever. Or even one with all sorts of fears surrounding the vaccine. As always, time will tell. But just for curiosity’s sake, let’s take a look at a note by Fr. Giorgiy Maximov, who researched information about the smallpox vaccine (also novel for its time), entitled, “The History of the Smallpox Vaccine in Russia”.

From a encyclical of the Holy Synod, October 10, 1804:

A saving invention of inoculating infants with bovine smallpox in order to avert their untimely death has produced a very beneficial effect… through the preservation of life of those who… decided to timely set aside their prejudices, which exist only in their imaginations, to make use of these means. And therefore, convinced of this invention, the Synod recommends all the diocesan bishops to have the parish priests try to influence the peasants and people of other vocations as much as they can, and suggest to them the harmlessness of this means and to prevent them from refusing to accept it… that they would try by fulfilling their duty to save the people’s lives.

There was a portion of the priests who did not pay any attention to this encyclical and called the vaccines, “unheard of pharma-masonry”. The famous folklorist V. I. Dal wrote,

“The peasant does not believe in preventative smallpox (that is, the vaccine), and is ready to believe that preventative smallpox was introduced into the world by antichrist.”

The more educated public was frightened away from the vaccines by rumors, many of which came from Europe. For example, the English doctor Liscomb wrote:

“The organism of one child in Peckham was normal before the vaccine, but after it he became like an animal: The child began to run around on all fours, moo like a cow and butt his head. The daughter of one lady began to cough like a cow and grew hair all over her body.”

Another author, Roughleigh, wrote that

“The vaccinated little-by-little lose their human features, and their faces turn into animal mugs, resembling a cow’s.”

Fr. Giorgiy adds that although the vaccine was widely available, few actually received it, and many died of smallpox. (The situation changed under the Soviet regime, which forced vaccinations.)

Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) in his address to the Pskov diocese concerning vaccinations also cited that in the early twentieth century, a community of Old Believers near Moscow refused to receive the smallpox vaccination because they believed it was the mark of antichrist, and all 1000 of them died of the contagion.

But before anyone skips down to the comment section to decry forced vaccinations or vaccinations in general (ah, the impetuosity of youth), let me first say that  this article was not written as an endorsement of vaccines. It is hard to be unambivalent about something this serious. I am only endorsing a sober and unprejudiced investigation, keeping in mind that by far not everything we see on the internet is reliable. Research on the COVID vaccinations is still ongoing, the story isn’t finished, and doctors in Russia are finding that the Sputnik V vaccine is not 100 percent effective against the new Delta strain. And yes, there is anecdotal evidence of people getting seriously ill after the vaccinations. I know quite a few people who have received it, but I don’t know anyone personally who became seriously ill from it. I do know people who were incapacitated with fevers and other flu-like symptoms for a few days afterward, but are now feeling normal. I know considerably more people who had COVID and are now experiencing chronic symptoms. They are experiencing things like chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain, olfactory disonance, memory loss, and other debilitating things. First they were told it takes about six months to get over it, now they are told it takes about a year. We'll see in a year. But I believe that all of us—those who were vaccinated, those who weren’t, those who got sick and recovered, and those who died alone in the hospitals from suffocation are all pieces of a large puzzle, which only history will be able to put together for a clearer picture.

Meanwhile, Metr. Tikhon (Shevkunov) warns people to be wary of information coming from unverified sources.

As it was a year and a half ago, I said that this is like a Third World War. I do not retract my words now. This is truly a war. We have already suffered many losses. The new Indian strain is attacking very cruelly…

There is more and more information being spread that the Russian vaccines against COVID are dangerous both from the spiritual and medical point of view. Over the past decades, what only has not been put forth as having spiritual danger: the new passports, the Moscow ID cards, tax numbers, pension identification numbers. Our elder Fr. John (Krestiankin), when he saw the storm of doubt and turmoil that was crashing towards the Church, wrote many letters to his spiritual children and taped a video recording. He repeated the same thing everywhere—what should be obvious to Orthodox Christians: “With modern technological possibilities all peoples can be secretly and openly marked with ‘numbers’, ‘chips’, and ‘seals’. But no one can harm the human soul if there is no conscious renunciation of Christ and conscious bowing down before God’s enemy.” In another letter he wrote: “The mark will follow only after one’s personal renunciation of God, and not through trickery. Tricks have no meaning. The Lord needs a heart that loves Him’.”

There are now many people (I suspect, most of them young and inexperienced in Orthodox life and instruction), who imagine themselves to be martyrs because they refuse to wear masks in church, and warn everyone on every website and social network in the comments against vaccinations. But Vladyka Tikhon had this to say:

In Holy Scripture and the Lives of the Saints we read that the martyrs were not simply forced to take marks of pagan gods or Ceasar, but it was demanded of them that they personally renounce Christ and worship either pagan idols or the emperor… A cunning and terrible substitution is taking place. Orthodox Christians themselves are constructing a lifeless idol and insist that it, and not Christ, is the cornerstone of our salvation.

Vladyka Tikhon emphasizes the responsibility people have when they are in a position to tell people what to do, how to behave in this pandemic. A priest spreads information against the vaccine, for example, and he is responsible for those who would not have gotten sick or infected another person had he been wrong, and they should have been vaccinated. Or an Orthodox Christian layperson spreads the opinion that it is ungodly to wear masks in church, or that you just can’t get infected in church, not considering that he may be dead wrong, and people were infected because they did not want to be ostracized by the clique that calls masks “muzzles”, thus implying that those who wear them are like obedient dogs.

Many of us in our country, including Orthodox Christians, are afraid of these vaccines also because they consider that their health will be injured. Many doctors have made statements concerning this. But there are no few doctors who support these fears. We listen to both. Of course, this is a terrible temptation. Priests who say that the vaccines will harm the soul are few. It is hard for them to base their opinion on anything, and Orthodox Christians are supposed to take them at their word. Only a priest’s personal authority could make a person believe this.

