Newly-canonized child martyr celebrated in Bosnia (+VIDEO)

Drinjača, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 3, 2022

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Slobodan Stojanović was 11 years old when he was brutally murdered by an Albanian woman 30 years ago. His death has become a symbol of the suffering children of the war in Bosnia.

At its May session, the Bishops’ Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church resolved to canonize the New Martyr Slobodan, and on July 27, his glorification was celebrated for the first time in the Bosnian village of Drinjača, near where the boy’s family lived in Kamenica, reports

Two other New Martyrs from the area, Archpriests Milan Petković and Timotej Popović, are commemorated the same day. The icons of all the New Martyrs of Kamenica were placed in the Church of the Holy Deacon Habakkuk, where the celebration was held.

The sufferings of little Slobodan are a prism through which to contemplate the sufferings of every child in the war, said parish priest Fr. Marko Danojlović during his sermon after the Liturgy.

The child Slobodan approached life with open arms, just as he approached the enemy who eventually killed him, Fr. Marko emphasized.

“The greatest tragedy is that the world’s scales don’t measure victims the same, even if they’re children,” the priest said.

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Slobodan was killed by the Albanian Alfeta Veseli, who fought for Bosnian Islamists. His body was found in June 1993 in a mass grave near Jošanica with numerous fatal head and body injuries inflicted both pre- and post-mortem. His ear was cut off, incisions were made on his stomach with a sharp object, and a bullet hit him in the temple at close range.

Veseli was found in Switzerland and given only a minimum sentence in 2019.

It is planned to erect a monument to St. Slobodan in Kamenica.

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Panagiotis 8/7/2022 5:17 am
Slobodan is in Paradise now. +++ The boys memory will be eternal! +++ I think what Orthodox Brother Alexander is saying is that the boy was killed because of his Serbian Ethnicity. This is true. Orthodox Brother Borislav is also correct in that the boy was killed because of his Orthodox Faith. The little boy was killed for both reasons. The monster that killed the boy allegedly carved a cross in his stomach. He also allegedly had his throat cut so savagely that it severed part of his ear. What kind of monster does this? How could a woman allegedly do this to a child? God Almighty! She was sentenced to only 13 years for allegedly killing this poor little boy, who returned to get his dog and was savagely murdered. Does it not appear that the pathetic sentence of 13 years in prison may indicate that the life of an Orthodox Christian is not valued much by some?..... There would have been many more barbaric murders like this if the Serbian people were not nationalists and defended themselves...... The future of our Orthodox People is in unity and cohesion among ourselves. We do not have a bright future with the West. Let us pray that the Orthodox Monarchies are re-established, and then let us pray of an Orthodox Union of Orthodox Nations. And I know this is far fetched, and I am just dreaming, but would it not be great if there was one large Orthodox Nation stretching from St Petersburg to Athens! All of our people, Serbian, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, North Macedonian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Belarusian, etc all United in one large Orthodox Nation! Then I guarantee you there would never again be a little boy like Slobodan who is savagely murdered..... Just my humble opinion.
Borislav Maksimović8/3/2022 4:54 pm
@Alexander Leitner Yes, he is, as he was murdered BECAUSE he was Orthodox Christian, which by a definition makes him a holy martyr.
Makarios8/3/2022 4:24 pm
@Alexander: you claim to know better than the Holy Spirit and our blessed hierarchs?
Alexander Leitner8/3/2022 2:01 pm
A martyr is someone who died for Christ and His faith. Someone killed brutally is not a (holy) martyr in church.
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