Greek clerics oppose legalization of so-called “third gender”

Greece, May 3, 2022

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A number of priests of the Church of Greece have addressed the country’s Prime Minister, calling on him not to raise the issue of legalizing the so-called “third gender” for discussion in Parliament.

The text of the appeal was published on April 30 by Ekklisia Online and other Greek outlets.

According to media reports, the first steps towards the recognition of the “third gender” were taken by Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, which added “other” to the gender options on training center application forms, reports Orthodox Life. The current “Say Yes!” campaign is also actively pushing for “marriage equality” in Greece.

“Small minorities, well organized and having broad access to both print and electronic forms of mass media, have been pushing government and parties for years to legally recognize their sexual deviations,” seven priests write to PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Even Christians with a casual relationship with the Church know that God created two sexes, and there is no third, the letter reads.

“According to the natural order established by God, a man is attracted to a woman, and a woman is attracted to a man. This attraction opens the way to marriage, which in the Christian Church is considered the ‘Great Sacrament,’ the secret of love, the source and cradle of human life and the path leading spouses and their children to Christian perfection,” the priests write.

The Church considers the family to be a little home church, and therefore, “it’s quite natural that the Church wuldn’t accept any union apart from a blessed Christian marriage.”

Homosexuality and such sexual sins are “according to the Apostle Paul, a grave, mortal carnal sin, which, if the person who committed it doesn’t repent, excludes him from the Kingdom of God,” the priests write.

The Church cannot compromise with sin, but patiently prays for the return of its children, they emphasize.

Recall that in December 2015, Greek Parliament legalized civil partnerships for gay couples, and in October 2017, it adopted the “On the Legal Recognition of Gender Identity” law, allowing anyone 15 or older to change their gender by written declaration.

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Anthony Moustoukas7/29/2023 1:18 am
We are all Gods children but like children we can be deceived and influenced. God loves each and everyone of us whatever our sexuality. But God made us male and female and some born with mixed genitalia and others disfigured or disabled. We were meant to be perfect but after our fall we are open to attack from the evil one, God lets this happen. It is to teach us the importance of being obedient to our creator. Once we have tasted life without God then we can see clear the difference of life with God. To all that have God in their heart, try to help others around you, do not persecute or criticise as we are all open to evil. The lucky few who have the foresight of Gods love must help others to reach this goal for the saving of their souls. The word of God does not change to accommodate the falling of man. Man will further fall but the word of God, the bible and the liturgy must be kept holy and strict to the word. Modern times are trying to change the word to accommodate modern deviances. This should not happen. God made man to follow him, man cannot make the rules or change them, the rules are not of this Earth. They are made to save man from evil therefore evil cannot make the rules. We must be careful to keep to the holy word and not allow deviances to creep in. No gay priests, no women priests, no gay marriages. If you are gay, with prayer you can be changed, if your desire is so great, with prayer it can be tolerated and controlled. With confession and fasting and holy communion anything is possible through our lord God, our most pure and holy father. Show him respect, love and obedience, follow his command, appreciate your life and soul, and he can do anything for you. Treat him as your best friend and he will be. He will show you miracles you could never imagine. The closer you get to God the bigger the miracles. Have faith and trust and you’re prayers will always be answered. Pray for the weak in spirit and love all around you. Strive to be as perfect as you can for your Lord and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Gods peace be with you all.
George5/21/2022 12:09 pm
Chaos everywhere. Even in our churches. Church against church fighting for material things and power over man. Sold there soul to be loved by the world.
Christos5/6/2022 11:13 am
I wish the Prime Minister of Greece listens to the priests and does not do any such nonsense, otherwise the priests shout in vain. Our society has become emetic now. We have embellished the mistake and we did it right. We must understand that a society that promotes standards of perversion will never progress. THERE IS NO "THIRD GENDER". God made men and women. He did not make a "third gender". The "third gender" is a TRICK of the devil to deceive Christians. We orthodox Christians are obliged to understand that homosexuality and all that is related is a passion that we must fight with regular confession and regular Holy Communion. It is not fought in any other way. We must surround all these homosexual people with love and understanding and help them understand that what they have is not normal and that they can fight it and we will strengthen them as much as we can with our prayers. It is no coincidence that all those who support homosexuals or the so-called "third gender" are not Orthodox or are atheists. Not everything we get today is accidental. Neither the coronavirus is accidental nor the fratricidal war in Ukraine is accidental. For all that is happening in our world today, only we and our sins are to blame. If we kneel and repent and ask God for forgiveness and live as true orthodox Christians from now on, you will see that everything will disappear. And the diseases will go away and the wars will stop and everything will calm down. It is enough for us to imitate the Holy Robber and say with him: "Remember us Lord when you come into your kingdom". Think about the standards we set for our children. How will they grow up in a perverted world that constantly promotes perversions? We are indignant now! Enough! Because we were born and raised in orthodox countries we think orthodoxy is a given for us and we do not fight spiritually. Ask others who live in countries where Orthodoxy is strictly forbidden and being Orthodox means death.
Panagiotis5/4/2022 3:13 am
For thousands of years no one ever heard of such nonsense! Why now? Is this paving the way for the arrival of the Antichrist or false Messiah? There is only man and woman, as this is what Almighty God intended, and nothing else. The false Messiah will be born to a sexually defile woman, and he will most likely be a sexual deviant..... Wake up and put the pieces of the puzzle together! Our people now have been weakened because we are divided, and the no good liberals are going to take advantage of this. God bless the Greek Priests and Bishops who are opposing this. The Greek people should not underestimate this nonsense. The no good liberals take small steps like they did in Western Countries. Do not give in one inch to these no-good liberals. The Greek People must oppose this, as well as the transgender nonsense, the sodomite marriage nonsense, abortion, feminism, and other no good liberal movements. These movements will weaken our people, and then the Antichrist or false Messiah will arrive and deceive many people into accepting him as the Messiah. Weak people are easily manipulated and deceived. That is why, how many times I have to say, that we must be Strong Orthodox and we must be united. When we are divided this only pleases our enemies. Just my humble opinion.
Fei-yu(Mainland China)5/3/2022 3:39 pm
Evil ages!
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