On the doctors rests a particular responsibility. Many people have been vaccinated. Fr. John (Krestiankin) said these remarkable words, which have remained for us, his spiritual children, as a guiding star in many complicated situations. “The most important thing in spiritual life is faith in God’s providence and discernment with counsel.” A person is free to listen to what he considers worth listening; he is free to do what he thinks is right. Our personal experience and our discernment is today the main orientation in this serious situation.

One of the concerns people have about the vaccine is that it was supposedly created using cells from aborted fetuses. He speaks only of Sputnik V, and not the other vaccines in use elsewhere:

The directors of the N. F. Gamaleya Institute [which developed the Sputnik V] answered the question from the Moscow Patriatchate on this. They said that in 1973, when the vaccine was being created, as a nourishment medium a particle of an unborn child was taken. The current vaccine is not related to the prototype of this vaccine. We don’t know if that’s true or not… Similar experiments were being conducted in the Netherlands in 1973. Abortions were only legalized in the Netherlands in 1984—that is, ten years after these official experiments… Most likely, this was a miscarried fetus. Of course a miscarriage is also a terrible thing. But there are various situations in medicine. For example, evil-doers shoot a young man in the head. The doctors take his organs… and transplant them into sick people. And thanks to his organs those people are alive. The termination of a woman’s pregnancy in 1973 is of course a misfortune. But the unborn child, instead of being disposed of, served in the creation of a vaccine that could save millions of lives. Abortion can in no way be justified, by no means! But this is the history of the vaccine…

We are being sent a gigantic amount of misinformation—provocation and sabotage. For doctors it’s one kind of information; for priests and Orthodox Christians it’s another, not to mention the huge amount of rumors, gossip, and unproven facts. As the Russian thinker Ivan Lukianovich Solonevich said about the events of the February revolution of 1917, “Russia was destroyed by gossip.” Nowadays, many people are being destroyed by gossip…

A person receives from the outside this spiritual “nanochip”, for example, that it is categorically forbidden to get vaccinated, and he transfers this “nanochip” to others like an infection, like an instrument of mass psychosis. People are infected on a vast scale with this “nanochip”, which attacks a person’s soul and mind and makes him like a zombie. Such a person aggressively spreads this information around and considers it to be his duty to share this information with his neighbors, to infect them with this spiritual “nanochip”. These are manmade demons, which people spread to each other. And then, it turns out that the information was never checked for accuracy.

“What only didn’t I get named at the beginning of the epidemic for stating that there really is COVID! 'There’s no COVID, it’s all bunk…” could be heard everywhere. We all remember this. Then it becomes clear that there really is COVID. People who spread such information should understand their enormous responsibility. They should be aware that they are becoming true agents of influence of those very people behind the scenes, who in their own words, are aiming at exterminating the population. They are doing everything to turn people away from real and safe protection. Fr. John spoke about the spiritual state of people in whom such tares of lies are sewn: disturbance, perplexity, and confusion. People who irresponsibly spread such fabrications and rumors remind me most of real agents of influence who work not for the good of God’s people, but for the enemy. They do everything so that death and sickness would be spread in our land. They say, “We don’t want that.” However, By their fruits ye shall know them (Mt. 7:20)…

As Fr. John (Krestiankin) wrote, “A dark shadow of spiritual disturbance has troubled the minds and hearts of the faithful and deprived them not only of the joy of church and eternal triumph, but of faith itself and good hope.”

It’s also interesting that Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) was recently vilified in the internet space because he stated that he was in favor of vaccinations. You can read his answer to the accusations here. It’s mainly interesting because the statements were jerked out of context and cherry-picked by the English language website, the Moscow Times, which has produced similar anti-Church agitprop in the past. Because Metropolitan Hilarion holds an important post in the Moscow Patriarchate—the Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations—his opinion could be easily taken for an official statement of the Moscow Patriarchate. His position, however, is not as the MP spokesman.

But anyway, the plot thickened when suddenly, without any notice, his Instagram account was suspended. In his interview, he supposes that Instagram suspended his account because of his pro-vaccination remarks.

I think the account has been blocked because some group of people has swamped with complaints the leaders of the Instagram social network. I presume these were opponents of the vaccination, the so-called “anti-vaxxers” who are now very aggressive. They are trying to attack me in many directions, for instance, they have sent questions full of aggression against “The Church and the World” program, which I have presented for twenty years now at the Russia 24 TV channel. Therefore, I have no doubt that the present attack, too, comes from them. And why the Instagram leaders do not appropriately react to this attack is still unclear.

But that would be too strange. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is more notorious in the U.S. for censoring information against vaccines. So shall we play the usual guessing game as to why Facebook/Instagram suspended an account, this time of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev)? Well, perhaps it was for this:

Overall, I think as the virus has come to Russia from abroad, so the campaign against vaccination is orchestrated from abroad as well. I have repeatedly expressed the opinion, including in my program, that the virus is a certain biological weapon. Maybe it has developed naturally; maybe there was a leakage from some laboratory, or, maybe, all this has been made consciously to crush the world economy. Whether there is such a probability, let experts tell us.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the virus has come to us from abroad, that is to say, it is a foreign product. And the vaccine devised by Russian biologists is our home product, our response to the challenge issued to us. The vaccine has been done to protect people. One may assume that the same forces that have thrown in the virus to us are interested in making the pandemic prolong in our country as long as possible so that as many as possible people may die, and precisely for this reason they are very active in carrying out the anti-vaccine campaign.

Pay attention: Those who are against the inoculation use the Russian mass media and television, and their views are reflected in Russian news agencies. And the whole anti-vaccination campaign is carried out in the vast expanses of Internet, which is not controlled by us. None of those who utter the most absurd, the most phantasmagorical theories concerning vaccination, beginning from allegations that vaccinated women will not be able to conceive to assertions that vaccinated people will live several decades fewer than those who were not vaccinated. This and similar nonsense is circulating now in Internet and, regrettably, many believe it. There are also those who consciously or unconsciously participate in the anti-vaccination campaign (those who behave so aggressively certainly participate in it consciously). Probably, not all those who are involved in this campaign are aware that the conductors of the anti-vaccination campaign are not located with us in Russia but outside it.

