Ukrainian hierarch taking Pres. Zelensky to court for canceling citizenship of 13 bishops

Kiev, January 23, 2023     

On December 28, President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine signed a decree depriving 13 hierarchs of their Ukrainian citizenship.

Among the affected hierarchs are His Eminence Metropolitan Arseny of Svyatovorsk, abbot of the much-suffering Holy Dormition-Svyatogorsk Lavra, His Eminence Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchin, who has been charged with treason by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), several hierarchs from Crimea whose dioceses moved into the Russian Church after the UOC separeted itself from the Moscow Patriarchate in May, and His Eminence Metropolitan Melety of Chernivtsi and Bukovina, who was also the subject of an SBU search.

According to the Ukrainian outlet, the given hierarchs could also be deported, and the possibility of introducing similar measures against six more people is currently being studied.

However, Met. Melety, who serves as the chairman of the Ukrainian Church’s Department for External Church Relations, is fighting the presidential decree in court.

According to the Union of Orthodox Journalists, with reference to an official government judiciary site, a case has been opened in the Supreme Court, with President Zelensky listed as the defendant.

His Eminence is also preparing a corresponding lawsuit, calling for a stop to the decree.

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Alex1/25/2023 6:19 am
Bob, Zelensky is an idiot clown...just a pawn of the West. He makes no moves without the consent or permission of his puppet masters. (May God save us all!)
Bob1/24/2023 7:50 pm
And the Western world thinks Zelensky is a good guy. The danger for citizens of the Western nations is that their political leaders actually want to emulate all the worst of Zelensky's behaviors so as to put tighter controls on free people everywhere.
Panagiotis1/24/2023 5:19 am
God Almighty, isn't that something. Here is a dictatorial midget who is allegedly not of Ethnic Ukrainian descent, I.E. the clown president of the Ukraine is allegedly of Ashkenazi Ethnicity, but this clown revoked the citizenship of Ethnic Ukrainians who are living in their own Ukrainian Nation. God Almighty, what an injustice. The defense minister and prime minister of the Ukraine are also allegedly of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. How can this be when Ashkenazi People are not even 1% of the Ukrainian population? Is it just a coincidence that these three top leaders are all allegedly of Ashkenazi Ethnicity? Why are many other top leaders allegedly Uniates (Eastern Catholics)? Questions they do not like you to ask. Ukraine is an Orthodox Christian Nation, just like Russia, Serbia, Greece, Etc. Ethnic Ukrainians Are Slavic People like their Russian Brothers. But the internationalists have brainwashed many Ukrainian Orthodox into hating their own blood relatives. God Willing all Orthodox Christians will WAKE UP. Wake up and support our Russian Orthodox Brothers. If the internationalists destroy conservative Russia and the conservative Russian Orthodox Church, then they will be able to destroy any Orthodox Church and any Orthodox People. But some brainwashed Orthodox People are too stupid to see this. May Almighty God and The Panagia give our people knowledge and protect us. All glory to God and fear Him. Just my humble opinion.
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