Greek media: “Orthodoxy for the USA is like a red flag to a bull”

Athens, May 22, 2015

An anti-Church campaign is continuing in Greece. It flared up after the holy relics of Great Martyr Barbara had been brought to the country. Some who follow the media closely are positive that the campaign is financed by the USA.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

“For the USA, Orthodoxy is like a red flag to a bull… This is because Orthodox peoples are friendly towards Russia. That is why in Greece in every way – through media and Non-Governmental Organizations controlled by the USA – godlessness is being promoted and the faith ridiculed. The huge influx of the faithful to the relics of St. Barbara has startled the West and caused the intensification of this propaganda,” experts of the Greek portal are convinced, reports AgionOros.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

It should be noted that St. Barbara’s relics, which are permanently kept at the San Marco Basilica of Venice, were brought to Greece, and this caused a wave of negative publications in the liberal media. The event has already been called “unprecedented”.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

“When we received the saint’s relics we could not imagine this enormous wave of pilgrimages to the shrine. Masses of people during the course of eight days… The fact that pilgrims are willing to queue for hours in order to venerate the precious relics of Greatmartyr Barbara arouses a bottomless depth of amazement and respect,” said Metropolitan Clement of Methoni.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

In his turn, Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessaloniki has commented on the anti-Church campaign in the Greek liberal media: “Some individuals are speaking with shallow, deceitful, unfounded fabrications, thus trying to create conditions for weakening of the Orthodox Church”.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

In Metropolitan Anthimos’ view, the actions of the enemies of the Church intended for its division are hopeless: “Yes, our opinions on national interests often differ, but when representatives of Local Orthodox Churches gather together, they (whether they are Greeks, Russians, Ukrainians, other European citizens or Americans) find common language and bear witness to the Truth”.

Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by Bringing of St. Barbara’s relics: photo by

In his speech the metropolitan responded to the critique of some Church’s enemies who are judging the clergy for wearing sumptuous church vestments: “All year round we wear a black cassock. However, according to St. Basil the Great, for the Divine Liturgy we must dress in the best ecclesiastical vestments that we have. All of us – bishops, priests, deacons, monks – wear black garments all the time as a reminder of the Passion of our Savior on the Cross. Some priests of the older generation even do not take off their cassocks at night and sleep in them. But when at the Liturgy we take the Body of Christ in our hands, shouldn’t we really clothe ourselves in other, better vestments?”


Bryan5/29/2015 2:48 pm
Paranoia, nothing better. I'm Orthodox. There is no "red flag" in the USA about Orthodoxy. Claiming that the Greek matter is being "funded" by the USA is nothing but paranoia, driven by politics and ignorance.
Andrew5/29/2015 5:41 am
The commenters before me see Orthodoxy in the USA much differently than I do. The teachings are the same here in the USA as they are in any other country. Why all the complaining about it? The USA has no less right to claim itself a Christian nation than Greece or Russia, that is unless you adhere to the constant anti-American propaganda from Greece and Russia, which I find this website contributing quite a bit to.
Cynthia Lucas5/29/2015 12:15 am
Lord Jesus Christ - Forgive me a sinner.
Orthodoxy is Lead by Christ.
It has always been and always will exist. Nothing will take Orthodoxy from this world. Man is not capable.

Lord have Mercy on Us
Lord have Mercy on Our Patriarch, Bishops, Priest and Deacons and all the Nations of People that follow the Christ driven Lord.

May those that have followed Christ who are no longer may their life be Eternal with Christ.

Lord have mercy,
Cynthia Lucas
Dallas, Texas U. S. A.
TED PERANTINIDES5/27/2015 5:15 pm
richard5/27/2015 8:26 am
There of thousands of Americans like me who will stand with you to defend our Holy Church
SBDN. Peter Condrick5/27/2015 5:22 am
On behalf of all Orthodox Christians in America, I beg that you pray for us as we struggle in His Vinyard here to defend Holy Orthodoxy in light of the persecutions and assaults our National policies. we take our guidance from the Holy Fathers and our ancestors who defended Orthodoxy in the face of many enemies. Personally, I am encouraged in my faith by the strength of Holy Russia and Holy Greece to stand nationally for the Truth! Snamy Bog y PRAVOSLAVNY!
Benjamin Chung5/26/2015 10:19 pm
The teachings of the Orthodox Church in Russia and Greece are noble and I applaud them for their faith.

Here in the USA where I live, unfortunately orthodoxy is under severe opposition from extreme liberals who hate religion! The assault is by way of introducing immoral gay legislation that is expressedly anti-orthodox and anti-christian.

I plan on leaving the state if their is no repentance on the part of the people of this state from this pernicious evil corruption.
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