Well. These words coming from very visible hierarchs of the Russian Church certainly give us some food for thought. And the words of Fr. John (Krestiankin) point to the fact that our work is not in disseminating theories and rumors, but in the good old-time religion of the holy fathers—who have told us in many different writings that discernment is the most important virtue. It’s not easy to acquire, but that is why salvation comes from much counsel. And, the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law (Gal. 5:22–23). When our blood starts boiling and we want to run out and tell everyone on the internet about how right we are and how evil others are, let’s stop, cross ourselves, and say a prayer. This may be a hint that what we saw on the internet was not a fruit of the Spirit.

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Eleni8/13/2021 1:38 pm
Let all GLORY BE TO GOD IHSOUS XRISTOS +++ Η Ελπίς μου ο πατήρ+καταφύγει μου ο ΓΙΟΣ + Σκεπή μου το Πνεύμα το ΑΓΙΟΝ + ΤΡΙΑΣ Αγία Δόξα Σόι +++ ΙΗΧ Ancient prayer+ As Fr Savvas Achileos in many of his spiritual wisdom talks+ May we have his prayers + My Hope is the Father+ My refuge the Son+ My shelter the Spirit of Holiness + Trinity Holy + Glory be ++++ Sandor Bronn+
Gary Cox8/6/2021 2:48 pm
So, we Orthodox fight among ourselves instead of showing love and compassion for each other. Bet the devil is laughing his head off over this. We can do better.
Gary Cox8/6/2021 2:28 pm
If we don't take the vaccine because it was tested on cloned murdered babies, that sounds honorable indeed. BUT if we then eat food with additives tested on cloned murdered babies----- does that make us hypocrites? This is a difficult time we live in. Pray for our Patriarchs and Bishops.
Jason8/5/2021 9:55 pm
Herman: The citation you took from the "Basis of the Social Concept" specifically states "so-called fetal therapy". This is concerning a very specific branch of medicine in which stem cells are deliberately taken from aborted fetuses and used in rejuvenation therapy. Fetuses are not being aborted to make vaccines, the vaccines do not have aborted fetus cells in them. As every medical person has explained ad nauseam, the cells were used 10 to 20 years in the past for testing. Otherwise, if we were truly to adhere to this section in your interpretation of it, we would have to stop using a whole list of everyday products. Are you ready to do that? Why isn't anyone aggressing about cosmetics, for example--which we can certainly do without.
Theophan8/5/2021 7:53 pm
@JJ: Again, I say this respectfully. Christians have never been bound to obey unjust laws. We are only bound to obey civil authorities in matters that do not contradict the law of God. At that point we are permitted and even required to disobey. The early martyrs would not obey the authorities who demanded idol worship and they were certainly not protestants. Please review the link I provided earlier to see concrete ecclesial statements regarding the nature and development of these vaccines. Thank you.
Herman8/5/2021 5:55 pm
JJ - From the Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, 2000: "If the authority forces Orthodox believers to apostatise from Christ and His Church and to commit sinful and spiritually harmful actions, the Church should refuse to obey the state. The Christian, following the will of his conscience, can refuse to fulfil the commands of state forcing him into a grave sin. If the Church and her holy authorities find it impossible to obey state laws and orders, after a due consideration of the problem, they may take the following action: enter into direct dialogue with authority on the problem, call upon the people to use the democratic mechanisms to change the legislation or review the authority’s decision, apply to international bodies and the world public opinion and appeal to her faithful for peaceful civil disobedience." The official position of the Church, expressed in the same document, regarding the usage of aborted fetal cells in medical research and development is here: “The Church believes it to be definitely inadmissible to use the methods of so-called fetal therapy in which the human fetus on various stages of its development is aborted and used in attempts to treat various diseases and to ‘rejuvenate’ an organism. Denouncing abortion as a cardinal sin, the Church cannot find any justification for it either even if someone may possibly benefit from the destruction of a conceived human life. Contributing inevitably to ever wider spread and commercialization of abortion, this practice (even if its still hypothetical effectiveness could be proved scientifically) presents an example of glaring immorality and is criminal.” Therefore, if the state asks/commands me to inject one of their new drugs (which were manufactured using aborted embryonic human tissue) into my body - "to commit sinful or spiritually harmful actions" - I will be disobeying that mandate/injunction/whatever based on this official position of my Church. Beyond that, the simple risk of injecting an unknown experimental substance into the body that God gave me and I am to not defile precludes my participation in this current global drug experiment, regardless of what "the authorities" say or do.
JJ8/5/2021 1:18 pm
@Theophan There have not been massive uprisings in Europe - there have been skirmishes - mostly in the capitals of Berlin and Paris. These have been reported in the English language press; as well as by the English language services of France 24, and deutsche welle. Other European media also have English language service eg Spiegel - no-one needs to limit their reading to the media of the USA and UK. America was founded on the values of protestanism - the protest against the dominant class / religion. True Christianity, Orthodoxy, was established under the auspices of the Byzantine empire which was founded on the principles of obedience and submission to the rulers; except in the matters of pure doctrine - not on civil issues such as health regulations or taxation. In such cases one submits and trusts God. Protestants believe they can pick what they obey in civil matters (and also often in church matters). This is a mind set, a deeply cultural value. Cultural values, which are absorbed from birth on, can blind. It would be well to remember that the early Chrisitians were enjoined to obey civil authority by Paul. The only exception was in being asked to deny one's faith. "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation." The Orthodox are not supposed to entangle themselves with the affairs of this world but devote themselves to worship, prayer, fasting, the reading of Christian writings and to good works. John Chrysostom who lived in the Byzantine empire and at times such as ours, and died in exile, alone, because he stood for pure doctrine - he did not fight on civil issues.
Michelle8/4/2021 9:37 pm
Hello from a recent convert. I would like to know, at what point in history did it become the norm for Christians to be afraid of death? Earthly tyranny is much more terrifying. Please pray for me. Michelle
