Beauty You Can’t Hide


The Lord fills the church with people, and our task is to fill our inner church with prayer. And we must pay attention not only to the world around us, but also the world inside of us, which is the world of Christ. This is very important, because these worlds are interconnected. If we have inner peace, then the world outside of us will change, that is, all the disorder, everything that we don’t like, that contradicts our beliefs, will change.

The Lord created us according to His image and likeness. And since He created beauty, we can create it too—first within ourselves, and then it will become visible from the outside as well. When we have peace on the inside, everyone who looks at us will be energized with this peace and filled with beauty.

It’s important that we not say any careless words, that we not offend anyone, that we correct ourselves if we do something wrong. We have to watch over ourselves at all times: “Am I living right? Am I living the way the Lord wants me to?” Yes, things don’t always work out for us; there are other experiences in life, but God can fix everything, if we give Him the opportunity. If we monitor ourselves and ask God for help, He’ll make sure all our shortcomings go away, disappear, dissolve. And then God will be able to create beauty through us—we simply won’t be a hindrance for Him.


How do flowers grow? First the stem grows, then the buds, and then the beautiful flowers bloom. It’s the same for us—we need time in our lives to open up, for the beauty to become visible from the outside. When a man lives beautifully, his face also becomes different: It manifests his inner beauty. Of course, we don’t try to reflect beauty on the face, but to acquire it on the inside—then it will be reflected by itself; you can’t hide it. When it acts from the heart, man will become holy, that is, like God.

Fr. Valery Zakharov
Translation by Jesse Dominick

St. Elisabeth Convent


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