Met. Onuphry changes how he commemorates—reads diptychs of Orthodox primates (+VIDEO)

Kiev, May 28, 2022     

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine commemorated all the primates of the Local Churches with whom the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is in communion during the Liturgy at the Kiev Caves Lavra today.

Thus, Met. Onuphry didn’t commemorate His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia as the hierarch over him, but rather read the diptychs according to the practice of the primates of the autocephalous Local Churches.

Previously, as the head of an autonomous Church within the Moscow Patriarchate, Met. Onuphry commemorated His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia as the primate of the Local Russian Church, while Pat. Kirill commemorates the heads of the other Local Churches.

At 1:16:25 in the video below, the deacon commemorates “Orthodox Patriarchs,” followed by Met. Onuphry, and His Grace Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, the abbot of the Kiev Caves Lavra.

At 1:31:25, Met. Onuphry begins reading the diptychs of Orthodox primates during the Great Entrance, as would the primate of a Local Church. In this commemoration, he prays for Pat. Kirill as a primate with whom he is in communion.

His Beatitude didn’t commemorate Patriarchs Bartholomew of Constantinople or Theodoros of Alexandria, or Archbishops Chrysostomos of Cyprus or Ieronymos of Greece.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church held a Local Council on Friday, which resolved to strengthen the self-governance and independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was announced that amendments and additions were made to the UOC statutes to that end.

Following the Council, Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich, the Deputy Head of the UOC’s Department for External Church Relations, reported that all mention of any connection with the Russian Orthodox Church was removed from the statutes.

The UOC statutes previously stated, in the section concerning the primate of the UOC: “The name of His Beatitude the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine is elevated at the Divine services in all churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church after the name of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.”

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James7/16/2022 10:39 pm
Afanassy: You expect me to take your statistics seriously when you can't even remember where you got them? Or from a wikipedia page written by a representative of the Kyiv Patriarchate, which is itself a breakoff from the OCU at this point? Spurious sources in English and not even in Russian or Ukrainian are no proof of 80% belonging to the OCU. I suggest you read some articles on the website: Union of Orthodox Journalists, which reports from Ukraine itself-- . You can see from their reports that UOC churches are being forcibly seized by the OCU--which means that the parishioners are not voluntarily transferring. So, any statistics coming from the OCU are jerked and false. And Pat. Bartholomew's rewriting of history is hardly a canonical reason for invading another Local Church's canonical territory and setting up an uncanonical structure composed of schismatics and self-ordained "clergy". As for his being delusional, it is a matter of opinion, but not just my own.
Afanassy7/16/2022 5:13 am
James - - - You said, "Where did you get the statistic of 80% of all Ukrainians belonging to the OCU?" I don't know: I can't easily find that reference again. However, that number (and others) were NOT for regular attendees: they were for those who CLAIMED to be in the various church organizations by that survey. I did find a similar survey of regular attendees: It showed that 44% were actually IN the OCU; whereas 12.8% were IN the UOC/MP. That's greater than a 3-to-1 ratio. Quote: "The Kyiv Patriarchate had 44 percent of Orthodox Christians, compared to 12.8 percent for the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate." Ref:–_Kyiv_Patriarchate. You further asserted, "It's patently untrue." Fine: where are your data and credible references to prove it? Then you asked, "And how can the patriarch of Constantinople "set it up" to be canonical?" ANS: By his going back to the 17th Century to justify (rightly or wrongly) his claim that he has jurisdiction over Ukraine and the authority to grant autocephaly. The following Patriarchates recognize that: Alexandria; Greece; and Cyprus: Others do not, at present. Ref: You finally stated: "Contrary to his own delusions, he is not the Eastern pope and cannot change the canons to fit his needs. Canonicity is based on the canons, and not on Pat. Bartholomew's delusions." Unless you are a psychiatrist, how do you know who is delusional? In addition, the number of parishioners leaving the UOC/MP to join the OCU/KP is continually growing. Ref: . So, everything I originally reported stands as it is. Sorry. ==================================
James7/15/2022 1:20 am
Afanassy: Afanassy: Where did you get the statistic of 80% of all Ukrainians belonging to the OCU? It's patently untrue. And how can the patriarch of Constantinople "set it up" to be canonical? Contrary to his own delusions, he is not the Eastern pope and cannot change the canons to fit his needs. Canonicity is based on the canons, and not on Pat. Bartholomew's delusions.
Afanassy7/15/2022 12:35 am
Alex, Ioann, Cat, and James - - - The reality is this: 1) ~80% of all Orthodox Christians in Ukraine belong to the OCU, not the UOC. 2) The OCU has already been set up to be canonical by the Patriarch of Constantinople, whether we like it or not. 3) The OCU has the force, legal or otherwise, of local and national Ukrainian government agencies, the military, and the police; 4) The OCU is seen a as symbol of Ukrainian patriotism, and righty or wrongly, the UOC is not, and is unlikely to be trusted to be free of Russian influence; 5) The UOC is seen by many as having to "pay the price" for its transgression in supporting the Patriarch of Moscow, who himself is documented to have supported the war on their country. So, what do you honestly think the probability is that the UOC and the OCU will merge anytime soon? In 100 Years? =================================
Alex5/31/2022 4:29 am
Cat, if the 'OCU' wants to return to unity with the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, then they would first have to seriously REPENT, then be ORDAINED and CONSECRATED by genuine hierarchs with genuine apostolic succession. The TRUE Church of Ukraine headed by the saintly Met. Onufriy would be the right direction for the 'OCU' to go!
Ioann5/31/2022 12:02 am
Moscow should have known better than to mess with the fierce and formidable St. Olga of Kyiv, Equal to the Apostles!
Cat5/30/2022 11:47 am
What a turn of events. One has to wonder if UOC merges with the OCU eventually.
James5/29/2022 8:45 pm
Good for him. Many years to Metropolitan Onouphry and the genuine Ukrainian Orthodox Church! We continue to be edified by his integrity and honor.
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