Theophan8/4/2021 1:18 pm
Respectfully, the notion that most Orthodox opposition is coming from southern American converts from Protestantism is untrue. This is very much a global struggle as can be seen by the massive uprisings all across Europe. These protests are of course also not being covered by U.S. and U.K. media. Important document below: "Compilation of (Orthodox) Synodal Statements, Medical Studies, Professional Dissertations, and Hierarchical and Monastic Statements which either forbid totally or recommend against receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine." Word version / PDF version:
nun Cornelia8/4/2021 10:23 am
Robert Wilkins: I wrote what I wrote and I answer for it. But I have a lot of other work to do, and therefore I will not be answering any more comments, finito. I am going to follow Sherlock's advice--let's all shake hands (or bump elbows if you like) and wish each other good health, physical and spiritual!
Robert Wilkins8/4/2021 12:22 am
Nun Cornelia, you write: "Herman, again, no one here is telling you to get a vaccine or not to get one. I will repeat: I certainly do not feel qualified to tell anyone something like that." You might not outright be telling us to get vaccinated, but your article argues that those who are wary of all the Covid madness and measures are incapable of doing good research and are probably too young and unformed in Orthodoxy. The pro-maskers-in-church and pro-vaxxers are also getting their information form the internet, and are also stuck in their own pro-vax clickhole, but nothing is said to critique them. So even without an explicit command to get vaxxed, we walk away from this post with, "If you don't accept the prevailing narrative, you're a dumb neophyte." Do with this what you will, but I have talked to several friends who got the same impression from this article.
nun Cornelia8/3/2021 10:05 pm
Herman, again, no one here is telling you to get a vaccine or not to get one. I will repeat: I certainly do not feel qualified to tell anyone something like that, nor should other nonprofessionals. But also have to understand other people's concerns and points of view. I only related to you situation as I see it unfolding in the US. We as Orthodox Christians have to decide ourselves how to deal with it. But I am sure that if we all pray to God, He will show us what to do.
Herman8/3/2021 9:02 pm
nun Cornelia: thank you for your replies. It is not my intention to argue with you. But I have to ask. It seems that the message I am hearing from you, and others generally, is this - yes, the unvaccinated ARE being bullied, and yes, you WILL be coerced into getting the drug, because this is a matter of public safety, and you don't actually have the right to potentially expose someone else to a virus. So since we are being justifiably vilified and bullied because we're too dumb or hateful to make the decision ourselves, the government will have to do everything they can to force us to. Our personal liberty and medical autonomy is essentially overridden by the perceived needs of the community. Am I following correctly? If I'm a young man with basically no statistical probability of getting or dying from any of these viruses, but I die after getting a vaccine, what does this mean for you? Did I sacrifice my life as a martyr in the war against COVID - or, did I die needlessly and tragically? And is it possible that the one that convinced me to get the vaccine that killed me is responsible for my death, and must repent?
sherlock_holmes8/3/2021 8:51 pm
@ nun Cornelia : Wouldn't be enough just to ban those comments and pray for the people ?! I prefer to stop here, otherwise the comments will rise ballistic up...unless my friend JJ will pull another rabbit from the hat.
nun Cornelia8/3/2021 8:16 pm
And more recently:
So, it looks as though the precedent set back at the beginning of the twentieth century in Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts is still at work in U.S. courts, which tend to rule in favor of the state authorities in requiring vaccinations for the benefit of the community. But there does seem to be the possibility of allowing for "sincere religious belief" that prohibits one from getting a vaccination. Research your own area and see what you can do to avoid it, if you don't want it. As for all the restaurants and so forth, that will also depend on the local population. If the majority want restrictions, that is how it will be. You also have to respect peoples' decisions to weigh the dangers of a vaccine against the dangers of the virus. Right now, very many more people are dying or becoming sick long term from the virus than the vaccine. It's a matter of "choose your poison", because with the new strains, more and more people will get sick. That's just an objective fact. But if the consensus in your community is that unvaccinated people are a threat to others, you need to work with your community.
Herman8/3/2021 8:15 pm
Nun Cornelia: yes, it seems you have more or less proved my point, I believe. Laws are being passed (and we are not being allowed to vote on these laws) that will attempt to coerce and pressure us into accepting regular injections of these drugs. This is extreme bullying and a violation of basic human rights. This was the point of the Nuremberg Code, which oddly everyone seems to have forgotten about - to protect from governments forcing medical procedures on the population. We want to be respected, and not coerced or bullied, or shut out of society/employment/church simply for not getting injected with this thing. I respect the free choice of anyone to do what they want with this. But my free choice is NOT being respected. People need to hear both sides of the story, and make their own choice. However, free debate and discussion is not being allowed, we are instead being offered a variety of fearmongering and shaming and moral blackmail and it is increasing in pitch and volume as each day passes. On top of this, we now have reports of vaccine injuries and deaths from around the world, numbering in the tens of thousands... Can you see how this is a problem, and how many people who have decided to opt out of the vaccine trials do not appreciate this treatment?
nun Cornelia8/3/2021 7:09 pm
Herman: Suggested links on the development of employment law concerning vaccine mandates: and
Herman8/3/2021 4:53 pm
nun Cornelia: is it OK to not be vaccinated? Is it OK to bully those who wish to not be vaccinated? Because it is not those that choose vaccination that are being bullied. It's those of us who are choosing to decline it, and being threatened with loss of employment, and with the digital pass, exclusion from basic aspects of social life... we are now being called anything from stupid to dangerous, walking biological threats, terrorists, extremists, and sinners... but the vaccinated are being treated like royalty, with free gifts and food and lotteries. So who's being bullied here?
nun Cornelia8/3/2021 1:50 pm
