Amphilochius of Pochaev, Laurence of Chernigov, Aristoclius of Moscow and other saints are recognized as universal saints for Churchwide veneration

Moscow, February 4, 2016


On hearing a report by Bishop Pankraty of Troitsk, chairman of the Synodal Commission for Canonization of Saints, the Council of Bishops decreed:

1. To bless the Churchwide veneration of the following locally venerated saints as universal saints and to include their names in the ROC calendar:

Venerable Alexander Peresvet;

Venerable Amphilochius of Pochaev;

Venerable Andrei Oslyabya;

Venerable Aristoclius of Moscow;

Venerable Varlaam of Serpukhov;

Venerable Vassa of the Pskov Caves;

Holy Hierarch Gennady, Archbishop of Novgorod;

Venerable Gerasim of Boldino;

Holy Hierarch Gerontius, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia;

Venerable Dosithea, Recluse of Kiev;

Righteous Passion-Bearer Eugene the Doctor;

Venerable Elisei of Lavrishev;

Holy Hierarch Joasaphus, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia;

Holy Hierarch Jonah, Bishop of Hankou;

Venerable Jonah of the Pskov Caves;

Venerable Cornelius of Krypets;

Venerable Cornelius of Pereyaslavl;

Venerable Confessor Kuksha of Odessa;

Venerable Laurence of Chernigov;

Venerable Leonid of Ustnedumsk;

Venerable Mark of the Pskov Caves;

Venerable Martin of Turov;

Holy Hierarch Menas, Bishop of Polotsk;

Hieromartyr Mitrofan the Priest and those with him;

Righteous Paul (Pavel) of Taganrog;

Holy Right-Believing Prince Rostislav (in baptism Michael) of Smolensk;

Venerable Simeon of the Pskov Caves;

Holy Hierarch Simeon, First Bishop of Tver;

Venerable Simon of Soyga;

Holy Righteous Princess Sophia of Slutsk;

Venerable Theophilus of Kiev, Fool-for-Christ;

Holy Hierarch Philaret (in schema Theodosius), Metropolitan of Kiev;

Holy Right-Believing Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

2. To compose a separate service to each of these saints, if it has not been written yet, and to celebrate services for the moment using the General Menaion according to their types of holiness until the individual services have been composed.

3. The Churchwide celebration of the memory of these blessed ones is from now on to become the Churchwide veneration of them as saints on the days previously established.

4. To paint icons to these blessed ones for veneration in accordance with the definition of VII Ecumenical Council.

5. To publish the Lives of these blessed ones, if they have not been written yet, or to write them again and publish for edification of the Church’s children.

6. To report the list with the names of these saints to primates of Local Orthodox Churches for inclusion in their calendars.



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