Bible published in Karakalpak language (Uzbekistan)

Moscow, January 26, 2023

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The Institute for Bible Translation continues its blessed work of translating Sacred Scripture into the languages of the non-Slavic peoples living in Russia and the former Soviet states, this time with a publication of the entire Bible in the Karakalpak language.

The project began in the mid-90s, and was carried out in partnership with other international Bible translation organizations, the Institute reports.

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Karakalpak means “black hat,” named after the male national black fleecy headdress. The Karakalpaks live mainly in the Republic of Karkalpakstan in northwestern Uzbekistan, and also in Kazakhstan and Russia.

The language is part of the Turkic family and is closely related to the Kazakh language. According to a 2019 survey, it is spoken by 726,000 people in Uzbekistan. The Karakalpaks are traditionally Sunni Muslims, but some have become Christians in recent decades.

The four Gospels and various other books of the Bible were individually published along the way.

The new edition is published in both Cyrillic and Latin scripts and features introductions to each book of the Bible, a glossary, commentaries, maps of Biblical places, and more.

The new publication be found on the Institute site in the electronic publications section (Cyrillic, Latin), as well as for Android (Cyrillic, Latin) and iOS (Cyrillic, Latin) apps.

The first complete Bible in the Uzbek language was published in June 2017.

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