Monastics report: Ukrainian army continues shelling damaged Donetsk monastery housing 300 citizens (+VIDEO)

Nikolskoye, Donetsk, April 12, 2022

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Although the churches and other buildings of the Monastery of St. Basil and the Convent of St. Nicholas in the village of Nikolskoye, Donetsk, have already suffered severe damage, and although the monastery is housing 300 local citizens, the Ukrainian army continues its shelling against the monastery.

This was reported to OrthoChristian by the monastics themselves, who ask all readers to pray for peace and safety.

The monasteries, founded by the beloved Elder Zosima (Sokur, †2002), are a focal point in the current conflict, as they continue to follow the traditions of their founder, who was strongly in favor of Russian-Ukrainian spiritual unity.

The monastics initially reported that the monastery was freed from the Ukrainian Army on March 13, but it came under severe attack again.

His Grace Bishop Ambrose of Volovakha, vicar of the Donetsk Diocese, was injured in the left arm during an attack on the monasteries in late March and had to undergo surgery, and the holy cell where Elder Zosima lived was destroyed.

The video below shows the extent of the damage to the monastery:

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Panagiotis4/17/2022 3:37 am
To Jasmin: I have read the comments of Ioann on this post and others, and he does not appear to be bipolar to me. He appears to be educated and well-informed to me, as well as a devout Orthodox Christian. If you disagree with him, then state the reasons for your opinion, instead of asking a question like that. Ioann is a Strong Orthodox Christian and my Orthodox Brother... .. .. This is a conservative Orthodox Christian website, one of the few websites like this for Orthodox People. I have disagreed with others on this website, but they are still my Orthodox Brothers, and we must try to be Unified until all these problems are resolved... Our enemies have a big smile on their ugly faces, as they have achieved their goal of dividing the Orthodox People, but they will fail, as we will all be united again. And all of the Orthodox Churches will be United again too!, let us pray to our Almighty God for this, and let us Fear Him... Almighty God shows mercy to those who Fear Him... Just my humble opinion.
Jasmin4/16/2022 1:28 pm
Hello. Do we know whether our beloved brother ''Ioan'' is bipolar??? He seems to be responding to himself???????????????
Ioann4/15/2022 3:26 pm
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow did indeed say this: “The atrocities committed against people cannot be explained by anything other than as an act of the devil’s power. All those who burned people alive were under the dominion of the devil.” Your Holiness, what about Patriarchs who bless the commitment of atrocities including burning people alive? For example, the Russian military has deployed its heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 against our Ukrainian brothers and sisters…
Ioann4/12/2022 6:18 pm
“They only defended their right to live as they wanted, to not be subjected to other, alien orders; they didn’t want to accept the world order being imposed on them by force…Of course, some try to interpret what happened as the peculiarities of the political struggle of the time, but the atrocities committed against people cannot be explained by anything other than as an act of the devil’s power. All those who burned people alive were under the dominion of the devil.” - Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow on the terrible events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa.
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