Schismatics tell World Council of Churches they don’t seize churches in bid to join the organization

Kiev, August 5, 2022


After applying for membership in the World Council of Churches in April, the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” met with representatives of the organization in Kiev on Wednesday.

According to Epiphany Dumenko, the head of the schismatic OCU, they don’t seize churches and force them into schism, but rather, “The transition of communities is a natural phenomenon.”

Dumenko, Evstraty Zorya, and other OCU representatives met with Archpriest Ioan Sauca, a Romanian Orthodox priest and acting Secretary General of the WCC and other representatives from the inter-church organization, reports the OCU press service.

The sides discussed interfaith relations in Ukraine against the background of the ongoing war, and the “conscious and free transition of communities to the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.”

Dumenko told the WCC reps:

The transition of communities is a natural phenomenon, we don’t create it artificially, and despite various attempts, this process can’t be stopped. Often, I myself only learn from media reports that a particular parish has decided to join our Church. We’re open to dialogue and want to live in peace with everyone, so we’re interested in the voluntary and peaceful implementation of this process.

However, it’s well known that the OCU and its predecessor organizations have violently and illegally seized hundreds of parishes throughout the country over the years, often with the support and cooperation of the authorities. This campaign has seriously ramped up since the war began in February.

Most recently, OrthoChristian reported that a group of OCU schismatics beat a priest and several old women while attempting to seize the Church of St. Paraskeva in the village of Pirogovtsy, Khmelnitsky Province, late last month.

Meanwhile, the OCU has been invited to participate in the WCC General Assembly in early September.

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Fred Baldwin8/6/2022 4:08 am
As a member of OCA and the father of an OCA priest and as an Orthodox man who has family in Krivoy Rog Ukraine. I find it hard to accept this division in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The one true church for all Ukraine is UOC in my opinion. However, I knew this was coming eight years ago when Russia occupied Crimea and the Donbass. Schismatics have done terrible things to take over UOC churches all over Ukraine.
Rdr Daniel8/5/2022 7:42 pm
Perhaps a wake up call for actual Orthodox Churches to walk out of this heretical group and leave the schismatics to it.
Mikhail8/5/2022 4:38 pm
When the schismatics join in September, it will be the perfect opportunity for all other canonical jurisdictions to leave this demonic organization. Correction...the EP can stay.
Alex8/5/2022 3:30 pm
Such vile, and evil people!!
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