Anyway, as you can see, there are plenty of comments posted that disagree with the general argument for vaccinating people. However that is not what I am talking about. I am saying: It is okay to get vaccinated, is not okay to bully others who want to be vaccinated, not everything you read on the internet can be trusted or properly interpreted by the layman, and we should be consulting people who are qualified to give answers—on the medical level, doctors and epidemiologists, and on the spiritual level, spiritual authorities. I also state that people should pray and strive for discernment. Why the latter is so upsetting to people should a matter of concern. I say, pray and consult spiritual people, and some go ballistic. Who has the problem here?
nun Cornelia8/3/2021 11:37 am
To Anne and Sherlock: I am talking about comments that could by any standards be qualified as coming from people not of sound mind. The site does not wish to give the impression that it considers such comments as being of a Christian ethos, and will not be opening them. That is all I have to say about those comments. Of course a nun has to be humble--we all do. But forgive, me--that reminds me of complaints I've heard from laypeople who visited convents, acted inappropriately, were scolded by the nuns (or in extreme cases of impudence, shown the door), and then went around complaining to everyone that the nuns were not humble.
sherlock_holmes8/3/2021 5:47 am
@ JJ : If we want to be at peace with all men we should first stop shaming them ! ...Regarding the info you have asked,most of it is on this site ( )NATO research center says it has Kremlin-friendly points of view,don't waste time searching. You can open the link ( )...written by Doctors for COVID Ethics. A more detailed study,written by doctors Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD here : ( ). It is pretty technical and detailed ,17 pages but you can jump to Chapter 4 Summaries: Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers: •blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks,stroke, and venous thrombosis•grave harm to female fertility•grave harm to breastfed infants•cumulative toxicity after multiple injections. Good to watch the video with Doctor Malone,the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology about vaccinated people spreading the infection more than unvaccinated.
Jonathan8/3/2021 2:42 am
I find it very disturbing that Sr. Cornelia is so quick to publicly label any voice that disagrees with her as "mentally unstable". Do you mind qualifying your ad-hominem attack upon the voice that dared disagree with you sister Cornelia? It's very sad and a little funny that the likes of Bill Gates, Fauci and the MSM are also quick to label any voice that challenges their narrative as "mentally unstable" "crazy" etc...What are we to think when our own monastics are implementing the same tactics against voices that simply dare question their views on NON-THEOLOGICAL issues? I truly believe that we are in the end times. May God help us all!
Anne8/2/2021 10:27 pm
Nun Cornelia - why do you keep referring to commentators as “mentally unstable” and “psychologically ill”? Is that because you don’t like their opinions? Where is your humility? I thought Orthodox nuns were supposed to be loving and accepting of others in the manner of Christ?
nun Cornelia8/2/2021 9:59 pm
JJ: What you wrote is really the whole point of this article. And I am beginning to suspect that all those groups you named are driving this whole debate. Many Orthodox converts in the U.S. for example are coming from various Protestant denominations who tend towards such things. It's interesting that the states with the lowest vaccination rates, and naturally the highest infection rates, are in the Bible belt. But there are some extreme-sounding comments coming from traditionally Orthodox people, too. However, I suspect at least one of them is quite mentally unstable.
JJ8/2/2021 4:08 pm
I know that this is an Orthodox site and not intended for academic debate; but, I think when commentators write such things as "According to the latest official figures for the EU, Britain and the US (combined), there are 31,389 Covid-19 vaccine related deaths and almost 5 million injuries." or " In actual fact, they have been trying to garner vaccines from mRNA technology for about 17 years; but the animals tested always died on exposure to the “wild” virus. " There should be a requirement that such statistics or scientific claims are substantiated with reference to a reputable source. To quote statistics / research results without proof or substantiation just reminds me of what happened in the USSR when Christian and Jewish groups were slandered - without proof of the accusations (often leading to imprisonment / execution). In my opinion it is ethically wrong to quote unproven statistics / information. Information used to be filtered in all sectors of society - both for reliability, balance and morality - sometimes for wrong reasons; but often to protect the vulnerable, to protect from corruption, to protect children etc etc. Historically conjecture, based on unproven information, has almost always led to damage. I just wish that individuals in this debate would stop making conjectures about the nefarious hidden intentions of the vaccination (without proof) - such conjectures are everywhere and not just amongst the Orthodox - Mormons, JWs, far left, far right, ultra Orthodox Jews (some groups in Israel require a non-vaccination certificate for marriage), the Hillsong cult. Do the Orthodox really belong amongst these people? Aren't we to be known amongst all men for our moderation, equable ways, our efforts as far as possible to be at peace with all men?
nun Cornelia8/1/2021 2:50 pm
Anne: And I also appreciate your civil tone. We in Russia have a tendency to take things one day at a time. I don't pretend to know what to do, except for what we as Orthodox Christians have always been taught to do in difficult times. Fast and pray, and consult with spiritual authorities whom we trust. And trust in God that if we will do our duty He will not abandon us to things like Covid passports, unwanted medical procedures, and the like. But the Lord never promised things would be easy for us. It is very unfortunate that some people are construing this article as pretending to know what is best medically. There are even some obviously psychologically ill commenters, whose comments of course the moderator will never open, who see this as some sort of war. Is that what we as Christians are supposed to be witnesses to? It's very sad.
sherlock_holmes8/1/2021 12:09 am
Anne wrote about Christians who agree to vaccine passports not being vaccinated.More vaccine passports less chances of survival for non vaccinated...According to the latest official figures for the EU, Britain and the US (combined), there are 31,389 Covid-19 vaccine related deaths and almost 5 million injuries.Maybe some of them followed the advice of physicians or other people in power.If these are the short term adverse reactions ( don't think it was designed like this ),what about the middle and long term effects. If we are not overly emotional,we might see that this pandemic is also about controlling people ,societies,attacking certain countries ( Russia ), the Church of Christ...After 9/11 ,with a very emotional impact in US and throughout the world,( same media techniques ),followed million of death and injuries of innocent people in Irak ,Afghanistan...torture of innocent people in dark sites and many trillion dollars wasted .We might see something like this again and it is better not to be on the cunning and aggressive side.Good done by force is not good.
