A portrait of elder Arsenie (Boca) is “weeping” in Vaslui, Romania

Vaslui, May 13, 2015


Residents of the Romania’s Vaslui county are convinced that late Hieromonk Arsenie (Boca; 1910-1989, a prominent elder and confessor) is truly working miracles.

According to the Moldova Ortodoxa portal, his portrait, brought from the Prislop Monastery, has been “weeping” for already many days. The faithful believe they are witnesses of a miracle and are praying hard.

Opinions differ whether it is a good or a bad sign, but more and more people are coming to a conclusion that “the saint of Ardeal” (Ardeal, or Transylvania, a large tableland region of northwestern Romania) is weeping because of our sins.

Dozens of people are queueing up in order to venerate the image of Fr. Arsenie (Boca). However, this is taking place not in Prislop where the holy elder rests, but in the Puscasi village of county Vaslui. A local resident bought a reproduction at the monastery and brought it home right on the feast of Greatmartyr George. He placed it under the crucifixion inside a small chapel in front of his house and several days later, according to the evidence of the faithful, tears appeared on the elder’s eyes on the portrait.

“I said to my neighbor: Aurica, the left eye on the icon, brought by Claudiu, has started shedding tears. These are tears indeed… I have not told anybody yet – and they would have never believed anyway,” said one of the village residents. Another lady says nearly the same: “For all my life – and I am already 70 – I have not seen such a miracle before”. The third one assures she never takes anything on trust, but this time she became convinced: “Even when I was told that someone had allegedly cut down a tree and discovered something miraculous, I did not believe. But now I have seen a miracle with my own eyes”.

Some believe that now the faithful should fast and pray zealously, as the Lord is sending the people a message through this miracle. “Today our Heavenly Father is pointing to the fact that human beings have become corrupt,” states another villager. “May it be a good sign?” a reporter of a local channel asked him. “Eh, I wish it could be so. But when the Mother of God or someone else is weeping, it is not good,” he replied.



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