The Jordan Reversed Its Flow!

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This specific video was recorded through a cell phone camera on the day before Epiphany Day (according to the Julian Calendar, on January 18, according to the “new”, so-called Gregorian Calendar) in 2006, during the blessing of the waters which takes place every year on the same day in the Jordan, at the very same spot where Jesus Christ himself was baptized.

Those who have visited the Holy Land or those who plan to visit in the future, should know that when one stands on the Israeli side the current of the Jordan always flows toward the right. This can be confirmed by anyone who visits the Jordan at any time of the year.
Every year, however, on the same day (the day before Epiphany Day according to the Julian Calendar, January 18, according to the “new” Gregorian Calendar) during the blessing of the waters, the same miracle is repeated (some years with more intensity) that, according to our Holy Church, occurred when Jesus entered the Jordan to get baptized by Saint John: “the Jordan reversed its flow!”

On January 2006, I had the opportunity to witness the occurrence of the miracle and along with more than 4,000 pilgrims from various nations, observed in awe this Great and Unique miracle, which was recorded with a cell phone camera by one of the pilgrims we knew and which we considered our spiritual responsibility to share with you as infallible evidence of our Lord’s presence amongst us.

During the ceremony which was led by Theophilus the Third, the Patriarch of Jerusalem (who was standing on the same bank with us, that is, on Israel’s side), and by one of Jordan’s Orthodox priests (whom we were able to see on the other bank of the river, on the Jordanian side) the waters continue to flow as usual toward the right. However, as soon as the Patriarch and the Jordanian priest dropped the Cross into the river, chanting “En Iorthani Vaptizomenou Sou Kyrie” (that means “During your Baptism in Jordan, Lord”), the waters started mysteriously to bubble in places. The bubbling then spread, and the river developped two currents (!), one running to the right and another running to the left, with the two currents finally merging into each other! Eventually, after a few minutes, the miracle was completed! The new current was steadily flowing! The Jordan had reversed its flow like then, when God Himself was baptized in it and Blessed it!

This miraculous occurrence lasted (more or less) as long as the two Crosses remained in the river. Right after the Crosses were taken out, the Jordan started reverting to its original course (to the right) until the change was complete.

In the next few days the news of the miracle started spreading all over the world. For example in Russia, the news service “Interfax-Religion” reported the news as follows:

“Moscow, 24 January 2006: around 5,000 pilgrims from around the world became witnesses of a miracle, which took place in the holy river Jordan on Epiphany day.

Immediately after the Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem blessed the waters, the Jordan started flowing backwards, exactly as it did after Jesus’s baptism, as the daily newspaper Zhizn (Life) wrote.

At the very moment when the silver crosses were dropped into the calm waters after the blessing, the river started bubbling, and there was turbulence in the water, while the flow of the river was reversed for several minutes.

A yell of surprise and awe from the 5,000 people present enlivened the Judaic desert. People had difficulty believing what their very own eyes could see, exactly as it was 2,000 years ago, when Jordan reversed its flow the moment Jesus Christ entered its waters.”

See the Jordan River reversing its flow after the Holy Cross was dropped into its waters and believe the Truth, because, as the greatest prophet of Orthodoxy Saint Kosmas the Aetolian has taught us, “the depths of wisdom I explored; all religions are fake. This I truly understood: only the Orthodox Christian Faith is correct and holy. And this I finally tell you, you must be happy to be Orthodox Christians and you must lament for the unfaithful and the heretics that walk in the dark.”


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John S. Sultzbaugh3/8/2024 8:41 pm
My mother was born in Bytlia, in Ukraine, and I was baptized in my Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church, Lykens, Pennsylvania, in AUG 1950; I remained a member until our parish closed because there was virtually no one left to attend the services. I was among the very few who were able to remain in Lykens Valley while the majority of our parish, my children included, were obliged to relocate to larger communities to pursue their careers. There are occasions when the lack of a nearby parish is demoralizing, and I am grateful when such events as the one that was recorded at the Jordan River appear to offer encouragement. I am also grateful that my Ukrainian family remains alive and well, despite the physical, mental and emotional oppression of that terrible war. Thank you.
Leoteen Stevens8/31/2021 6:38 am
This is so amazing because God. today 8/30/2021 reversed the flow of the mighty Mississippi River during His Huricane Ida, a category 4 hurricane . God Is a miracle working God!!!. Hallelujah!oh my God and my lord! Thank you!
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