15 Orthodox public organizations in Greece oppose government’s proposal to legalize same-sex marriages

Greece, June 10, 2022

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A large number of Orthodox Christian organizations in Greece have joined together to oppose the law legalizing non-traditional marriages, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists, citing meteoronlithopolis.gr .

In a special appeal, 15 Orthodox public organizations of Greece expressed their unanimous rejection of attempts to legalize the “marriage” of persons of the same biological sex, and called the authorities’ decision to legalize same-sex relationships “political”. The appeal further accuses the government of electing to support a narrow group of people with certain sexual preferences over the family and society.

A bill was passed in Greek Parliament as far back as December 2015 to give some of the same rights to gay couples as to traditional married couples, but it did not grant them the right to adopt children. It was stated at the time that this right would be reviewed again in the future. The bill was not passed easily and evoked much disapproval in Greek society, even though according to a survey taken in 2015, a narrow majority of Greeks were in favor of same-sex marriages, with 56% in favor and 35% opposed.

The Greek government has now adopted a number of laws that treat same sex cohabitation as marriage, streamlining child adoption processes for such couples. But as the appeal states, the Orthodox Church does not accept such relationships and refuses to consider them marriage. “Such a union contradicts the division of humanity into two sexes, harms human nature and contradicts the Christian point of view on marriage,” the text says.

These Orthodox organizations expressed their concern that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to the emergence of new types of human exploitation, such as the use of non-human genetic material, surrogate motherhood, and the transfer of children from large families, which will be legally viewed as “dysfunctional”, to same-sex families. Orthodox Greeks declare that man is a divine creation, and he is obligated to follow the “eternal laws of human community”.

The legalization of same-sex marriages has a corrupting effect on the traditional family, the appeal stressed, since children are taught that it is possible to live without father or mother; without relatives or traditional values. They expressed their outrage over the fact that the government cannot seem to find funds to support the traditional family, but is ready to spend money on promoting same-sex unions.

“We oppose any form of legalization of homosexuality, as it does not meet the interests of our family and society. We also express our categorical rejection of the state's qualification of same-sex unions as ‘marriage’, and legalizing them as such,” the appeal concluded.

In conclusion, Orthodox public organizations appealed to the Church of Greece with a request to “take a stand for the benefit of the Orthodox family and our people.”

The appeal was signed by the Association of Women Scientists, the Association of Parents, the Association of Greek Fathers, the Student Union of Greece, the Greek Association of Theologians, and other Greek societal organizations.

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Benjamin6/13/2022 1:57 am
Its easy to criticize so-called "gay marriage", but its really just another link in the chain of things coming apart. In reality, it was heterosexuals, especially the Boomer and Gen-X (at least here in America-- don't know what the stats are like over in Eastern Europe) generations, who destroyed the institution of marriage with their rampant divorce culture and the Sexual Revolution of the 60s. Redefining marriage as between two men or two women is more akin to dancing on the grave of an already dead institution. The actual death blow came about many decades prior. Sad, but true
Panagiotis6/11/2022 2:15 am
God Almighty what nonsense! For thousands of years no one ever heard of this nonsense! Marriage is only between a man and a woman as it always has been since the beginning of mankind. The idea of two sodomites getting married is absolutely absurd. Even if you are a no-good liberal who believes in evolution, then you realize if everyone was homosexual then how could the human race continue? How can this be normal? Homosexuality is not normal, plain and simple. I urge my Greek Brothers and Sisters for the sake of our Orthodox People and the Greek Nation, to strongly oppose this wicked evil proposition. This will weaken the family, and when the family is weakened, the community is weakened, then the churches weakened, then the nation is weakened . The nation must remain strong as we have enemies. Can you imagine two soldiers who are married sodomites in the military? What will this do for the military morale? The enemies of the Greek people will laugh at the Greek military if there are married male sodomites in it. This is the work of the devil, plain and simple! The Antichrist will be a sexual deviant born from a sexually defile mother. Also, I do not believe what the polls say. Are these polls administered by no good liberals? I believe that the vast majority of the Greek people are conservative and do not support this nonsense. Therefore, I beg my Greek brothers and sisters who are reading this, to contact all of their family, friends, neighbors and everyone else, to urge all of the Greek People to contact their government representatives and urge them to vote NO against this demonic proposition! I hope that all of the Monasteries and Churches from Crete to Mount Athos to Thessaloniki, will be filled with our people praying. Do not underestimate the sodomites and their allies, they are cohesive and very wealthy, since most sodomites do not have children and therefore can accumulate a large amount of wealth. Patriarch Kirill spoke the truth about the sodomites. God bless him! Also, as I have said before, maybe instead of a European Union, there should be an Orthodox Union.......Just my humble opinion.
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