Anne7/31/2021 9:51 pm
Nun Cornelia - thank you for your response. I’m not suggesting that Christians should not be free to have the vaccine - simply that the widespread agreement to it is ushering in bio-security technology. People may think that these two vaccinations will be the end of the story. The problem is, that when they are tied in to “passports” and thence to digital “passports” there is no end to the requirements of the state to exact from the individual agreement to whatever medical procedure or “boosters” they see fit to impose. Your body is no longer your own. It is effectively owned by the state if you want to continue to work, travel, go to the theatre, go to Church?!!! Or even to eat, or heat your house. Do you not see where this is going?
nun Cornelia7/31/2021 9:38 pm
Anne, point well taken. I think that everyone should make his or her own decision as to whether or not to be vaccinated; that is in fact what was written in the article. But no one should be shaming others for getting vaccinated. It's no secret that Astra Zeneca is a risk. The Russian vaccines seem to be less potentially dangerous. It is also a risk to get sick with COVID. We don't have any simple answers right now, which is why spiritual people strongly suggest praying and consulting our own spiritual authorities. I don't think that what you said was necessarily true, that if some Christians are vaccinated they are somehow making it harder for others. I really doubt, especially in England, that anyone is paying attention to whether a person is Christian or not. I would say not so much to you but to some other commenters: Let's not forget that we are (I assume) Christians, and are supposed to behave as such.
Anne7/31/2021 9:08 pm
I would like to point out that there are many ordinary Christian “anti-Covid19 vaccination” people out there. Many have simply researched the topic and have found the vaccinations wanting. The top objection being the experimental nature of these vaccines. In actual fact, they have been trying to garner vaccines from mRNA technology for about 17 years; but the animals tested always died on exposure to the “wild” virus. A little concerning, don’t you think? However, the main issue is that any medical procedure must be with the permission of the individual; the fact that governments are actively blackmailing their populace’s and preparing to oust the unvaccinated from ordinary daily activities for exercising this basic human right of autonomy over their bodies should make us all very fearful indeed of the kind of societies that are being built before our eyes in the name of “safety.” Christians who agree to vaccine passports may well be condemning their fellow believers to penury and starvation. Just think about that a little, please. On a personal note, my Godmother had a terrible headache and pain in her neck shortly after the Pfizer vaccine. Four days after the second, she had a major stroke. She was in excellent health before this. Another lady I know had a blood clot in her leg four days after the Astra Zeneca. I met a man whose father had a major heart attack two days after the vaccine. Was healthy and never suffered before with heart problems. His wife told me she met a lady whose healthy daughter in her thirties died after a Covid vaccine. Let’s not set aside proper questioning of medicine and those who seek to benefit from it.
JJ7/31/2021 4:51 pm
@ Nun Cornelia - Thank you for the link - have sent it on.
JJ7/31/2021 4:45 pm
@Sandor Bronn This pseudonym seems to relate to a novel (A Song of Fire and Ice) and a popular TV series based on the novel (Game of Thrones) released ten years ago. Is this where you got your pseudonym from? The content of this fantasy series was decidedly non-Christian in its violence etc., as were the personality traits of the characters. “…Bronn was a highly trained, extremely lethal and feared mercenary soldier whose service as a warrior was for hire. He had great cunning and served Tyrion Lannister as his personal bodyguard, assassin, and enforcer….” “…Sandor is a brutal man, driven by anger and hate, obsessed with killing his brother……” Fantasy and the imagination are a trap. "....And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;..."
nun Cornelia7/30/2021 11:37 pm
Gary Cox: Much appreciate your comment, and am sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law. I was especially effected when another nun here called me begging for prayers. A doctor she knew had just called her, a grown man sobbing and begging her to pray for his wife who was in serious condition from Covid. I don't know how it ended, but we have to remember that behind every statistic is a human being, with loved ones who have suffered an irreplaceable loss.
Gary Cox7/30/2021 8:52 pm
When someone says that covid 19 doesn't kill, they are partially right. Covid usually doesn't kill but speeds up an existing health problem. My sister in law died at 61. Had covid not ramped up her condition she would still be alive. I think a good way to describe the effect of covid is that it robs people of years of life. If you have heart, kidney, lung trouble or are diabetic you will likely live for several more years. Covid can speed up the deterioration of the condition and death results years sooner. I think someone mentioned something like a 99% survival rate for covid. Overall that sounds about right BUT if you are 65 + then the death rate is closer to 80%. Of the people 85 and older then it's a 32% death rate. If it killed 32% of children would the world look at it differently? About vaccines being produced or tested on cloned murdered baby cells. There is a lot of truth to it. Most of us eat food that we buy from the stores. Artificial sweeteners and food additives are tested on the murdered cloned baby cells, also cosmetics, shampoo , soap and even the glue that makes a band-aid stick to your skin among other things. How do we avoid it??? I absolutely do not know. I am following the Bishops guidance. They know more than us and have the authority to guide us. They may amend their advice at some point but they know better than us. Let's not devour each other in the process, please.
Theophan7/30/2021 8:44 pm
I'm not judging those who wish to take the vaccine. If someone's conscience tells them it's ok to take a vaccine created from cell lines of the aborted, then that's between them and God. My conscience forbids me to do this, and this is also between me and God. If this makes me worthy of ridicule and shaming in the eyes of the world as well as some of our hierarchs, then so be it. I will be judged by Christ alone and so will they.
