Greek hierarch protests Pope’s visit next month

Konitsa, Greece, November 8, 2021

Romfea Romfea     

His Eminence Metropolitan Andreas of Konitsa of the Orthodox Church of Greece is not pleased that Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the Orthodox country next month.

The head of the Roman Catholic church will visit Cyprus from December 2 to 4, followed by Greece from December 4 to 6, the Vatican confirmed on Friday.

In response, Met. Andreas sent a letter to the Greek Holy Synod, published on Romfea, emphasizing that he isn’t concerned about how the state, which invited the Pope for the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution, handles the visit, but how the Orthodox Church responds: “I’m very interested in what the Greek Church will do when the heretic of the Vatican steps on the sanctified soil of our Greek homeland, which is watered with the blood of many martyrs and heroes.”

Will the Synod participate in the events in honor of the Pope? Will it refer to him as a “beloved brother in Christ?” the hierarch wonders. This would certainly cause a scandal in the Church, Met. Andreas affirms.

The Pope last visited in Greece in April 2016, when he visited a refugee camp on the island of Lesbos with Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and Patriarch Bartholomew.

Elsewhere, he notes that the “heretical papacy has never helped the Greek nation or Orthodoxy. On the contrary, it seemed particularly harmful, if we recall the atrocities of the Latins during the fall of Constantinople and the martyrdoms the Orthodox were subjected to during the infamous Ferrara-Florence Council,” among other tragic events.

Thus, Met. Andreas “strongly protests against the coming of the heresiarch Francis Bergolio to Orthodox Greece,” which could only serve to harm the Church.

Met. Andreas was among the four metropolitans who spoke out in favor of Orthodoxy and called in 2019 for the primates of the Church to convene a council to deal with the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s anti-canonical invasion of Ukraine.

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J. Cocchiarelli11/24/2021 7:38 am
God, the Blessed Trinity, keep and preserve Met. Andreas! I was wondering who among the Greek Orthodox would speak out against this very dangerous man pretending to be a bishop and leader of catholic Christians! He is a radical supporter of the Chinese Communist Party in subservience to his supreme owner, Rothschild! I think that St. Mark of Ephesus must hold Met. Andreas in his saintly care. What the Northern Italian church of Roman heretics did in 1453 was to connive with the Turks and thereby assure the collapse of the Byzantine Roman Empire for purely economic and satanic reasons. Later on, as all Orthodox people should know, the popes of Rothschild drove remaining Orthodox clergy and communities from Southern Italy in order to guarantee their satanic overlord, Rothschild's, full control over the Christians of Italy.
Γιάννης11/11/2021 3:16 pm
The three falls in the history of mankind - St. Justin Popovic Saint Justin Popovic In the history of mankind there are three main falls: Adam, Judas and the Pope. The essence of the fall into sin is always the same: to want to be good to oneself; to want to be perfect to oneself; but in this way man is unconsciously equal to the devil. Because he also wanted to become God by himself, to replace God with himself. And in his arrogance he became at once a devil, completely separated from God and all against God.The fall of the pope lies in wanting to replace the Godman with man. From the book of St. Justin Popovic "THE ORTHODOX CHURCH AND ECUMENISM", pp. 212-213, Publication of the Holy Monastery of the Archangels Celie, Valjevo, Serbia.
Panagiotis11/9/2021 3:52 am
God bless Metropolitan Andreas, he spoke the truth, indeed historically speaking the Latin Popes in Rome have never been friends of Greece or Orthodox People..... he should apologize not only for the Latin Crusader sacking of Constantinople, but for many other things.. he should apologize for the Croatian ustase massacre of my Serbian Orthodox Brothers... he should apologize for all of the so-called Greek Catholic Churches that were established in Orthodox Land, churches that were used to convert our Orthodox Brothers away from the Holy Orthodox Faith, which is the original Christian Faith....... he should also apologize for the Roman Catholic supremacists who for years looked down their noses on the Orthodox People, i.e. Orthodox People were subjected to discrimination in lands where the Roman Catholics were the majority...... I could go on and on ... The ecumenical nonsense movement will precede the arrival of the Antichrist, i.e. the false Messiah.......
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