On Pressuring Women to Have Abortions

Part 2: Why it’s done

Part 1: How it’s done

“Abortion is harmful to health.” Soviet poster. Artist: G.E. Roshenburg, 1957. Photo: pravoslavie.ru “Abortion is harmful to health.” Soviet poster. Artist: G.E. Roshenburg, 1957. Photo: pravoslavie.ru However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is much deeper and more terrible and is connected with Russia’s depopulation strategy. The Cold War continues to this day and is even developing into a hot war. Only its technologies are fundamentally different from the classical wars of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They consist in destroying the enemy with his own hands through the use of ideological, financial, and diplomatic instruments. Let us note that the Harvard University project cost America hundreds of times less than the famous Manhattan Project (which created nuclear weapons), but turned out to be ten times more effective, since it ensured the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union through the creation of a “fifth column” and the reformatting of [public] consciousness.1 The poisonous slogans, “there is no need to create poverty” and “you will still have children”, destroyed many more people than the carpet bombing of Korean cities and the burning of Vietnamese villages with napalm.

Let us recall the immortal phrase attributed to Margaret Thatcher: “Russia will have thirty to forty million people, enough to service its mining industry.”2 Let us note that these words strikingly coincide with Hitler’s Ost plan, according to which Hitler planned to leave only thirty million people in occupied Russia.

It is worth recalling that back in 1932, Hitler planned the following for Eastern Europe: the “extraordinary biological fertility” of the region should be suppressed by a well-thought-out policy of depopulation. According to Hermann Rauschning, Hitler told him in 1934:

“We are obliged to reduce the population, we will have to develop depopulation techniques... I don’t necessarily mean extermination; I will simply take systematic measures to suppress their enormous natural fertility... There are many ways, systematic and comparatively painless, at least bloodless, to make unwanted races die out.”3

In 1939, immediately after the occupation of Poland, the Nazis published a decree:

“All measures tending to limit the birth rate should be tolerated and supported. Abortion in the remaining area [of Poland] should be free from prohibition. Abortion and contraception products should be offered publicly without political restrictions. Homosexuality should always be declared legal. Institutions and persons professionally involved in abortions... should not be disturbed”.4

German poster from the 1940s. Photo: pravoslavie.ru German poster from the 1940s. Photo: pravoslavie.ru Let us note that the Nazis burned out homosexuality from among the “Aryans” with a hot iron and severely punished the Germans for abortion. In 1941, Hitler approved the following memorandum from the Ministry of the Interior:

“All means of propaganda, especially the press, radio and cinema, as well as articles, brochures and lectures, should be used to instill in the Russian population the idea that it is harmful to have multiple children. We need to highlight the expenses involved with raising children, and talk about the good things that can be bought with money that would otherwise be spent on children. It is also necessary to hint at the dangerous impact that childbirth has on a woman's health... It will be necessary to open specialized institutions for performing abortions and train personnel for this purpose. The population will then resort to abortion more willingly... Voluntary sterilization should be recommended.”5

At the same time, Himmler specifically stipulates in his decree:

“Russian doctors... should not know about this order. They should be given instructions that pregnancy should be terminated for social reasons.”

Doesn't this remind you of the order given by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation during the time of Prime Minister Chernomyrdin—dated May 8, 1996—on allowing abortion at any stage for social reasons?6

Let us note that the German authorities promoted completely unrestrained sexual behavior for occupied peoples, i.e., debauchery. A 1944 memorandum states:

“For the purpose of practical propaganda, it is necessary to calmly distribute contraceptives (and prices are to be kept low by state subsidies). It is better to keep the valve open for the release of natural desires in populations with foreign blood, as long as this does not interfere with the control of reproduction among peoples of foreign races.”7

The German propaganda department generously distributed... pornography in Poland and the USSR, and also subsidized variety shows with all sorts of obscene spectacles. Again, isn’t this reminiscent of modern mores on television and the Internet? True, this approach did not work at the time. In general, the Poles, in no small part thanks to the Resistance movement, sought to maintain a high moral level and strong family foundations. As for the Russians, one German doctor was shocked—almost all the girls sent to Germany to work were shown to be virgins during a medical examination. This doctor told his superiors: “We cannot defeat this people.”

In the spring and summer of 1943 in Germany, in an atmosphere of secrecy, the Germans allowed abortions up to the viability of the fetus for women who were taken from the occupied territories for forced labor. They were used as guinea pigs, sent to university clinics as living aids to train students and nurses. Many German doctors, especially Catholics, initially objected, saying that the practice was immoral and that it would set a bad example for the Germans. Then Hitler openly declared that he “would shoot anyone who tried to ban abortion in Ukraine.”

