Moscow: Orthodox university refuses to issue diploma with transgender student’s new name

Moscow, March 1, 2023

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In early February, Novaya Gazeta Europe reported the story of a Russian girl, 27, who legally changed her sex and received a passport with a new name.

She then turned to the university she had graduated from with a request to issue a new diploma with her new, male name on it.

However, she had attended one of the Orthodox universities in Moscow, and the school refused to issue a new diploma. Thus, she turned to the LGBT group Exit for help, which hooked her up with a lawyer.

She says she hadn’t planned on studying at an Orthodox university, but “circumstances were such that he [sic] had no other option.”

After getting nowhere with the university, at her lawyer’s advice, she filed a complaint against the school with the Federal Service for the Supervision of Education and Science. She was then formally informed by the university that her request was denied. The girl expressed shock that the Orthodox university used her female name in its response.

The girl and her lawyer have filed a lawsuit in Moscow to force the university to issue her a new diploma under her male name.

Yesterday, Archpriest Maxim Kozlov, the Chairman of the Russian Church’s Educational Committee told RIA-Novosti that he supports the decision of the university administration.

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Pfmd3/2/2023 10:35 pm
Novaya Gazette is a liberal rag previously headquartered in Moscow, Russia until last year when they were convicted by due process and labeled a “foreign agent” for attempting to create an anti-government movement through publishing lies, creating inflammatory gatherings and publishing false allegations against Russian government agencies and individuals, and ordered by the Moscow court to close their magazine. They were also funded by western liberal organizations located in Germany, Washington and smaller European states. Their primary aim in publishing was to create an anti-Putin movement and an eventual overthrow of the Russian government as directed by their financial supporters and NGOs. They relocated to Western Europe and have yet to announce their European country location. Their editor Kirill Martynov was reported to be in Lithuania after the magazine lost their Moscow license. Like all liberal publishing rags their main concern was “human rights”, “civil rights” and “equal opportunity rights” issues with an emphasis on anti-Russian, anti-Putin and anti-Orthodox views. An article in the Novaya Gazette is never pro-Russian. The present article was published as an anti-Russia and as an anti-human rights piece. It was intended to show the cruel and unusual punishment of the Russian Orthodox world on the individual human rights. It was meant as a criticism of the present Orthodox world.
Panagiotis3/2/2023 5:11 am
God Bless my Russian Orthodox Brothers. God is with Russia, and Russia is with God. This is what the war is about. The decadent West wants to infest Russia with this liberal garbage. The no good liberal internationalists want to destroy conservative Russia and the conservative Russian Orthodox Church. The internationalist money grubbers also have their eyes on the great wealth of Russia, including her vast natural resources. Just like when the cohesive wealthy internationalists had their demonic Bolshevik gangster puppets seize control over a century ago. The new sinister internationalists of today are of the same ilk. Take a look at the gangster state of the Ukraine. The Ukraine is under the control of the internationalist puppet masters. They have homosexuals allegedly openly serving in the military. They have tens of thousands of women in the military, many allegedly in combat positions. What kind of nation sends women to war? God Almighty. The gangsters in the Ukraine are desperate, and they will do anything to maintain their corrupt state. They are using our Ukrainian Orthodox Brothers as cannon fodder, while many of the wealthy elite of the Ukraine have fled to other nations. The diabolical internationalist puppet masters are smiling as our people are killing each other because they hate ALL Orthodox People. The devious ones are laughing all the way to the bank, while our women folk are becoming widows and their children fatherless. Their God is money, but our God is Great. But some stupid brainwashed Orthodox cannot see this. Pray to Almighty God and the Panagia to open their eyes. All of my Russian Orthodox Brothers and those who support us should pray this: "Almighty God we have no other God but You. Almighty God we FEAR You. Almighty God we thank You for everything. Almighty God we ask You, and we BEG You, to show a grain of Mercy on us. Almighty God protect Your people. Almighty God grant VICTORY to Your people." All Glory to our True God Jesus Christ. Just my humble opinion.
Antiochene Son3/1/2023 8:23 pm
@Pfmd: I think it's fairly clear this article was published to showcase how the West is attacking the Church deep in the Church's own homeland, and that is cause for concern. How do you construe this article as "Anglo-liberal"?
Jesse Dominick3/1/2023 8:16 pm
pfmd, obviously this article and this site are not in favor of transgenderism and sex changes. While Novaya Gazeta refers to this person as a male, our article refers to her properly as a female, as does the Orthodox university.
Pfmd3/1/2023 6:47 pm
What is the purpose of these Anglo-liberal articles recently presented on this supposedly conservative Orthodox site? This is the type of article that I usually encounter in the anti-Russian Anglo-MSM of NBC,CNN, NYT, New Yorker, google, etc. (Novaya Gazeta by the way is considered a “foreign agent” in Russia and was ordered to shut-down their magazine therefore, they moved to Europe to publish their anti-Russian, anti-Putin and anti_Orthodox views).
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