In Zurich, focus on "A Piece of Heaven on Earth—Eastern Churches in the Canton of Zurich

Zurich, October 18, 2011

Avertising for the event. Avertising for the event.
The eastern churches in all their diversity will be widely represented in Switzerland: in Zurich preparations are being completed for a unique program, "A Piece of Heaven on Earth—Eastern Churches in the Canton of Zurich". The program will take place from November 8, 2011–March 31, 2012. The aim of the program is to tell the Swiss about the history of the eastern Churches, about the more than fifteen churches and communities active in the Canton of Zurich, from the Armenian Apostolic community to the Syrian-Malabar communities. It would also include the Russian and Greek parishes. The exhibitions, concerts, and lectures that will take place within the program's framework will show the people of Switzerland the life of their neighbors, the past and present history of the Churches and their communities, rituals and customs, holy shrines and traditions. Orthodox services will also be held in the centrally located eastern churches of Zurich as part of the program.

The program opens on November 8 at 19:00 in the Stadhaus with a presentation by the project curator, Dr. of Theology Peter Wittever. On November 12, at Stadthaus Zürich, Stadthausquai 17, a concert will be given entitled, "The Russian Soul"—an exhibit of Russian culture in song and dance, performed by trainees and teachers of dance studios active under the auspices of the "Matreshka" group. An excursion is also organized for Swiss schoolchildren through the world of Russian Orthodoxy, reports the site of the Diocese of Korsun.


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