Saint Nicholas: icons and frescoes

Prayerful intercessor for those in need, St. Nicholas is fervently and sincerely loved by people on all continents. You will hardly find a single Orthodox church anywhere that does not have a fresco or icon with his image.

St. Nicholas with the Prophet Elias and St. George. Novgorod. Circa 15th – early 16th c.

Fresco in the nave of the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, 14th c. High Decani Monastery, Serbia. Kosovo and Metochia

St. Nicholas of Lipensk. Aleksa Petrov

St. Nicholas of Zaraisk. Novgorod region. 15th c.

Fresco in Ostrog Monastery, Montenegro. Photo: Hieromonk Ignaty (Shestakov)

Serbia. Icon on canvas. Early 21 c. Author: Alexander Ainetdinov

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Moscow. First half of 16th c.

St. Nicholas. Contemporary icon. Herzogovina

St. Nicholas. Rostov. Second half of 14th c.

St. Nicholas. Rostov. First half of 14th c.

St. Nicholas of Zaraisk, with life. Novgorod. 16th c.

St. Nicholas with Sts. Cosmos and Damian, with life. Novgorod. First half of 14th c.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Contemporary icon

Patriarchate of Pec. Kosovo and Metochia, Serbia. Circa 1300

Fresco. Ksenia Mironova. Instructor, I. Y. Samolygo

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Greece. Emmanuel Tzanes. 1683

St. Nicholas. Novgorod. Late 13th – 14th c.

Three Holy Hierarchs. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. John the Mercifil, and St. Basil the Confessor

St. Nicholas. Olga Tishchenko. Contemporary icon

St. Nicholas. Greece. 19th c.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on a throne. Greece. Circa 1500

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