sherlock_holmes7/30/2021 8:35 pm
On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero...lately because of covid too.
nun Cornelia7/30/2021 7:36 pm
Well, Mila, you and your mother got over it and I suppose that'a all that matters. Many others did not. Like for example Patriarch Irenej of Serbia, Met. Amphilohije of Montenengro, Fr. Dimitry Smirnov, and the many others for whom it did not turn out all right. What about other peoples' mothers, for whom it did not turn out all right?
Matthew7/30/2021 7:17 pm
Calmness and common sense — what a rarity these days. Lord, grant us sinners discernment!
Mila7/30/2021 5:27 pm
I got over the coronavirus and my 66-year-old mother. We were not ill asymptomatically. It's all right. It is strange that the author does not list cases from the Tradition, where the appeal to holy icons and holy people helped to avert epidemics. This is the current state of Orthodox monasticism.
Johanna7/30/2021 4:20 pm
ACatherina: Yes, I agree. I also think it is very suspicious that those who are so aggressively against precautions and vaccinations because of the aborted fetuses have no regard for the old people (and not only old people) who are dying of COVID. And wouldn't it be handy to get rid of all the pro-lifers and aged people who are supposedly a burden on society by getting them to believe that they don't need to take any precautions? Let them get sick and die--but the fetuses! Those people don't give a hoot about fetuses either. If they did, they would be directing their efforts against the evil of abortion, and irresponsible fornication.
Moderator7/30/2021 4:14 pm
Stephen Weert: Although your comment would have served as an excellent example of the anti-vaxxer aggression Met. Hilarion spoke of, we do not open comments with ad hominem attacks on the author.
Paul7/30/2021 2:10 pm
I would respectfully like to point out that although the actual circumstances are not categorically clear, research and science very strongly point to an elective abortion as the source of the HEK-293 cell line. This is also the generally accepted narrative among secular scientists who have no moral concerns about using aborted children in medical experimentation. Further research from scientists who have joined the pro-life movement indicate that for a cell line to be useful, the foetus needs to be alive and healthy at the point of extraction. Furthermore, so called "safe" abortions were readily available in the Netherlands from the early 1970s with the first abortion clinic opening in 1971. The lifting of restrictions was progressive over a period of some years. There is an excellent piece of level headed investigative journalism here which includes evidence from a medical scientist who gave up researching using the HEK-293 when she realised it's origin. According to the Lozier Institute who research vaccines, the HEK-293 cell line is used in the Sputnik V vaccine. Whilst there is debate among Christians about whether it is morally acceptable to accept a vaccine that has used foetal cell lines in production / testing let us not bury our heads in the sand about this.
Sandor Bronn7/30/2021 12:22 pm
@James: You are, brother, entitled to believe as you wish, naturally. I am, also; and, I do not believe you read all I wrote, nor that you have truly seen for yourself, nor have done much research, but have only taken as truth what you have heard and read. I did not say only that "COVID is all psyop". I said much more than that, and related what I have seen, and what I have not seen. Tell me, is not the common cold a variety of coronavirus? What happened to the illness of influenza? Did medical science eradicate it, while COVID by itself supposedly killed people? I say again, in other words to make amply clear: for those who suffered and died, I have compassion and pray for their salvation. I am not callo9us. I merely question that from which they died. I question what has been reported to us as fact, without proper evidences. So, I actually agree with much of what Sister wrote. I disagree, however, with the wholesale acceptance of the fact of a "pandemic", when this does not follow the definition of the word. This is called "redefinition of terms" and was used much by the demonic Soviet régime. I also disagree with the justifications for profaning the power of the Holy Spirit in our Orthodox Churches. One cannot get ill within the Sacred Sanctuary of the All-Holy Trinity, nor sick from the use of one spoon for Holy Communion, nor has it been permitted to us by the Holy Fathers to don masks in church, much moreso for priests and bishops. I call on you to seek truth, and to think for yourself, and not blindly believe what the servants of Satan have told us. Science is not Orthdoxy, just as the sun is not God. I do believe that God allowed all this to bring us closer to Him. May this be true for you also. May God bless and save you and yours.
James7/30/2021 11:31 am
Sandor, your ramblings are a good example of what this article is trying to counter, and rightfully so. Your statement that COVID is all psyop is a callous insult to the memory of those who have suffered and died from this disease.
nun Cornelia7/30/2021 11:28 am
Hans: "Termination of pregnancy" was used, if you read more carefully, with regard to the probable miscarriage used in the Netherlands in 1973, before abortions were legalized in that country. A miscarriage is also a termination of pregnancy.
nun Cornelia7/30/2021 11:25 am
JJ: No, this article was written in English and has not been translated into Russian. But you can find Met. Tikhon's address here: I don't have a link to the Russian original of Met. Hilarion's interview.
nun Cornelia7/30/2021 11:08 am
Theophan: I don't see that the words of abbot of Karakalou contradict what is being said in this article. He is not saying that the vaccination is the mark of the beast, nor is this article saying that everyone should get the vaccination. It is up to each person. But hysteria has never been a good thing, and I don't think anyone on Mt. Athos endorses it. By the way, certain monks on Mt. Athos were the most vocal against identification cards in Greece at one time, but now everyone there has one, including the monks of Mt. Athos. That of course does not negate what both Elder Philotheos and Elder John (Krestiankin) said about the antichrist--that we all make decisions throughout our lives that incline us either toward or against the antichrist. I think that Elder Philotheos (and I have met him personally) would agree that we have to work on our spiritual lives and not judge, condemn, or make an idol out of the vaccine, but stick to the Gospel commandments in our daily lives. Then God will protect us from the evil all around.
JJ7/30/2021 11:02 am
Is this article available in Russian? I would like to send it to a Russian friend. If so where can it be found?. Thank you for your help.
Hans7/30/2021 11:00 am
