Holy Hierarch Andronik: A Life of Devotion and Martyrdom

Photo: pravoslavie.ru Photo: pravoslavie.ru St. Andronik, in the world, Vladimir Nikolsky, was born in 1870. After completing his studies at the Moscow Theological Academy in 1893, he embraced monasticism. In 1895, he was ordained a priest and, two years later, sent on a mission to Japan. There, he demonstrated apostolic zeal in spreading the Christian faith, and in 1906 he was consecrated as Bishop of Kyoto. However, two years later, illness forced Bishop Andronik to return to Russia.

Initially, he was appointed as a vicar in the Novgorod diocese, later transferred to Omsk, and eventually became the Archbishop of Perm. A tireless preacher of the Word of God, he organized rural parishes, provided aid to the poor and destitute, and made significant efforts to bring the Old Believers back into the fold of the Holy Church.

Immediately after the October Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks enacted a law separating the state from the Church and began persecuting believers. When a church message protesting against these measures was read at the Perm Cathedral, Archbishop Andronik instructed the archdeacon to pronounce an anathema on the persecutors. On June 4, 1918, the saint was promptly arrested along with the vicar bishop Theophan and subjected to a brutal interrogation, during which he did not utter a single word. To dispose of the hierarch, the Bolsheviks led him into a forest and ordered him to dig his own grave. After completing the task, the archbishop prayed to the Lord and lay down in the freshly dug pit. His tormentors immediately began burying him alive. After covering him halfway, they shot him and then buried him completely.

Bishop Theophan was drowned in the Kama River.

Upon learning of these events, the Synod decided to send a special commission to Perm to investigate the matter. The Bolsheviks stopped the train carrying the commission and killed all its members. When the local peasants, who had buried the bodies of the new martyrs, began to venerate them as saints, the authorities sent people to exhume and burn the bodies of the slain.

This tragic series of events underscores the intense persecution faced by the Church and the steadfast faith and sacrifice of its leaders during that tumultuous period.

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Panagiotis6/23/2024 4:57 am
+++ May the Memories of Saint Andronik, Vladika Theophan, and All of the Martyrs Be Eternal +++ They are in Paradise now! The unbelievably brutal methods which the Satanic Communists used to kill innocent people is a clear sign that these demons had a deep longstanding hatred for Orthodox. They buried people alive, and then dug them up and buried them again. They took Bishops and Priests to the rivers in the winter time and made giant ice cubes of them while they were still living. They put people in barrels with nails pounded inward and rolled them down hills. They restrained people, including elderly people, and let hungry rats eat them alive. They poured hot metal lava down the throats of little children and women. They cut the stomachs open of people, then took the intestines out, tied it to a pole, and made them run around the pole until the intestines came unraveled. If that is not the definition of demonic then I do not know what is. That is why I call them monster communists, because they were demons that came straight up out of the pits of hell! The sinister wealthy cohesive internationalists were the puppet masters who brought monster communism to our Holy Orthodox Lands to try to eradicate us. They had an intrinsically evil hatred for Orthodox and the Russian People, as well as the Ukrainian People and all Orthodox People. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was correct my friends! The book "Under The Sign of the Scorpion" by Juri Lina documents the horrific satanic massacre, I.E. the Genocide, of TENS OF MILLIONS of our people by the monster communists. Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Educate yourself. Reject communism and reject no good liberalism! Embrace Conservative Orthodoxy. Return to our Conservative Orthodox Roots, including the restoration of all of our Holy Orthodox Monarchies. Pray to Almighty God and The Panagia to open up the eyes of our people so that they WAKE UP. All glory to our True God Jesus Christ! Just my humble opinion.
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