Let us note that at the Nuremberg trials, among the accusations of Nazi crimes against humanity, the following charge was made: “The protection of the law was abolished in relation to the unborn children of Russian and Polish mothers in Nazi Germany. Abortion among these women was encouraged and even forced.” Defenders tried to get out of it by saying that abortions were not done by force. Then they were presented with the following document:

“Racially inferior offspring of eastern workers and Poles should be prevented as soon as possible. Although termination of pregnancy should only be carried out on a voluntary basis, pressure should be applied in every case.”

One of the defendants, Lieutenant General CC Hildebrandt, protested: “until now, no one had the idea of ​​seeing termination of pregnancy as a crime against humanity.” His protest also had no result. The judges were adamant and sentenced the defendant to twenty-five years in prison. Some of the defendants in this case were sentenced to life imprisonment, and the official responsible for racial research to determine whether a woman had an abortion was sentenced to ten years.8

As a result of the Nuremberg trials and the worldwide condemnation of Nazi ideology, a new legal concept emerged—genocide, as a list of “acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial or religious group.” In 1948, the UN ratified the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It states that “any nation, organization or individual that uses such measures, including those designed to prevent childbirth, is guilty of genocide under international law.”9 The document states that “any individual participation in such actions may be considered a “crime against humanity,” even if such actions are legal in a particular country.” Any person involved in such activities may be charged with genocide.10

In the end, the earth will be inherited by groups of people who are perhaps less cultured and sophisticated, but more religious, conscientious, and life-loving. For them, an abortion will be considered a real murder, and also a vile one, where two adults dismember an innocent baby.

By the way, if we talk about the connection between fertility and poverty, it is worth quoting the great D.I. Mendeleev, who in his immortal work, “Towards the Knowledge of Russia” clearly declared: “The main wealth of Russia is its people.” Accordingly, we do not create poverty [when we have children]. Rather, we multiply Russian wealth and Russian power. And the one who has the audacity to declare, “Don’t create poverty,” is a social Darwinist, or more simply put, a real racist or fascist (see above).

Some regions (Tver, Tambov) have already adopted or are preparing to adopt a law [making it illegal to pressure a woman to have an abortion]. However, it is important that it becomes national, across all Russia, and that it clearly states the responsibility for the depopulation activities of not only the perpetrators, but also the organizers of the process; not only ordinary doctors or journalists, but also high-ranking officials who favor the destruction of the Russian people.

At the same time, a reasonable question arises: “Well, the population of Russia will increase in arithmetic progression, but what will you do with the millions of children born? Where will you educate them, where will you teach them, and where will you treat them, if kindergartens and schools are already overcrowded and they can’t get into clinics?” The answer to this is both complex and simple. It is necessary to quickly build new nurseries and kindergartens, new schools and clinics; not only revive the ruined Soviet infrastructure, but also create a new one at a new technological and ideological level, as well as create new jobs for new workers. Preserving and multiplying the Russian and other peoples of historical Russia should become not just one of the state programs, but a central project for the development of the Russian Federation. It is clear that this will require serious investments and deep social changes. But we have no choice. Either we will change and win in a grandiose confrontation with the so-called “global world”, which imposes abortion and depopulation, depravity and sodomy on us, or we will be ground into powder; and even 1941 will not compare with the horror that will come to Russian soil. We must come to our senses and start working on ourselves, on saving, multiplying, and transforming our people.

Protodeacon Vladimir Vasilik
Translation by Priest Joseph Gleason



1 Opinion of the late analyst M.A. Kustova.

2 According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, the value voiced by M. Thatcher was even lower—15 million: “British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher literally said the following: 'According to estimates of the world community, it is economically feasible for only 15 million people to live in Russia.' If someone can say that there was no such statement, we will only be happy about it. But, unfortunately, documents prove that this statement was made." https://archive.mid.ru/ru/foreign_policy/news/-/asset_publisher/cKNonkJE02Bw/content/id/3260571

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4 Kamenetski Igor. The German рolitics Lebenstraum in the Eastern Europe in the Eastern Europe during World War II. Doctorate Illinois, 1957, p. 171.

5 Interrogations of war criminals before the Nuremberg military tribunals (hereinafter referred to as NVT). Quoted from the publication: The Questioning of War criminals before Nurenberg War Tribunals. Washington, 1949. Vol. 5. P.109.

6 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 8, 1996 N 567 “On approval of the list of social indications for artificial termination of pregnancy” https://base.garant.ru/106542/ Let us note that the stated reasons for abortion include having many children, as well as the presence of a disabled child in the family. This shameful law was repealed only in 2012.

7 “NVT”, IV: 1122 “Nuremberg”, NO-5311.

8 Records of the United States Nuernberg War Crimes Trials United States of American V. Ulrich Greifelt et al. (CASE VIII) October 10. 1947-March 10, 1948

9 Oganisyan A. Waiting for the global weeding of humanity. International life. https://interaffairs.ru/news/рrintable/7841

10 https://www.noabort.net/node/27

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