"Termination of pregnancy" is known as "murder" to the Orthodox. "And the words of Fr. John (Krestiankin) point to the fact that our work is not in disseminating theories and rumors, but in the good old-time religion of the holy fathers—who have told us in many different writings that discernment is the most important virtue." So.. how about taking this to heart? Instead of applying utilitarian logic? The mark of the beast is first received in the heart, long before it is applied to the body. Many have already received it and at blindly flying on the tragectory to destruction, dragging others with themselves.
ACatharina7/30/2021 10:55 am
Oh dear, are those cliques clashing in the streets and on the internet! Completely abandoning human decency - this is something that may bind us to the antichrist, before any mark is even introduced. And yes, Metropolitan Hilarion is onto something...
Theophan7/30/2021 12:46 am
And yet we also have holy elders giving us the exact opposite message from the position this article takes. With all due respect for the venerable nun's article above, I agree with the elder. The demons are behind a great deal of our current world events and the rulers of this world are feverishly seeking to increase their power and control over the people. It's also no secret that these same rulers believe we have a critical overpopulation problem. Vaccine manufacturers make billions daily and have ties to media and medical institutional narratives. Unfortunately it's no longer as simple as it was in the old days when everyone "trusted the experts". Couldn't it also be possible that the internet is being utilized by heavenly powers in helping to expose hidden evils and corruption in this world that would otherwise remain unknown?
Sandor Bronn7/29/2021 11:32 pm
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ saith: 32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come. (Matthew 12) Glory to You, O Lord!
Sandor Bronn7/29/2021 9:01 pm
Respectfully disagree. Most, if not all COVID-related deaths had co-morbidities, and it is forbidden in the Pedalion to wear a face covering in church. I invite evidence-based counter-arguments for my edification. I've heard and read enough opinions on this topic to sink an aircraft carrier, but no actual evidence. Having said this... yes, the Internet is a seething mass of bad data and outright disinformation. COVID-19 is either just a renamed influenza convenient for government power-grabs; or, the greatest psyop (psychological operation) of all times. It's no coincidence that it targets the practice of organised religion, especially Orthodoxy. Again, I welcome being proven wrong.
Sandor Bronn7/29/2021 8:10 pm
Dear in Christ Sister Cornelia, In the past 18 months, I have travelled to several countries, and communicated with people from many more, people whose perceptions are trustworthy. NOT ONE PERSON actually manifesting the supposed symptoms of "COVID-19" has been witnessed. At the height of the so-called pandemic, I was passing by a hospital in Spain on seevral successive Sundays, whilst returning from church, and what did I see? Orderlies hurriedly transporting the deathly-ill on stretchers into the "COVID" word? No... a long queue of parked ambulances. These were not things I read about on the Internet, but reports from real-flesh-and-blood people. Yes, pulmonary infections and embolisms do exist, but they existed before 2019. Interestingly enough, the influenza season, which claims on an average of 600,000 victims a year, mostly with co-morbidities... has been cancelled until further notice, by the WHO and the likes of Dr Fauci (Fraudchi?), who are immersed in their newfound fame and honour. No, I don't suppose the now-permanent emergency government powers, nor global social control have anything to do with it... nor the decision to close down the world made immediately following the 'suicide' of infamous paedophile and pimp-to-the-stars Jeffrey Epstein. Habeas corpus? I haven't seen it. Vaccines ready even before the "pandemic" was declared? Historical... or hysterical? Does it not strike you as strange that an illness from which 99% of people recover, affecting 0.00000046 of the population causes a worldwide lockdown? It does me. Maybe it was all just a coincidence. Let's say COVID-SARSv2 actually exists, for a moment, and that "we are all asymptomatic carriers", if not actually manifesting symptoms. Odd, how other, more lethal sicknesses, like Ebola, did not cause the simultaneous global power-grab in which we have seen governments indulging. I personally encountered a policeman in Spain who was in such fear due to the briefing he'd been given, that he was too afraid to exit his patrol car to question my wife and me, on what we were doing out of the house (food shopping). DId we not watch TV? (We don't.) Thanks to God, we were able to escape that ridiculous country... I have also seen people who affirm belief in Christ wearing masks in the Holy Church, where we are enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, and even Holy Priests wearing masks in Church, and administering Holy Communion using a different silver spoon for each communicant. Tell me... why?? So, I offer the above in counterweight to the premise of your article, specifically in regard to "COVID-19" and its attendant and very real malaise (psychological, mostly), and the statements of revered Orthodox clergymen, linked herewith: "A most dreadful prophecy" made in 2016, by Elder Savvas Achilleos "Wisdom from Athonite Fathers: concerning masks" by Geronda Vasileios of Kafsokalyvia (in 2012) and Archimadrite Savvas Agioreitis "Dreadful Warnings from Heaven (2020)" by Archimadrite Savvas Agioreitis, regarding an actual event involving a Bishop in Herzegovina "What The New Order Wants // Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou" Please disregard my own personal observations as invalid, if you wish, but please also listen to our blessed Clergy and their observations about this phenomenon. There are moany more talks given on this topic by Orthodox clergy, all searchable on YouTube, for just one source. The one major upside to the so-called pandemic: faith in God and repentance is increased thereby... All Glory to His Name! Tendered respectfully and humbly... With love and faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Sandor PS. I have been forced to accept the "vaccine", so I may perform necessary travel. Please pray for my health, and for my salvation should God call me.
Gary Cox7/29/2021 2:21 pm
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Advice we all can use. An excellent and well thought out article!
Steve7/29/2021 2:14 pm
It's so good to find confirmation of my beliefs from these writings of Nun Cornelia, and right here on the internet!
Basil Hill-Zeck7/29/2021 1:21 pm
"O brethren, let us strive to preserve our conscience while we are in this world, let us not allow it to refuse us in any matter. Let us not trample upon it in any way, even in the smallest thing. Know that from disdaining this small thing which is in essence nothing, we go on to disdain also a great thing." -- St. Abba Dorotheos
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